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  1. I can see about adding that URL to the embed code
  2. Uh, thanks - care to share what you're referring to?
  3. Probably be page 300 before we see anything new...
  4. Was just caching an old skin revision... seems to be resolved now.
  5. Fixed! So this does not appear on Android? Any iOS users care to confirm?
  6. Just did an update yesterday... I think there might be caching issues
  7. Topic unfollow - I believe how that works (auto unfollows if there are no posts within x time period). RE: homescreen link - nothing I can do about that unfortunately... Nothing I can do about that - I will look into it though, as I know on iOS I think people complained about that and we did something, but don't recall what specifically.
  8. The spacing issues? Nothing I can do about that unfortunately.
  9. If the Zuck wants it, he can have it for the right price...
  10. Sorted. EKT and Members Plus can now upload profile photos (was originally the domain of EKT+ members).
  11. Let me look into the permissions - you should both be able to do so...
  12. I'll just let Reddit explain it all: https://www.reddit.com/r/tifu/comments/x35iu6/tifu_my_20f_girlfriend_of_two_years_told_me_the/
  13. Confirmed - I have tried clearing system caches, but it seems this latest update has borked the Tomorrow's Harvest theme (even though an update for it was issued with the Forum update). I'll send screenshots to the vendor to see what is needed to resolve.
  14. They Might Be Giants is offering their Idlewild compilation for FREE download from their store: https://tmbgshop.com/collections/all/products/idlewild-a-compilation-download
  15. Simply navigate away, and if it appears (what you wrote) again, delete it from the box upon your next legitimate post.
  16. Eurogamer reported the same thing: https://www.eurogamer.net/turns-out-metroid-prime-was-almost-scored-by-electronic-duo-autechre
  17. I actually was interviewed about the Kickstarter for some documentary that aired a few years ago (by phone) but they ended up not using anything from me...
  18. It will be in my memoirs published after my untimely death in six months
  19. Or somebody's just practicing their silk screening for a bootleg shirt...
  20. Marion is going to discover what Gene and her son have been up to... and possibly who Gene really is - but will it matter? Is she going to turn her son and him in, and he finally gets caught? And what is their connection to Albuquerque - I could see her son being one of Pinkman's dope head friends when he was trying to be a narco...
  21. Does it though? I like Gus as a character, but beyond the story of how he got into "the business", most of his arc has been covered in BB/BCS... Considering they last guy they are robbing is dying of cancer, that's a bit too on the nose - plus I think we would have seen foreshadowing of this in earlier episodes.
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