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  1. Well, if you can find some you think are worthy of inclusion as Reactions, then sure - but I primarily meant our existing emoticons. RE: interests - that's... odd. I don't remember if I did that on purpose (some took up way too much room), but they do show on your member profile.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to do this (if you do end up doing it): Grab URLs for the emoticons and see if they can be used in a poll - barring that, I suppose you'll have to get their names and use that instead. Let's see which emoticons should be promoted to Reactions
  3. Looks like a fucking PS1 game... I hope the "retro aesthetic" hasn't evolved from pixel graphics to low-poly low-res textures now...
  4. I think it's the aforementioned "I'm not famous anymore" phase
  5. So what's the general consensus of Picard so far? I haven't watched the latest episode yet, but so far it's a bit meh...
  6. Schiff looks like he just said "I ate his kidneys with a chianti and fava beans fsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsf!"
  7. So they've never released anything after his death that they were working on? Really surprised at that tbh
  8. I've noticed this as well - after pasting in the URL, try hitting the ENTER key and that seems to get the embed to well, embed. Only if you were not just a Member... you could set up a poll!
  9. Should I put measures in place to encourage more people to sign up? I could have it only show x posts/threads before putting up a paywall of sorts...
  10. Well, it was - but it's Rich's music and he can do what he likes with it... my only hope is he'd use my artwork for the release if it ever came down to it, but most likely he'd just use the original white labels as the artwork.
  11. Hopefully the port is better than the PS3 originals in quality Nintendo having another Animal Crossing Direct this Thursday (tomorrow) - I bet they announce new AC Amiibo or bring back the AC Amiibo cards (Series 5)
  12. Just to be clear (as if it had to be said): This site celebrates the music made by talented people (both famous and yet-to-be), but their personal lives, events in their lives, etc. are off limits and inappropriate. I understand it's a bit of a gray area where information is posted publicly (as in a reputable news outlet/source), but above all, the person's personal feeling and wishes should be first taken into consideration before sharing/spreading said information on this site (or elsewhere for that matter). Use your best judgement when choosing whether or not to share something with the rest of the community, and if you are in doubt, please don't hesitate to reach out to myself or a Mod for a second opinion.
  13. Maybe Rich will release it via is Bleepstore with the tracks/order he preferred one day...
  14. sim·u·la·crum /ˌsimyəˈlākrəm,ˌsimyəˈlakrəm/ noun plural noun: simulacra an image or representation of someone or something. "a small-scale simulacrum of a skyscraper" an unsatisfactory imitation or substitute. "a bland simulacrum of American soul music"
  15. Oddly, he's a bit off spelling-wise from the Japanese word for 'one', hitsuno (ひつの). I like the track as well!
  16. Yeah, that's a bridge too far for me/this site.
  17. Well, I checked, and they did say at some point (especially with how many posts/threads we have) it will degrade performance. Those are the recommended settings for a site our size.
  18. Er, are you serious? You must not spend much time online then, considering almost every site nowadays uses Javascript. Short answer - no. However, if all you want to do is keep up on threads, if you are using a news reader like Feedly, you can subscribe to the site's feed - there's an RSS logo in the lower right corner you can copy the URL from (I would do it from the root category forum rather than any individual thread). And what the hell @aencre - or are you simply commenting on his (hopefully) attempt at humour.... Serious question: why would anyone not use Javascript? Did you read some fear-mongering article about how Javascript will steal your first born or something?
  19. I've asked the vendor; let's see what they say
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