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  1. Can't be arsed to search the thread, but I am an avid iced coffee drinker (I drink a glass every morning) and I use either Starbucks Blonde Roast iced coffee in a bottle, or STOK unsweetened iced coffee in a bottle and mix with whole milk and a few shots of Torani vanilla syrup. I bought an OXO cold brew coffee maker (the one that uses drip feeding to make the cold brew coffee), but no matter what kind of coffee I use (light roast, blonde roast) it always comes out way too bitter compared to the bottled iced coffee. What am I doing wrong, or is it the choice of coffee (medium grind BTW which I read is best for cold brew coffee)? How do I achieve mild cold brew coffee made at home which would be much cheaper than buying a bottle at roughly $4.75 and lasting me about 4 or 5 days...
  2. I think I already tried that... the problem is the track embed also needs the albumID parameter as well (as far as I can remember). We need to petition Bandcamp to support OEmbed!
  3. I actually don't get any ad revenue - the only thing I (used) to get was Viglink affiliate links for Amazon and Ebay, but that hasn't worked in ages. Thinking about removing it altogether since the company never responds to my support tickets. Your subscriptions and donations are what keeps WATMM going!
  4. And yes, you are of course correct that was what it apparently was: ...or was it?
  5. Would they use an extant flight number though? I would think that would cause confusion if it happened (like in this case) to be an already-used flight number, or are flight numbers recycled (in thinking this through, I suppose they would have to recycle flight numbers, otherwise we'd be dealing with flight 13283838322 and so on)? I don't believe in ghosts either (yet), but like UFOs, if I ever have an encounter with one that leaves me no doubt, I'll believe.
  6. I loved Feelings on a Screen when it was originally released... I think I still have it - that was the CD die-cut in the shape of a Rephlex logo, no?
  7. This is kinda creepy: https://soranews24.com/2020/08/08/flight-that-crashed-in-1985-spotted-landing-in-narita-airport-35-years-later/
  8. Is this something wrong with the forum?
  9. Finished The Last of Us Part II - fuck me, that's a long game. Really didn't care for how it ended. Should have ended when
  10. Okay; so it looks like your issues are primarily on mobile - I agree the editor could be pared down (I can remove buttons at certain viewport sizes), and the whole "hit enter to post" thing has been confusing (there is a setting for it). As for going straight into CHATMM since there's only one room - I'll have to see if there is a way around this (maybe make the CHATMM link on the menu go straight into the room if possible). Thanks for the valuable feedback!
  11. Yeah, Kanye himself is a massive disappointment, let alone his music. (IMO)
  12. Reminds me of that 90's game Clay Fighter
  13. No, I'm being too harsh - Death Stranding has a lot of depth, but there are times (since the primary job of the character you play is to deliver stuff) where all the fetch quests just feel a bit tedious. Some people might enjoy that though, just roaming the environments, enjoying the beauty and the terror that lurks everywhere...
  14. Could you er, expand on that? Should have plenty of space to type depending on your device screen size... Not sure what you mean - the whole point of this thread is because there aren't any users in CHATMM! IRC is for old nerds who won't let go of the past. IMO.
  15. Yes - I can hide that on mobile - and look! THere's people in CHATMM! I think I accidently turned on something in Tapatalk yesterday related to this - let me go turn it off.
  16. A whole page devoted to LEGO UX design: https://www.designedbycave.co.uk/2020/LEGO-Interface-UX/
  17. I'm more partial to an Oxford or Tartan myself...
  18. *instantly regrets choosing "hot" for topics with many responses over "blowing up"*
  19. It's excellent - the game is developed by Spaniards, and they incorporate a lot of Catholic mythology/symbolism/iconography into the game, all done in a 16-bit pixel art style that is really well done IMO. Very challenging game, too. Stay away from Death Stranding then...
  20. Fans of the Metroidvania game Blasphemous have a free DLC and update to look forward to that adds New Game +, quality of life improvements, and more tomorrow, 4 August:
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