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  1. The excellent and previously PS4-exclusive Tetris Effect is coming to PC July 23 on the Epic Games Store, and for VR headsets:
  2. You do know we restored access to Tapatalk, right? I'm personally not a fan, but for those who like the Tapatalk experience, it's there. Also, what skin are you using? I've made improvements to WATMM Classic on mobile, so you might try that (or one of the other skins). Not to derail this lovely thread about the site dying, but what about the mobile experience do you find "a lot worse" than before or versus Tapatalk?
  3. Yes, he was the lynchpin of WATMM
  4. And honestly, that's what opening it to all I fear would shift it towards to - I don't want it to be like Reddit, and certainly not like our evil stepsister site
  5. Well, that keeps WATMM alive! Keep it up (and please share)
  6. I didn't create the badger image - I was just as in the dark about it's provenance as everyone else.
  7. That would depend if you can download them from SoundCloud to begin with, which in that case why not just post the SoundCloud link? Now, if they are no longer there (presumably pulled by the artist), then they decided not to make them publicly available anymore (e.g., RDJ SoundCloud) and we should respect the artist's wishes.
  8. While I would love seeing an influx of new users, my only concern would be with that influx would come the trolls... and I don't feel WATMM is 'toxic' as some are perceiving it to be - granted, perception is reality when it comes to people's viewpoints...
  9. I think you're right - big thanks to @pacman for providing those to the community! Ut oh - why is your quote blank? I smell a bug...
  10. Here's pageviews vs users for that time period: What was happening the week of 5 August? I need a WATMMlytics™ manager/expert on the team!
  11. Just PM me and I can easily change your username. The forum upgrade doing that wasn't your fault and I don't expect anyone to pay for a mistake... There already is a default setting for that:
  12. We covered this upthread, but the gist is the forum software has depreciated BBCode in favor of HTML source, and for obvious reasons I can't give people the ability to edit/create HTML. That being said, there is a preview button on the toolbar that allows you to preview your post to make any tweaks needed. I know it's not the same as writing BBCode (which BTW still does work, it's just not supported). For example:
  13. Sometimes the squeaky wheel...
  14. LOL - your "little bird" wouldn't happen to be my Google Analytics, would it? 'cause you don't have access to that, do you? The requirement for all new and renewing members to purchase a subscription has been in place since August 2013 - six years now. I implemented it because it was the same small group of people supporting the site, and in the interest of fairness I wanted everyone to contribute. The plan was to grandfather in the Members with a cutoff date TBD where posting would require a subscription, but I've held off on that, mostly due to the delayed forum upgrade, which is now done. Again, been like that since 2013. Care to expand on that? The Content Streams feature should be able to give you a customized experience that should meet most people's needs... Now, with all that said - I am open to the idea of allowing optional subscriptions, Patreon, etc. as long as it doesn't result in resentment towards people who aren't paying, or who have never paid, etc. I am not really keen on the idea of Google AdSense or ads in general (plus people just AdBlock them). We do make enough each month to cover our hosting and software costs on a regular basis now, and if things did get dire I could always do public outreach as I did in the past (although as I mentioned, I didn't think it was fair for the same bunch of people always paying while the majority got a 'free ride'. One of my fears is if we open the floodgates so to speak, would the overall quality go down? You could argue the pay-to-play model keeps the trolls out (I can't recall the last time we banned anybody for instance). I certainly want WATMM to grow, and we go through periods of slowness - but I assure you, we are very heavily trafficked, even if users aren't directly participating: As you can see, that's 1 year's worth of analytics, and almost 90% are new people - I haven't wired in the subscribing users into GA yet so I can see how that tracks, so I can't really give hard numbers on that just yet.
  15. A general reminder to all that you can add your Bandcamp, SoundCloud and Discogs URLs to your WATMM Profiles so other users can easily access them!
  16. Just needs an Autechre song for a backing track: Off the coast of Cornwall no less!
  17. I assure you this is not a prank, and while I can't say 100% it will come out (other remixes/collabs have never seen the light of day; happens all the time), the information is concrete and not based on speculation or theory.
  18. Highlight text and choose quote selected text Odd that the quote button doesn't accomplish this - will look into that
  19. Listened to it over the weekend... far too short at 8 tracks/29 minutes! 'Japan' is growing on me - didn't like it at first, but now I do like it. The two purely instrumental tracks are good, but not Tycho at his best IMO. Jury's still out on this one - need more listens.
  20. Plus there was a cartoon version of the above live show:
  21. Someone's created a very neat interactive Gregorian Chant generator: https://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/gregorianChoirGenerator.php
  22. I'm not ignoring your post... Jumbo Yum Yums
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