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  1. Y'know... I think I can do that!
  2. I got this as my second Genesis (here in the States) game after Space Harrier II (and of course the Altered Beast pack-in)... it's actually a debranded version of Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star) since they didn't think the anime was known or popular in the US...
  3. Voice actor for Charlie Brown of Peanuts (the OG cartoons) passed away due to suicide at age 65...
  4. I've invested close to 80 hours into Blasphemous... new DLC keeps this game fresh!
  5. I believe it's. only Safari/Webkit browsers... are you seeing this in Chrome or Edge? https://twitter.com/ghostly/status/1481807425715986439?s=20 Hmmm... not working. Lemme see...
  6. That wasn't an ad... new Autechre album named
  7. I'll add too though if the costs were met each month and it was the same group of people paying, we'd have the problem (which now that I think about it was another reason I removed the meter), then it's not fair where a small group of people are paying for everyone else. I'd ideally have it where everyone pays (which is how it is now, except there isn't any real penalty for letting your subscription lapse - that may change) so it's fair to everyone. The ads will hopefully do that for the guests who visit the site and if they don't want or can't join, then at least the ad revenue will offset that somewhat.
  8. Except that right now, you're not - your subscription lapsed... Agreed - It was removed because the add-on went paid and other issues, but that could be factored into the upkeep costs. I'll look into it!
  9. Any hardcore LEGO builders need a great way to organize their bricks? https://www.ebay.com/itm/392632133816
  10. Okay, the ads are to pay for all the asian wives...
  11. Yep - I believe that's how this works. I've updated the categories so @psn you won't see me trying to unload my many asian wives It's the just the standard "we use cookies" stuff - no tracking cookies (that i'm aware of) or anything like that.
  12. Ah, not the kind of ad I want displayed... let me adjust the settings. No; your personal info is never sold or provided to anybody - I have introduced ads for Members (non-subscribing) and guests to offset the hosting costs since subscription revenue is down (and continuing to do so). You can remove the ads by getting a Supporting Member subscription at 3.00 USD per year - that's not much to ask, is it?
  13. No... more likely someone just being proper on their copyright attribution...
  14. Could you tell me which Theme you're using? I'm guessing it's a caching issue (with the theme)
  15. Yeah, I think it's been long enough...
  16. Best Buy has Big Brain Academy for $15.00 (normally $30) on sale now (US only I would imagine) Also, final Blasphemous DLC (free) is out ahead of the sequel next year!
  17. Ghosts N' Goblins Resurrection on PS5 - damn near perfect classic arcade game. Hard AF too.
  18. Well, as it turned out there were other reasons for the long silence... You'd think BOC would fully embrace doing a livestream or something along those lines as it is highly controllable and they can 'curate' the experience to their liking... but really nothing they do/have done (on the surface) makes any sense to us... then again, it doesn't have to! And for self-employed folks like Richard and BOC, I don't think there really is a dividing line between their 'work' and 'retirement' in the traditional sense - as I said, they will absolutely keep making music until the day they leave this mortal coil, but whether they release it for commercial consumption or not is another matter. It will be interesting if his kids follow in his footsteps - although they might already have and we know nothing about who they are...
  19. Let's hope I am wrong (again) - would certainly love to be in this instance! However, another factor some of you may or may not appreciate - Richard, BOC, AE, Squarepusher are all of an age (as am I) where entering or getting close to being 50 years aged, and entering new phases of life - I don't think any of them will ever stop making music, but the desire to release it, tour, etc. may be waning and now that children are in the picture and growing, the life they previously have led may not be fully compatible with their current life, or in a more positive view the current life has taken on a greater importance.
  20. Oh, totally agree - and that's going on 5 years old now!
  21. While I somewhat agree with this, electronic music artists seems to have a higher quality level overall when it comes to their output versus traditional musicians - I'd say even Richard's rubies and sapphires are just as desired as his diamonds are (to continue with the metaphor)...
  22. Yeah, sorry to be a downer, but I can't help but think that way - maybe it's just the fan in me getting impatient... I suspect WARP got cross with him releasing all that for free which makes it harder for them to monetize it since most fans who really want it already have it and physical releases aren't what they used to be in terms of money makers. I think this is it, really - electronic music artists aren't like traditional musicians, so really this is par for the course - I mean, we basically waited 13 years between DrukQs and SYRO (although to be fair he did release a lot of non-Aphex Twin stuff in the interim). For awhile after SYRO, it seemed like the "good old days" (aka early 90's) was back and Richard was releasing stuff at a regular clip - but now it seems to have slowed down yet again. Who nose...
  23. Going to start Series 3 of Lost in Space (Netfilix) and see if it sticks the landing, and The Expanse (Amazon Prime) Series 6 premieres this Thursday... Just finished the latest series 13 of Doctor Who - the best so far, but not perfect. Hopefully Russell T Davies taking over in 2023 with a new Doctor will make a difference. Guilty pleasure: Young Sheldon (I know)... but it's cute and funny Looking forward to Series 2 of Raised by Wolves and I need to watch Blade Runner: Black Lotus and binge it once the last episode comes out.
  24. Kinda odd he hasn't released anything lately, eh? Collapse was the last official release (not including the live performance whitelabels and the Peel Session) and that was 2018, and it was 2014 for Syro. Granted, he's nowhere near BOC's record for lack of output*, but I wonder why such a long gap? We know he's making music (or working on his back catalogue)... why not release any of it? * As far as I am concerned, I fully suspect BOC have retired, and are not going to release anything and simply live off the royalties their existing catalogue produces. If it works for them, then great - not so much for fans wanting more output from them. Who knows - this could apply to Richard as well - I am sure he's financially comfortable to the point he doesn't have to release anything new and instead on making music for himself...
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