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  1. That's the compelling thing about these consoles though - you can finish your backlog better looking than ever! I actually have a lot of games like God of War I want to replay at 4K/60, etc.
  2. Been trying since the preorders - don't know how common it is overseas, but in the US there are rings of resellers using bots to buy up stock as soon as it is available, and then selling at 2x 3x retail price. Best Buy in the US has already said they will have no more stock until the new year Walmart (ugh) is offering them today at 9PM ET but as before, it will sell out in seconds and their website will shit the bed with the overload. Other retailers are offering "bundles" forcing you to buy extra items at cost, typically $100+ or more than the base price of the console and even
  3. Shiiiiit, I did that as a kid! Also - no lies - I'll trade rare AFX (DFN, London, Field Day, and Manchester) for a PS5 with extra controller and Demon's Souls
  4. Currently barreling through Season 2 of The Crown. Good stuff, yeah, I'm old
  5. You mean under the navigation menu? That’s where the secondary nav appears.
  6. Here's WATMM as a ship: https://ship.shapewright.com/?name=WATMM Bit of a chonker, eh?
  7. I've heard there are issues with IG and this version of the forum (we updated a few days ago) - I am sure they'll get sorted out by the vendor.
  8. I'm old! Leave me alone! And get on my virtual lawn!
  9. D'oh... I just realized I am confusing this with Hello Everything. Damn Tom and his silly album names!
  10. I'm confused (and can't be arsed to read the thread) - was there a 2020 reissue of this album?
  11. The Guardian has an article on OpenAI's latest accomplishment - getting Frank Sinatra to sing a song he never sang:
  12. If you had told 90's me (when Pixar was just coming along) that Trent Reznor would be doing a movie soundtrack for one of their films, I would have laughed in your face...
  13. There's your answer - I get the same weirdness too with my work VPN (although it eventually resolves and renders the tweet in my case)
  14. They do - I'm talking about redistricting, which draws the boundaries for republican and democratic districts and both parties go to enormous lengths when doing so to ensure the other side (and the people in those districts) are disenfranchised as possible.
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