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  1. Some error (happened a few weeks ago too) - I have contacted support to look into it...
  2. Yep; having support look into it...
  3. That was sort of the theme of Season 3 of Westworld, I can see this implementation making fully autonomous driving finally a reality - if an AI knew all the possible ways to drive in every situation, then how couldn't it handle driving around humans?
  4. Started watching Mr. Robot - where has it been all my life... fucking great stuff. Just finished series 1, onto series 2.
  5. Does this mean Richard and Rob and Sean all get to be reassigned to some other genre, like folk or blues?
  6. NVIDIA created an AI system that recreated the video game PAC-MAN in four days. By comparison, it took NAMCO's programmers 17 months to design and build the game before it's release in 1980: For all the hype AI gets these days (and frequently is disappointing in reality), this is a pretty significant application - imagine if by watching almost anything, an AI could learn how to do said task (presuming it had the requisite real-world interface to do what it had learned to do by observing). I'd be curious to how many lines of code the AI PAC-MAN has versus the code of the original, and what similarities the AI created (functions, subroutines) that matched the original in concept.
  7. Okay, working now and should be retroactive!
  8. Okay, let's see if this works now... nts preview.mp3
  9. I don't think you need it anymore - are you trying to post an MP3? Attach it to the post, and choose to include it and it should embed a player:nts preview.mp3 EDIT: Well, I guess not - I wonder why. I'll look into this!
  10. Those are certainly two of the most splatable condiments...
  11. Boards of Canada Board·s of Canada relating to the Board of Trade. "the Boards of Canada were the original members of the Confederation" kek a person regarded as inexperienced, dangerous, or unimportant "he has to cope with a kek of life"
  12. FLOL: Autechre the Autechre language of the Apaches. "she speaks Autechre to one of her friends"
  13. This AI-driven site creates made up words and definitions: https://www.thisworddoesnotexist.com/
  14. Still can't believe he made "spectrum 48K beats1q" in 1986... he was 15!
  15. Uh, it was actually Darth Vader that said that... Palpatine's line I was referring to was either: "Good... Good!" (in reference to his comment) Or "And your faith in your friends is yours" (weakness) Nah, more like bacon fat and chocolate
  16. A nice very early Kraftwerk performance on Beat Club in memoriam of Florian's passing:
  17. Also, if you play Tetris 99 this weekend and get at least 100 points in the Maximus Tournament, you get an Animal Crossing theme for the game!
  18. Guy uses Half-Life to make "experimental dance music", LOL:
  19. Did she bet on the wrong horse? 🤣
  20. LOL, sorry - I typed that before I had my morning coffee yesterday! No extra points awarded to Griffendor due to lack of photoshopping Al's face onto Tront.
  21. What if soy milk is just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish?

    1. very honest

      very honest

      You say "Hola, milk. ¿Cómo está?"

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