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Calbruc sample in Quake 3 track


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Front Line Assembly are notorious for doing this type of thing. Autechre and FSOL appear several times in their album Implode.






Honestly I like some of the stuff they do. But they badly lack creatively and diversity in songwriting.

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Yup, they also sampled RDJ, NIN, Smashing Pumpkins and a whole lot of other stuff on Implode. It was creative as fuck though imo. Ae have done the same thing in the past and people here have been all like "oh, so great that they repurposed that break/vocal sample/melodic fragment!"

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the last thing FLA did that i thought was pretty good was Hard Wired, part of me doesnt even think Bill Leeb was primarily responsible for it because it almost sounds higher production values than his other previous stuff (without resorting to sampling autechre and aphex). In some ways it's almost trying to be FLA's Too Dark Park, trying to reach a similar level of quality/song writing but not quite getting there. Still better than most of the ebm/industrial stuff at the time though


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I guess this is a thread for FLA now? I really liked Implode and Epitaph when I first got them, around the same time. Over time, the more I listened, the more bored I got, and this was before I got into Autechre, etc. One thing that made me tired and kind of revealed their shortcomings in songwriting was the reapplication of the song "Prophecy." They have at least 4 tracks now that are essentially that exact same song but with different lyrics and sounds. The song structures ruined the music as I got older, in a similar way that bad lyrics can ruin music even when I don't necessarily listen for lyrics. I think in their catalog this starts right at Millennium.


Otherwise, they produce really cool atmospheres, and I think it has a lot to do with samples from movies and sounds of different machinery and percussive things, but not exactly rhythmic percussion. Yeah, especially true in Hard Wired, and in Tactical Neural Implant. I was obsessed with the last track on Hard Wired for a long time in high school


Some tracks I really dig:


Overkill. Those cymbals at 2:55 !! And that reverby clicking percussion. That sound seems to be really prevalent in EMB/whatever of that time period. So cool


The Blade. They can be really good at blending different styles and musical tropes. The whole album is dense with these semi-rhythmic mechanical sounds that makes it one of the most cyberpunk things I've heard.


Casualties. A lot like their early Delerium stuff (much of which I like, can't help it).

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