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  1. This gives me some Metroid Prime visuals, esp si00. I remember John and Dog's names being mentioned in the games "thanks to" credits and now I'm doin a think...
  2. Also I haven't listened to this yet tbh. I've had a busy weekend and I want to fully dedicate my aettention for the first play. After dealing with the bullshit of owning a Chromebook and an iPhone , I'm set to tube in tomorrow morning on my commute!
  3. Oct 30 thing is because of a second pressing/mailing sesh. A few days ago there were two options for vinyl: 16 and 30. One for the first batch of pre-orders and then the other for the next WAVE. Maybe the pre-order batch sold out but more likely it's because lol you ain't getting that shit in your mail four days from now so you gotta wait if you're ordering today
  4. Imagine the package art using some kind of gloss/matte dynamic as design feature like Chiastic Slide. Like there's more to it that we haven't seen from a tiny image on a computer screen. But I also fantasized about this for Exai art which was embossed, similar thing anyway.
  5. This is such a surprising departure from Draft. I guess you move through plenty of stylistic changes when you don't release anything for 17 years
  6. I've wondered if there's some kind of ouroboros symbology going on w the art For those who count shit, we're 3/4 of the way through The Waiting since announcement
  7. If this is the same band that made Clear Skin, then hype
  8. If they publish a companion EP titled RE:SIGN it would absolutely break my heart
  9. Phoebe Bridgers is maybe my currently favorite songwriter. edit: Her debut released last year was one of my favorite albums of 2017, much recommended. Here's a song about what I think could be catching up with an old lover, a previous life that she fucked up and had to escape from, or some part of life she simply fell out of touch with, could be anything which is great for the listener to relate to it. And the song structure expresses what that mix of emotions is like effectively here imo. In the second half: string harmony, some pretty oohs and aahs, a backing chorus (all a symbolic continuat
  10. Yo I also haven't kept up with this band in like a decade but I am very surprised by these samples! I'd love to catch this the day it comes out. Yeah, I see what you mean with the Stott comparison a little Warms my heart, as ironic as it might sound, to see the love for Things We Lost in the Fire in this thread. It's one of my favorite albums ever.
  11. Original post is easily my favorite part, along with the next section. Their music shines a lot for me when they do chord stab stuff (those phrases in Bike?) I was not not enough of a troo fan in 2008 to catch them on their US tour. If I could go back... I should be thankful enough that someone leaked the 2005 Glasgow soundboard against Ae's intentions, but I'm more selfish than that. I'm not sure I believe that they simply didn't record anything on the tour. Wasn't their habit during the production of Quaristice to record everything they did and then to listen back?
  12. Some people say they're still wearing those legendary pants I want to know the in-joke for the track 90101-5l-l
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