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  1. Phoebe Bridgers is maybe my currently favorite songwriter. edit: Her debut released last year was one of my favorite albums of 2017, much recommended. Here's a song about what I think could be catching up with an old lover, a previous life that she fucked up and had to escape from, or some part of life she simply fell out of touch with, could be anything which is great for the listener to relate to it. And the song structure expresses what that mix of emotions is like effectively here imo. In the second half: string harmony, some pretty oohs and aahs, a backing chorus (all a symbolic continuation of the passing time of a pleasant conversation and upwelling of special shared memories), but I imagine her internalizing the emotion and keeping it straight the whole time probably with reluctance "Anyway don't be a stranger." Really touching. She's something else.
  2. Yo I also haven't kept up with this band in like a decade but I am very surprised by these samples! I'd love to catch this the day it comes out. Yeah, I see what you mean with the Stott comparison a little Warms my heart, as ironic as it might sound, to see the love for Things We Lost in the Fire in this thread. It's one of my favorite albums ever.
  3. Original post is easily my favorite part, along with the next section. Their music shines a lot for me when they do chord stab stuff (those phrases in Bike?) I was not not enough of a troo fan in 2008 to catch them on their US tour. If I could go back... I should be thankful enough that someone leaked the 2005 Glasgow soundboard against Ae's intentions, but I'm more selfish than that. I'm not sure I believe that they simply didn't record anything on the tour. Wasn't their habit during the production of Quaristice to record everything they did and then to listen back?
  4. Some people say they're still wearing those legendary pants I want to know the in-joke for the track 90101-5l-l
  5. Haven't played it yet, but I've been thinking of Terra Mystica. It sounds like the menacing cousin of Settlers. Several races with different abilities and strengths always makes bortgayms better. Simple rules but designed for deep strategy. The area control / turf war element relies on tight economy, so choices you make for developing territory must be meaningful acts of headbutting. It's high priority on games I want to try. I also played Lords of Waterdeep recently. Really fun (And I won )! It's a lot less stressful than Agricola and slightly more interactive, which is not common enough among worker placement games. It made me want to trade in my copy of Agricola for something else...
  6. Goddammit, you guys have to stop doing this
  7. Def appreciated and loved. I think I became curious after I heard a sample (from "Persian Love Song") in Delerium's album Karma. I didn't get to them via the FSOL route (that came later, so I was delighted the first time I heard Papua New Guinea). "Host of Seraphim" is a one of a kind track, very very powerful stuff. IMO their whole discography I think is worth checking out though. Into The Labyrinth and Towards The Within are other highlights I'd like to point out, and Spleen and Ideal is one of my favorite records ever. Every track drips in atmosphere. It's more than just the reverb. I remember that it took a while for me to warm up to Perry's voice but it suits the music just as much as Gerrard's. It's a great, weird marriage of distance and gravity, like some ghost of a wizard. Edit: Not DCD, but this is a nice guest appearance
  8. http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/256675999/movie480.webm?t=1481663462
  9. Ha, oh shit I confused Sakamoto with Ikeda, oops. Re: those collabs for real though, they're all worth checking out! There's one with a chamber string ensemble with a great atmosphere: utp_.
  10. Finally saw this a few days ago. Excellent film, and I love this flavor of sci-fi. Conversely with some opinions here, I didn't think much of Johannsson's score, but the one track I really liked was what turned out to be the Richter piece. I haven't really listened to much of his work, but a year or two ago I attended and enjoyed a performance of his piece "Infra." Anyway, I also haven't dug around Johannsson's discography much but I can recommend that IBM User Manual one, it is pretty cool. I don't think it's as unnecessarily repetitious as his other work, as odd of a complaint that is coming from a fan of repetitive music. Yes for sure, loved that score/movie. Sakamoto was like 75% of the reason i went to see it lol... Have you heard their minimal / glitch collab album together? Brilliant stuff. Cyclo - id is one of my favorite raster-noton releases. V good
  11. Vilwx

    xtal = crystal

    Also a shorthand in igneous petrology and probably other fields of geology, but I doubt he was reading up on rocks. xlz'n = crystallization
  12. Vilwx

    Arrival (2016)

    The story it's adapted from has been on my reading list for a while (may have picked up from the reading thread here). I typically like to read stories before I see the adaptations. But hell, the reviews have been golden, so I'll try to see it this weekend. The theme reminds me (and many others apartently) of Stanislaw Lem's Solaris, another story about first contact and the futility of communication. Beautiful story of science, but Arrival seems to be less of a downer which would be nice. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Story_of_Your_Life
  13. Vilwx

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    That poster is tight. When did that go up on the store page? Probably couldn't have afforded it but it would have been nice to consider it before it sold out and convincingly imagine it hanging next to my desk.
  14. More convenient when it's on those little pieces of paper
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