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Paper Dollhouse - Plutonic Rainbows


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Great new EP from this duo. Their 'Aeonflower' album back in March is safely in my top ten of the year.


Paper Dollhouse makes a surprise return with the thirty minute long Plutonic Rainbows EP, the first new material on the newly minted MoonDome imprint, a new label set up for regular, limited editions from Paper Dollhouse and related artists. Following on from this year’s previously Bleep album of the week Aeonflower, they have compiled this six track EP that sits perfectly in between Aeonflower’s dark side mechanics and the late night ambience of previous album A Box Painted Black.


Plutonic Rainbows blends influence from the New Age dawns of fellow Finders Keepers artists like Emerald Web and Suzanne Ciani but also points towards more darker sounds of club focused artists like Legowelt & the Frozen Border collective as found on the original cut of Space III, which was remixed last year by sometime Frozen Border artists Joe Cockerel and AnD. Where these reworks focused the sounds in a Bargain environment, the original is a vast ambient piece that dreams up vivid images of a night sky empty of stars.


Elsewhere avenues of hypnotic ambient techno are explored with the downward spiral of Church Eliane with the ricocheting glacial chords crashing against the backdrop of a sedated liquid dab baseline, while Rainbell is possibly the most pop-rooted sound on display yet, a mixture of found sounds and a keyboard put through a looping reverb delay to mesmerising effect. Ambient music for an industrial environment.


Limited to 32 copies.


(oh, it's already run out).



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