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Hurricane Irma


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I ended up fleeing north just cause i didn't wanna sit around a powerless house with my roomies lol


By the time i drove back home on the interstate during some ungodly hours of tuesday morning, georgia had its last 20 exits blocked off by a cop cars and military humvees. Idk what that was all about, maybe flooding or severe power loss/damage. I checked virtually every gas station from there to central florida and they were all tapped. Hoards of evacuees were just camping out in these super unsavory locations at 3 am, v surreal. Had a quarter gallon left by the time i found a refill. A bunch of cops were all there refilling their own tanks there


Damage is considerable from what i've noticed. Trees and forests are noticeably thinner, signs are twisted, some buildings are fucked. Worst i've seen so far was yesterday out in a rural area. A river flooded and some houses were seriously compromised. Also someones pigs got loose and were running everywhere lol. I think i heard two thirds of orlando is out of power? Some major traffic lights are still out as of this morning, which is a headache of its own

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power came back up by the time i got home last nite. was still raining and almost dark by the time i got in so tonite will be my first go at chopping this fucking tree and boy am i dreading it =\

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