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  1. You're very right, shoutout to PBoD on that 💚 secondhand on the orange shirt skyrocketed after that fashion designer wore it, vomit Right, anyone got a hi-res raster of the front and back graphics? Lol
  2. Just came by to say i still cannot stop thinking about that neon orange collapse shirt i didnt fucking buy, xoxo
  3. That's what artists do lol they make and share things. I just see it as a dj set in the most abstract sense, kinda like what Richard does
  4. So the handwriting on Twoism is definitely from Mike and not Marcus
  5. If anyone else fell for this Flayer track like i did, it is being repressed by Best Record Italy https://www.juno.co.uk/products/flayer-wanna-get-back-your-love/730487-01/
  6. Have been obsessing over this one since the moment it played sunday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mKXwwLM6gI
  7. Boohoo dude lol. Instead we got something they have literally never done before, a completely original mix of music that means something to them. Isnt that inherently more valuable than some little snippet of new material they've pissed out? Its not surprising they keep their distance. They offer a two hour scrapbook of audio and everyone's still NEW ALBUM WHEN?!?!
  8. I wouldnt be surprised. Disney acts exist solely in their own little theme park universe
  9. This tape makes me want to cry happy tears. It's like a phone conversation with a pen pal i've wrote for decades. Every moment in the mix draws a line to a different sound in their discography. Besides, this is an invaluable collection of their broad inspirations, peppered with undoubtedly their own work that's never seen the light of day til now
  10. 120 minutes of their favorite beatles songs
  11. Would like to be on a warm foggy beach to this Bibio right now
  12. It's crazy, like a hall of fame of electronic buildups
  13. This five hour droptease is masochistically pleasing
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