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  1. Sept. 16: Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PASept. 17: Elsewhere, Brooklyn, NYSept. 19: Cold Waves Festival, Metro, Chicago, ILSept. 20: Fine Line, Minneapolis, MNSept. 23: Oriental Theatre, Denver, COSept. 24: Wax Trax! Showcase, The Mayan, Los Angeles, CASept. 26: Hawthorne Theater, Portland, ORSept. 27: Public Works, San Francisco, CASept. 29: The Red Room, Phoenix, AZSept. 30: Sam’s, San Antonio, TXOct. 2: Canton Hall, Dallas, TXOct. 3: Numbers, Houston, TXOct. 4: The Orpheum, Tampa, FL Last i saw, they said no more north america so this is good news
  2. Repress up at https://royoftheravers.bandcamp.com/album/se1-acid-1-per-customer ALSO an extremely lush shirt/lp package at https://royoftheravers.bandcamp.com/album/roys-revenge-2
  3. On order in black ☄️ Back print:
  4. The "vocals" are so bad by every stretch of the imagination that i lack the foresight to appreciate what might be good about the rest
  5. Some of us just really like jockstraps 🏳️‍🌈
  6. Just hop in a model s and aim for the fucking sun already
  7. Do not revive this thinly-veiled kink thread
  8. Elon: take a pic of me touching the slider thing. Ok wait take one more
  9. Wow that music video is not similar to the Collapse video in any way at all!
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