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  1. They're both there, even though we only hear one's favorite letter 😞
  2. Im actually not turned off by any of Damogen Furies. I thought it was built to feel overwhelming? Kwang Bass is one of his best, even amongst my other faves from Feed Me, Budakhan, Do You Know, and Go Plastic +1
  3. It was scanned from a poster in his studio
  4. Has everybody heard this incredible remix
  5. https://www.roughtrade.com/us/squarepusher/vortrack Hello
  6. *uses System 4.0 for all of Damogen Furies* *says fuckit and returns to analog* LOVE it
  7. Literal same exact situation here except with Chias Tic Slide. I passed it at the record store i worked at, vg+ for i think 70$
  8. Title track is best, i will never not love Matt, even at his most redundant
  9. Not This Time is so fat, this is my favorite flavor of Stott
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