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  1. Maybe he's busy w other people, like these two tracks he mixed for Nathan Fake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwOPsDB25Eo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miaFf_WYPzs
  2. I just want to make sure everyone knows where this one came from:
  3. This actually has my right cochlea twitching, im returning to drone
  4. This thread is honeypot, delete
  5. This is crazy stuff, im glad to have my health for now and can only hope that all my loved ones and their loved ones do the same Meanwhile in isolation, the bedroom rave intensifies
  6. Diet BOC that is completely acceptable until the bros figure something out
  7. Sept. 16: Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PASept. 17: Elsewhere, Brooklyn, NYSept. 19: Cold Waves Festival, Metro, Chicago, ILSept. 20: Fine Line, Minneapolis, MNSept. 23: Oriental Theatre, Denver, COSept. 24: Wax Trax! Showcase, The Mayan, Los Angeles, CASept. 26: Hawthorne Theater, Portland, ORSept. 27: Public Works, San Francisco, CASept. 29: The Red Room, Phoenix, AZSept. 30: Sam’s, San Antonio, TXOct. 2: Canton Hall, Dallas, TXOct. 3: Numbers, Houston, TXOct. 4: The Orpheum, Tampa, FL Last i saw, they said no more north america so this is good news
  8. Repress up at https://royoftheravers.bandcamp.com/album/se1-acid-1-per-customer ALSO an extremely lush shirt/lp package at https://royoftheravers.bandcamp.com/album/roys-revenge-2
  9. On order in black ☄️ Back print:
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