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  1. Noteworthy additions. No everpress doesnt pay me
  2. This sounds so fucking good aaaaaaaaa. Waiting til after marriage though two weeks
  3. I cannot believe i just found out about this lmao
  4. P.s. i got my london vinyl and shirts two days early here on the east coast. I'd be mad if i were d-a-m-o or psn lol
  5. That blue one is very horny. And full size too, may tip the scale for me. The mini just never seemed right
  6. There's a lot here i've wanted to pull the trigger on for years...i may be interested in a chunk? Wonder how economies of scale would work out shipping to florida
  7. K so someone who listened to the leak, is it there? Lol
  8. No like it's literally sampling 54 Cymru Beats lol. I know im not tripping, it sounds straight from the track
  9. 13:20 in the mix (track 3 or 4?) is tensely anticipated
  10. Cathartically cried to this song a few min ago. Hello
  11. Go download grindr. Quick results
  12. God i hope it isnt a bunch of milquetoasts there lol
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