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  1. mtg arena is fun as fuck. still technically in beta but it's pretty polished at this point. they've added friend matches now too so you don't just have to get stomped by randos who aren't afraid to p2w. i'll never put a dime of real money into it but it's fun regardless
  2. i'm still gonna buy it as soon as i get home though
  3. apparently the cv1 rom is a recalled version that crashes in later stages due to sprite overload
  4. knew i recognized that couple. some local love from down south
  5. endwar was way better than i expected it to be. i've been basically bored by every marvel movie except captain america 2 and the first iron man. usually fall asleep in them. as bloated and convoluted as it was, somehow managed to be damn near enjoyable. didn't fall asleep for a second. wouldn't've paid to see it though
  6. yeah. i played it for about 45minutes and was completely underwhelmed by the art and atmosphere. felt good, but definitely didn't draw me in first play. and i love metroidvanias. beat the bloodstained 8bit prequel recently. that was fun. hoping the real game is decent but not holding my breath
  7. The fact that I've had at least three login attempts from unknown parties to my Epic account last year might have something to do with it (before I uninstalled the game launcher). Never had that problem with Steam, which I've used since its debut in 2001. damn. ye fuck that, fair enough! i constantly get emails about attempts on my epic account. luckily i've never put any financial data in it as i've only accessed free stuff (some buds wanted me to play fortnite for a bit) and i've added the free games they're offering now from their store to my digitally hoarded archive. for me as a user it offers me nothing (other than free stuff). i can see the appeal to developers. can only hope it does indeed force valve to get off their ass (they've already pushed a number of ui updates and a another big one on the horizon).
  8. agreed. oh i went and saw the beach bum. was terrible. the best part was zac efron wearing jncos. sorry i spoiled it for you but now you can save $10 and an hour and a half
  9. probably their worst collaboration. charging a ~$46 premium for "unique" presets you'll want to overwrite (or only use a fraction of the machines potential). stupid
  10. played the beta this afternoon. v fun. would be very cool for jamming with friends (exactly what it says it does). think a cool idea would be rotation where friends are assigned an order and get a notification when it's their turn.
  11. i mean seems like you guys are just dead set on poopooing this thing. actually thought the demo was pretty fun as he's going through the rrriiiffffssssss you can hear the evolution of some dude passing silly samples (tooth brushing, coughing, etc) and being morphed into a fun little loop. if the live collaboration stuff actually works seemlessssssly seems pretty cool tbqh. otherwise it just seems like another iphone daw
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