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I wish Solarium was a full length song

Frank Poole

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yeah, boc are one of a kind when it comes to creating excellent little loops...


my fav recent one is the last 30 seconds of transmissiones ferox


there are some great ones on here...


edit: so judging by how many of these actually made it into full tracks is very likely that that solarium and many other little interludes did too... someday man  :boc:

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On 3/26/2019 at 11:40 PM, mattlines said:

This little filler is so fucking beautiful. I wonder if it actually is a full song buried deep in a BoC vault. Would love to hear it expanded on.



I enjoy this song so much, I actually made an extended version myself with some very light changes in the background. Nothing special by any means, but it lasts 30 seconds longer ? 

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On 3/27/2019 at 2:34 AM, goDel said:

too bad they don't release more. would love to have some more new boc.


love these short trips. ?

Boc soundcloud dump?

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I've always thought of Buckie High as a full-length reprise of Solarium.  It isn't exactly the same, but it's similar enough.

The appeal for BoC, as it seems to me, is that their music often feels like a small glimpse of something much vaster, and the shorter and earlier tracks manifest this more than anything, which is why the tracks from R35 are my favorite, and it's also why Solarium is such an appealing little vignette.

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