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  1. Soooo, how climate friendly is electronic music anyways? Out of all kinds of music, it probably ranks as one of the most eco-unfriendly. All the energy and materials required. Let alone those tapes and vinyls the peeps want to buy. /b*tch 😜
  2. It's not a pattern if you take the 2017 London Field day into account! grrr
  3. Fair. I think 2016 was a special case though. Apart from HRC and Bernie, I can't remember any other interesting candidates, tbh. And because Bernie was an independent, I kinda understand why he didn't get a real shot. Not that I agree, btw. But in the end, there wasn't really an alternative for HRC as far as I can tell. Nate Silver did some analysis back then explaining why Bernie wouldn't win anyways, regardless of the shenanigans. Too many groups weren't supporting him (he was doing poorly with the "african americans" back then, for instance). Haven't seen similar stuff happening this time around though. So I'm having a harder time understanding people who are hating the dem candidate. But that's just my opinion.
  4. So what is the alternative? The people are the victims of a few in power? If that were the case, Trump wouldn't have ended up in the White House. He wouldn't even had won the GOP primaries back in 2016. I think you might be arguing too much from the opposite side here. And I tend to agree with Auxien here. Simply because the cynical shit about the system being fundamentally unfair and people voting doesn't count and all that nonsense. It's self-deprecating nonsense. Even if there can be some truth to it. No democracy is perfect. If the people really didn't have the power though, the ACA would have been nuked in Trumps first year in the office. And that certainly didn't happen. Thanks to all the people actually doing what they're supposed to do: taking part in the democratic process and being politically active. My take is that if the systems looks like it isn't fair, you may need to invest a little more of your time to understand how the democratic process actually works. A democracy is built on laws. And those laws are there for you and to protect the democratic institution itself. Not coorporations or capitalism and all that other shit that gets blamed for basically everything.
  5. If people don't compromise, there wouldn't be a democracy. Simple as that. You think you're being idealistic, but it seems closer to autoritarian. It's my way or the highway. I completely disagree with you, and suspect your idea of how a democracy should be functioning is completely skewed. Without compromise, everything would be a conflict. Which is basically the polarized nonsense you're currently dealing with. You could even consider it the current status quo. So if you want to keep things the way it is, you would indeed avoid any compromises and remain in eternal conflict.
  6. I think you may need to come to grips with the fact that all sane people will behave differently no matter what. Or in other words, in a democracy there is no single "sane" thing, but there are many. Being part of a democracy is like that Rollings Stones song: You can't always get what you want. So you don't want Biden to be president? Fine. But what do you want? Especially when Sanders is not on the Dem ticket? If you don't want to "compromise" (which is what I'd argue voting for Biden would mean), but instead do something else, that might be your idea of "sane". But there are still plenty people (the vast majority), who would vote for either Dem or Gop. Even if the candidate would not be their first choice. In the end I think compromising is part of being in a democracy and is the "sane" thing under normal circumstances. Only under extreme circumstances I'd go for the so-called nuclear/I don't give a F*ck/FU option. For 2020 however, I'd consider it shooting yourself in the foot and far from sane if you go for a write-in because you don't like Biden - or any other Dem candidate. But hey, that's my opinion.
  7. So, about that whistleblower on Trump, what do you think are the odds Bolton is the whistleblower? My spidersense says this is Bolton.... *shoots web*
  8. Looks like I've made a mistake thinking 2020 won't be turning out like a Hillary-Trump election 2.0. Sounds like the hate machines are already pumping freely. And it hasn't even started yet. I guess US politics simply can not exist without being polarised. So yeah, "prediction" is that lots of people will hate both candidates running for 2020. Well done! It's not even a prediction anymore, innit. It's just a given at this point. Regardless who wins the Dem ticket, btw.
  9. His time stamps don't fit the the youtube though. Minutes difference. Holy Ghost track starts at 47:50 in the youtube. 44:20 in the google doc.
  10. And it's up on his youtube channel. In the comments:"Tracklist coming soon." ;D
  11. Great review at the Guardian. Got 5 out of 5... https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/sep/15/aphex-twin-review-printworks-london-electronic-music
  12. goDel

    Game of Thrones

    i haven't even come to read got. recently bought them, but f*ck me, thats a lot of paper to get through. and the thing isn't even f-ing finished. did read lotr though. so consider this an agreement of some kind 😉
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