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  1. goDel

    New Album?

    Lol too bad the dates in the right order point to 6919 (lizard people confirmed! 🙂 )
  2. I really don't like the infighting, but to call it *his* party is pushing it a few steps too far. He's still an independent running on the dem ticket, as far as I can tell. It's understandable why the dems would have preferred something else, to put it mildly. But these whiney background noises - thanks hills! - are annoying as hell.
  3. Lol, yeah that looks about as american as it can get. Sounding like a cowboy and showing blind support for Israel (by christians?) is uniquely american. Curious about their sponsor, btw. Follow the money.... 😉 Surprised there isnt some pro gun bullshit on their car as well. Guess the evangelicals are less outward on their 2nd amendment rights?
  4. no, this stuff is better to sift through after a decent amount of time has passed. i don't believe in the value of having been a live witness. too much personal bias and a lack of background information to understand what is actually going on. so i'm not going to waste my time. 😜
  5. i'm trying not to follow the shitshow live. but there seem to be some positive signs wrt amendments. 3 days (8 hrs) instead of 2 (12 hrs). and all evidence from the house is accepted unless voted out, instead of the other way around. sounds like were back in sane territory here. not expecting anything though. just hoping the level of shitshowyness is minimized. to the extent that something like that is possible when talking about trumpster.
  6. wouldnt dare to speculate. would be even happy with a collection of older unreleased works. but hey, even their new albums consist of old stuff. so what do i know.
  7. following that guy on twitter is a blast, btw. seems like ms. harpy and her man, whatshisname, are in perfect yin yang harmony. would surprise me if she didn't secretly agree with his comments on the twitter space. just a hunch though. edit: @chenGOD harpy seems like jordan peterson approved slang. you fallen from grace?
  8. nice hopefully new album soonish?
  9. Ok, so conservatives rather have Trump run against Sanders? I don't know what to think anymore...
  10. Completely fair to call out the opposite side of the debate. The bernie bros thing is very much part of this as well. It goes both ways. I completely disagree with everything you said in your first paragraph however. But lets ignore that part. Those are differences of opinion. Or perspective, I guess. I think it's more important to acknowledge there's more sides to the coin here.
  11. Looked cringy to me. Those questions about the death of his friend...T was pretty clear he didnt like the interviewer to go there. But he kept on trying anyways. Gave me the impression the interviewer was inexperienced. But it's indeed good read. Interesting because of how open it is in showing how both worked through the interview and in the end managed to get through that awkward spot. I imagine a younger T would have walked out of it.
  12. I agree with aux here, btw. That tweet you've posted looks like a typical product coming from a troll factory. Not saying it is. Just that it looks like it. The reason is fairly straightforward: its aim appears to be to increasing devisions. Often there some kind of divisive argument like this: if you support X, you're on the bad team (immoral, idiot, bigot, ...), but if you support Y you're good. If it is not coming from a troll factory, I consider it a sign of that troll-technique having become normalised. Which arguably was already happening before Trump. But the thing to -hopefully- learn is that stuff like this helps creating a toxic atmosphere. Even here in this thread.
  13. Someone please tell him the impeachment is going to be perfect as well!
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