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  1. Currently looking at Sondlands testimony, I get the impression history is being written. He's outlining his actions and his communications (mails) with various officials. Lots of people were in the loop. And Giuliani is thrown under the bus as well.
  2. Yes. And in case anyone wonders: I didn't get the remasters in 2014 so bought digitals this time around. Lo and behold, in the filenames it explicitly says these are the 2014 remasters. Or in other words, when you buy digital copies of "this" remaster today, you get files with "2014" added to the track title in the metadata.
  3. Well, you can already see it in this thread. On the Dem side people tend to vote for different reasons than people on the GOP side. Did a lot of people who voted for Trump like him, or did they vote for him for that Supreme Court vacancy? A lot of conservatives hated Trump but voted for him anyways. On the Dem side however...sure there are progressives voting for a moderate who they don't like, but my guess is, relatively speaking less so than on the Gop side. They rather not vote, than vote for a moderate with a couple of different ideas. If it's smart, I'll leave open. From the looks of it, the Dems will not be able to vote for the candidate they are in "love" with. There is no new Obama.
  4. Trump doesn't need to say anything about legalising drugs. He might as well double down on strengthening drugs laws even more. The only thing Trump needs is demoralised Dems not voting. Which seems like an easy task, if you ask me.
  5. Having issues with the download list downloads, btw. After the "building zip, download starts automatically" message nothing happens. Same behaviour on bleep itself btw. Basically building a zip till the end of time... 😞
  6. Looks like it's the 2014 remaster. But the vinyl is from 2019, I guess. 😉
  7. And after a while your stereo suddenly started to make silly noises. ;D
  8. Yovanovitsjss' testimony was pretty heartbreaking. The way she's been harassed out of her job is completely fucked. And as far as I'm concerned yet another reason to impeach that orange fruitcake. And Pompeo, btw.
  9. That clip is pretty classy. Almost too good for the track. And the track itself...it's not bad, but if I'm honest, if I didn't know it was DJ Shadow, I would have thought it was a new Chemical Brothers track. The Brothers going mellow, that is. Not bad, though.
  10. Any rule. Also, this thread reminded me to listen to lp5 again, btw. Been a while.
  11. WTF...she's gooooooood. That's the girl from the lifeforms cover!? sweet jesus
  12. I downloaded the whole album. Zip contains 20 instead 17 tracks. As far as i can tell there isn't another option. Unless you want to buy them separately.
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