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  1. Given a certain "pommepusher" episode in a distant past, I don't expect anything to come from this. There's no charming TJ into doing favors for his fans. Or rather, some of his overly critical and moaning fans who largely ignored him since he went ebm. Would I be willing to shove some green paper into the hellish kickstarter pits? Yes, of course. Don't be so silly. It's just... Not gonna happen. Would be surprised if you hear anything. Also, even if Warp contact TJ about this, what are the odds TJ even responding? Close to nil, imoooooo. Sorry, ima disbeliever. Lovely idea though!
  2. goDel


    You're living in a fantasy if you seriously think it's simple as that. https://ebm.bmj.com/content/22/3/88
  3. goDel


    again, if that's your standard, a lot of what is considered regular care is snake oil as well.
  4. goDel


    that's quite the generalisation. especially considering the importance of the placebo-effect in regular medicine. if it works, it works. there's so much that isn't understood well in medicine. much of regular care hasn't even been proven. don't dismiss something purely because it says "homeopathy" on the box. don't blindly believe anything either, of course.
  5. this is a nice one.
  6. Republicans or Trump voters? I'm tempted to think there's a difference between the two. The Republican wears face masks. The Trump voter believes in conspiracy theories.
  7. My intuition expected the list to be comprehensive. So it's not. OK, sure. Nice way of presenting these data I guess.. Ignore all the stuff below the average. The "whites" and all that.
  8. Native American!? Euh, call me a silly European, but the Natives are not the caucasians, right? Looks silly to distinguish Latino and African and consider the non-spanish europeans as natives. I'm confused. I'm thinking of those Indians and the likes as the original natives. But if so, they decided to ignore the caucasians as a group? Anyways...So, if your grandparent came from Ireland, you're considered a native. But if your grandparent came from Africa, you're not considered a native. Sure. No institutional racism whatsoever. Just some European idiot not understanding what the hell is the thinking behind that graph.
  9. Loving the Conway tweets atm
  10. Tbh, the number of confirmed cases at itself is quite meaningless. It depends on the number of tests done. And the percentage of positives from those tests. And then there's the obvious: look at the per capita to assess whether the highest count also means the highest per capita. There's not much to conclude from this graph, if you ask me.
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