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  1. If you want a more general audience, I'd think "aphex twin albums ranked" is going into the opposite direction as what your intending to do. It's less general than "electronic music". Not sure why you'd even consider this an argument. But whatever. If you want to stick to your perspective, stick with it. I think it's biased. Eg. : whats the general audience of a youtube link with aphex albums ranked and less than 200 views? That's just random.
  2. Lets take the first page results on a google search. Pretend we're scientists and all that. Try "Best IDM albums all time" and "Best electronic albums all time" and might as well add "Best ambient albums all time". Report back on what you see in the first ten (non advert) links. Instead of cherry picking whatever you want to see. Let the google algorithm decide what is important. I also don't think someone on reddit posting a personal list carries the same weight to a list posted on a site like pitchfork or mixmag. But whatever the case, Google-algorithm decides the weight. The most
  3. Certainly not at the time of the release of SAWII. To me it even makes more sense to consider SAWII underrated. The initial reaction to Saw2 was a bit underwhelmed, tbh. But anyways, decided to google some all time lists to see whatup. Guess what... duh https://www.albumoftheyear.org/list/750-pitchforks-50-best-idm-albums-of-all-time/ numero uno: saw1 https://treblezine.com/10-essential-idm-albums/ one aphex twin album in the list. guess which. saw1 duh https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guides/9948-the-50-best-ambient-albums-of-all-time/?page=5 hey, s
  4. Please rename thread to "The Zeffolia (or whatev) intervention thread". Here we can try the meaningless venture to talk some sense into the phenomenon named zeff. Let's hope we don't lose our faith in humanity while doing so. *inserts moveable goalposts, 22 strawmen and a football* Game on!
  5. goDel


    Even though I agree with the sentiment of a decline - which btw resulted with more quality stuff being produced for TV - I don't think it's fair to simply blame the industry. They're in the business of making mass products. Don't blame them if thats a succesful model. If people wouldn't turn up at the theaters, they'd stop in a second. There are two sides to this "have to make money" coin. Besides the industry it makes sense to put equal blame at the feet of the people paying to see this crap. The mass does have choice. There's nothing to force them to pay their tickets. Apparently, it's
  6. Not sure why people would argue SAW 85-92 is underrated. It always ends up high on various top lists. It's just a given classic. Completely undisputed. Appreciating a well known classic is like saying "Hi, I'm a noob! Who are these aphex twins?". The appreciation should be implied.
  7. To me, the only way to make sense of it, is there's quite a number of people who put a lot of value in personal responsibility. Which in itself isn't bad, or anything. It's just something I notice in discussions between conservatives and liberals that keeps coming back without explicitly being talked about. At least, that's what it looks like to me. All this talk about personal freedom and keeping the government out of your back yard, can be seen as talk about personal responsibility. Which, to me, seems like a more useful way to frame the political discussions. As both sides of the isle might
  8. I'm still not happy with the upgrade. Biggest issues seem to be resolved, but there's still a notable drop in performance. It runs hotter. And some unpredictable beachballs when you do stuff like browsing the web with safari. Could be there's still some legacy software not working gently with the new macos. But I've noticed that developers are less keen to jump through the Apple-hoops nowadays. If I were you, I'd stick with your current install. If it runs fine, keep it that way. But that's coming from someone who is starting to lose faith in Apple. Never had these experiences with m
  9. If your government doesn't do what its supposed to do, don't blame capitalism. Blame your government. If the us government/democracy (federal/state/local) maintains it current level of corruption, nothing will change. As far as I'm concerned, relatively speaking the "capitalism monster" is a red herring. There's an underlying corruption present which keeps the democracy from functioning properly. You/we can talk endlessly about financial institutions and what not, but if you address those, you don't necessarily solve this disfunctioning aspect of government. And without a functioning dem
  10. Surprised you havent used that pic as your avatar, zeff. That finger wagging def suits your style, methinks. Little smirk accompanying adds bonus precision points.
  11. goDel


    I'm of the impression the masses are emotionally stuck at being teenagers. Teenagers with more life experience, who look older than they are. I might be wrong though. If you're wondering about godel sitting on an unreasonably high horse, well...perhaps I'm just projecting my under-developped emotional state on the rest of the world. Or rather, it's highly likely...still though. Despite all this, I still think there's a point to be made here 😜
  12. goDel


    Looks like an attempt to make a movie for the big audience. Or in other words, a mix of Dune with Marvel Comics and Transformers. Secretly, I'm still hoping for an improved Lynchian kind of Dune. But that's not going to happen edit: at trailer
  13. Jesus christ, man! I'm f-ing triggered. That's the wrong sweater colour! Dude...
  14. The worst thing? When I read "I believe the children are our future" I just knew it was a f-ing copy paste from the lyrics of a Whitney Houston song. Couldn't remember which one. But Google knows.
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