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  1. goDel

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    something's imminent!
  2. goDel

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    if it were recorded live sets, the date and location would be in the title, don't you think? edit: sorry for the confusion. i thought the AEONESIX 1 - 13 were titles of releases like ELSEQ 1-5. Instead of individual track titles. If it's the tracktitles, their next album has 13 tracks, I guess. Again, don't think it's live sets.
  3. goDel

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    don't think these are live sets. as those begin with AE_LIVE or somesuch. AEONESIX seems more like a new elseq/NTS sessions kinda thing, if you ask me. 16th album? i lost count. which were 12 -15?
  4. must have been nacmat, or something. miss the spanish nacho edit: eugene's guest warning point
  5. That was mental disorder territory. Which was concerning, because you hardly ever know where people are coming from, so it's pretty straightforward to shoot from the hip. Kinda like kids on the playground do. And you never get a real feeling for the seriousness. But why would you? In order to survive online, the basic assumption everyone is a shitposter is the best bet at survival. Edit: @Candiru
  6. Yeah. I took this one as quite obvious actually. But apparently most didn't. Good thing he changed his name, nowadays. 😉 Didn't rdj mention in an interview one time he was being bitched at an online forum? And it kinda makes sense, doesn't it. Vsnares, cylob. There's prolly more artists that have been pissed on around here. It goes with the territory, I guess. Dickheads being dickheads. It's only toxic when people start to band together, for one reason or another. 3 warning points for me, btw. Close to 10 years old.
  7. Why would you want to lock this thread? Ignore it, and it will die all by itself.
  8. and use this as background music
  9. goDel


    i'm guessing a new episode will be posted soon. as it looks like a monthly upload schedule. and the last episode is roughly a month old.
  10. Nader...another of Trumps buddies caught? https://twitter.com/justinjm1/status/1152227040885706758?s=21
  11. goDel


    For what it's worth, there is no treatment for Alzheimer at this point. There's a lot of stuff in the pipeline, but once close to market, the effects are close to invisible. As we're actually still trying to find out what alzheimers actually is, how/why it starts, etc. Please take these cures of depression/alzheimer claims with a huge grain of salt.
  12. goDel


    Haven't heard of this neuralink before. But it sounds like one of those technological achievements where we're able to do stuff well before we even understand what we're doing. We're f-king around with stuff we probably shouldn't. Also, a bit too much hype, I'm guessing.
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