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  1. except for the (non-existing) bernie bros hmmm....might have triggered some peeps.
  2. fixt! ;D Also, no elections means Pelosi takes over. Might as well have Pelosi. It's going to be a "war" anyways.
  3. The Scots and the Dutch mingle well, I've heard. Scots are kinda like Brits but without the stiff upper lip. Makes a big difference. ;D O and btw, I think it's just a bit silly some countries try to push through structural changes in times like these. And blame others for not playing along. This is not just about Dutch rudeness. It's also politics. There's plenty of short term solutions available. But no, we have to talk about those bonds. Will not happen guys. Lets talk about urgent and immediate solutions first. Feasible solutions. Sorry for being Dutch, and all. Can't help it ... hehehe ;D
  4. meta fools
  5. Don't. Just acknowledge you've been fed with the UK (tabloid) version of EU politics for many years. That's all you need. If the EU would fall, it would have happened right after 2008.
  6. Lets just say I made a remark about Dutch diplomacy in general. And not about those specific incidents. I'm fairly aware how foreigners experience the Dutch. And how "the rest of the world" perceive actions such as these. Again, there's a difference between the actions and the general way the Dutch do diplomacy. Remember those leaked cables from the Bush administration? Supposedly US diplomats considered the Netherlands able to punch above their weight and an important entrance to influence EU opinions and policies. Might be difficult to hold two opposing ideas at the same time, I guess ;D, but YES the Dutch are very much able to behave like incompetent idiots on the international stage. And also YES, they know pretty well how to do diplomacy. This is not uniquely Dutch either, btw. I mean Brexit speaks volumes, right? There you see the same. The Brits can be both absolute masters at diplomacy and idiots. (This is not an excuse for the actions we're currently discussing, btw. No excuses for those. Just awful.)
  7. good aprils fools btw ;D
  8. goDel

    Sean pls

    The boards remix was an aprils fools!!!!!!!?
  9. Absolutely. Haven been following the news with loads of Horrendous and painful to watch. Shouldn't have happened. Couldn't. The responsible ministers have something to explain. Not only to those countries, but internally as well. It's a sign of incompetence really. And hurts the Dutch position in the long run. Apart from the crisis that needs to be addressed right now. I mean, last week...
  10. I think the unfortunate thing is that some countries appear to try to leverage this crisis for making (structural instead of temporary) changes in their own benefit. Arguably, the same holds for different states in the US. This is not a for/against wrt the EU. This is intrinsic to large scale cooperations like this. Even without an EU you'd have these discussions. The case for the EU is that there are procedures and a process to come to agreements between all members. Without the EU, you'd have to start from scratch. Hungary is a different story, I feel. One which I also don't consider as a negative case for the EU, tbh. This is stuff that needs to be learned how to deal with. It's a first, as far as I can tell. All firsts are sucky. Call it the human condition.
  11. Although I certainly agree that the Dutch, generally speaking can be rude (and naive about it) and very much to the point, at the diplomatic level there's plenty ability to have civilised communication on an international level. Might go further and call it one of the strengths even. You shouldn't underestimate the level of diplomatic expertise in the Netherlands. (goes beyond the ability to speak/understand multiple languages, btw. but there's def a relationship) Which makes it all the more interesting what has happened. Appears to me that because of the current crisis the internal process surrounding the preparation of these EU meetings wasn't optimal, so to speak. Also note that diplomacy takes time. In other words, to me this looks more like a consequence of poor preparation than some general thing about the Dutch. "The Dutch" don't sit at these meetings. These are usually well prepared people with a good amount of expertise and experience.
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