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  1. Allahu akbar! Netherlands won! And Isreal will become an Islamic state!
  2. Charming response, brisb, but that wasn't about you. Not specifically at least. Basically about anyone still posting in the thread. Including myself. 😉
  3. Rew is my fav of that release. Didn't think there was much hate for mot in the past. To me personally, the releases from that period blend together. Couldn't tell Rew was from Oversteps or mot. Guess this might be part of why mot doesnt get the recognition it deserves. It's a good release.
  4. Twin Peaks season 3 came close to a DL doing a marvel comic. Rewatch the 3rd season! ;p
  5. the philosophy bs chatter is usually a consequence of fanbois being in some existential crisis. caused by either a lack of new tunes. or, ironically, by new releases being so good, their balls dropped and they stopped looking at porn, or stopped looking their girlfriend in their eyes. often in that order.
  6. it's not necessarily bad to be inspired by that period. and i do think you add yourself to your tracks. your tracks def don't sound like copies. i do have to say though that i hope you further develop your own sound. to me, it sounds like you're close to mastering that 2000s sound. and the next step, as far as i'm concerned, should be to master your own sound. but that can be extra hard if you're totally into those 2000s sounds, i guess. do you still listen to those artists a lot? perhaps you should stop listening to your heros and start focussing on producing your inner tunes. trust on your inner points of reference. again though, i think you've got the skills.
  7. That's the thing right? I really don't mind the Armin van Buurens and the likes. They often seem to generate good vibes and large crowds. Some of it I can even dig. But that's mostly while doing sports. When you need that good energy. It's the marvel comic movies of films, I guess. You shouldn't expect a David Lynchian Marvel movie. And you shouldn't blame it for being a comic movie. (although it can be bad! even for a comic movie)
  8. some good tracks. interesting. like the production. brings me back to early 2000's. sounds very close to that period to my ears.
  9. Unpredictable to be honest. Basically any page can cause my browser to insta-quit in my old ipad. I do watch some youtubes. I really need a new one, tbh. But it's better this way. Because it stops me from browsing too long. ;) Will check your sc's on my laptop though.
  10. I'm guessing he loves the original too much to make a proper remix. Even for armin van Buuren. This is like some obvious radio edit where the original got a four to the floor and a load of echo to make it sound big. The crowd will prolly like it. I wouldnt call it bad. But i quickly lost interest while listening...
  11. Clickbait worked though. Im all triggered cause this talk on beards and idm. Triggered, or existentially primed, i guess. Too bad listening to soundclouds is a bit of a hassle on my old ipad though. Makes my browser crash. My ipad is so old, it doesnt get any ios updates anymore.
  12. Being an internet meme is unhealthy. Especially for anti-social grumpy cats. All the clicks and views make your telomeres shrink. Godspeed grumpy one
  13. goDel

    Game of Thrones

    Only one episode left. Madness. Here's another thing to cry about: a GOT quiz @Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/quiz/2015/apr/11/game-of-thrones-quiz 39/80 i suck at got :)
  14. Exactly what the rest of the world thinks these days. 😉
  15. I'd go for 250, personally. Os tends to be bigger than you think. And theres always going to be some extra apps youd want to put on your ssd. plus, youd need the extra space for temp files.
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