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  1. So for some reason all images on the forum show up as a grey box. And attachments show up as single lines, until I click the line. This is on chrome android Edit: Seems to just with the tomorrow's harvest theme
  2. Ads at the top Ads as I scroll Ads popup when I click a link Ads at the bottom I understand the need for ads but these are fucking oppressive. If your goal is to annoy the shit out of me into donating then you may succeed, but currently it's just making me want to visit the site less and less, which is sad because it's the first time I've felt this way in 15 years. Edit: Fuck it. I upgraded. It's the least I could do for all the years of entertainment this site and all of the members have provided me. Sorry for my cunty bitching Joyrex.
  3. So I've had this issue for a while but have I've finally gotten around to asking about it. For some reason mp4's won't display. I need to open them in a separate tab. This really makes the dank memes thread not so dank. Using Chrome on Android
  4. I started to get mad at this list then realized I don't care enough and now I'm having a lovely day
  5. Hoping for a drukqs reissue since mine was damaged during a move. Also hope it's reasonably sized
  6. Mandibles (2020) I loved every second of this movie. Sort of like a French Dumb and Dumber. Like every Quentin Dupieux movie, it's so absurd that it's charming. Can't recommend it enough!
  7. My girlfriend makes this mistake all the time and I think it's adorable 🤭
  8. Frank Poole

    afx nft

    What the hell are these people so pissed about? You would think RDJ just admitted to being a rapist with the way some of the people are acting. What exactly is it about this NFT that rustled so many jimmies? Can't we just ignore it like rational people or is Richard kidnapping children or something?
  9. Love these guys but I tend to avoid them if my depression is running shit
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