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  1. I didn't think elseq would ever "click" for me but it just recently did. I was foolish for thinking I didn't need time to digest certain tracks/albums anymore.
  2. I think I listen to Rifts more than any other album of his. Got the album print hanging over my deck. It still slaps!
  3. Just give us a taste already. If it's nothing we've heard before, we'll eat it up. Ffs
  4. I would be laughing my ass off if I were Sean or Rob reading this thread. I highly doubt the fellas take themselves or their music that seriously.
  5. islanders spl9 bine parallel suns There are way more but those are just off the top of my head.
  6. It's probably been said, but everything by Autechre after Exai.
  7. Correct! I was only taking into account anyone past You'd Prefer an Astronaut.
  8. Totally hear what you mean with the Betty comparison, especially when thinking back on songs like Speechless and Overrated. Those power chords are heavy and crushing, while simultaneously sounding clean as hell. I've been deafening myself to this album non-stop for the past 24 hours and it keeps getting better and better. I don't listen to too much hard rock anymore, but this album is gold. Only the last Daughters album had me this giddy with excitement and before that, I couldn't tell you what rock albums did it for me, at least since the mid-2000s.
  9. This is quite possibly their best album, and I say this as a huge Hum fan. The production is excellent and there's a lot of variation from song to song. I'm in love.
  10. I listen to the Welkin EP frequently and the intro to Humidex always gets me hype af
  11. Nuclear industry bringing power to homes. Scariest part isn't the uranium, it's the locker room filled with careless bozo's.
  12. Looking forward to this. Just watched Embrace of the Serpent the other day and loved it!
  13. Saw this recently and thoroughly enjoyed it.
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