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Music For Sleep - Infinite Tape Loops: People


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Another beautiful release from the Berlin based artist Andrea Porcu (Music For Sleep)


Music For Sleep - Infinite Tape Loops: People




Note: "People" is one of the most recent compositions I have written. It makes me feel peaceful, as it allows me to listen from another perspective, as if I had never heard it before nevertheless is a work of mine. This tape loop was assembled, composed and recorded in the first days of January 2019, cold and melancholic days in which I was preparing a Live for a private concert, reserved for just 15/20 people. (I thank David for this opportunity). "People" has been later played in other concerts as well, but it had never been recorded till this week, as I jealously kept it in my Tape Loops box with all my most recent works. I've never been jealous of my works, so to go against this feeling I decided to not listen to it for a while, to experience how this would affect me. A few weeks ago, I decided that this Tape Loop could not keep on catching dust in a treasure box, since the material with which I assembled it was not resistant and its destiny was ephemeral. Being aware of the fact that this piece would disappear soon, I finally decided to record it and publish it. 





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