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I think it was here that I heard a remix by a band called The Chainsmokers.  Anyway, it led me to a remix competition.  If you all already know about it, apologies, but I thought just maybe you don't and might be interested?  There are 3 different remixes up for grabs.  Here you go: https://skiomusic.com/contests/remix?orderBy=published_date desc

As I said, I might be a bit late coming to the party and it's old news to you all, but be gentle with me, I was only thinking of yous... ?

Hope you are all well - i'll pop my effort up at some point for those interested....I am loving my new copy of Reason - it really is just an awesome piece of software.  The new version that came out last week means to can have the whole DAW as a plug-in now.  Not too sure how I feel about that to be honest - everyone and their mum having it as part of there usual DAW setup.  I think I liked it more when it was just 'Reason users' rather than people just having it as some VST plug-in!!


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I have some vegemite in my fannypack. Come in, make yourself comfortable, and smear yourself with it as if you are offering yourself to the god of Horus. Spill the blood of the innocent until the rivers turn red and set this frostbitten land ablaze until ash blocks out the sun. Do you like Seinfeld? 

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