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  1. Just listening to your link in your signature thawkins - nice!!!
  2. Exactly!! As much as I love house music, I was so aware of the ground I was treading on, so it was very important to me to keep the groove/feel of the original, which I hope I have managed to do. I hear what you are saying regarding the mix, and that's an interesting thought. Only thing is, it would be going against every musical grain in my body!! Clean and clear is kind of all I know, it's a huge part of my musical make up, if that makes any sense! But, Reason has an FX unit called Audiomatic, take a look https://www.propellerheads.com/en/reason/effects/audiomatic Can't do anything for a couple of weeks, no laptop (long story) but I'm certainly going to give it a go.... Anyway, many thanks for taking the time to comment, it's much appreciated...
  3. So here is my remix of Come Together, by The Beatles. I was well aware that I was treading on sacred ground, so I have tried to keep the feel of the track. That bass line took me hours, with all the slides and wot not. Apart from the vocals, I play everything else..... Hope you enjoy!! Come_Together.mp3
  4. Chim - you is a genius! Now is an MP3, at 320 bitrate only 11MB...... I'll pop it up now.... Thanks fella!
  5. Aha - I have Audacity!!! Thanks Chim - be right back (after I have done a few handstands....)
  6. I was about to pop my new track up, when aha - and I thought it might be a problem - my audio track of Come Together - it was exported from Reason as a WAV file - is......76MB...!! The limit is 20MB. So, I have just tried an online converter, that has got it down to 51MB. To be honest, this process of a new track ending as a WAV file is all a bit new to me (yep, it's been that long!!) - the last time I was doing this I would be mixing down to - wait for it - a DAT recorder! Remember those? - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Audio_Tape - I mean, I have been through the process before, but never had to then think about sharing/posting/emailing the final product. So, any suggestions? Is there a way to get a small file without loss of quality? I had a feeling that this would be an issue when I started getting back into music. I am hoping that there is a standard road to go down as a solution. Many thanks in advance..... David Just had a thought - if anyone can think of a site I can upload it to, so I can then just post the link? Soundcloud won't have it, as I can't log into my ReverbNation account as it was so long ago I have no idea of the log-in details. I am trying to sort that one out now. The long-term answer is I am going to shortly set up my own website, but that won't be for another month or so.....mmm, unless maybe I can set up a free, temporary one just so I can upload my tunes - any thoughts on that one? Thanks again!!!
  7. OK, OK guys - you got me!! Broke the rules - my ass!!!!! I must of read those feckin rules about a dozen times, I'm thinking "is because I mentioned Reason, and it's 'advertising'? Or because I said about my Beatles remix?" Anyway, sorry to tell you that someone put me out of my misery and told me about your little welcome.....good one! And the YouTube vidoes - what can I say? Priceless - made me chuckle, so it did.....thanks for that, now I feel all warm and fuzzy. About to pop my Beatles remix up....
  8. Ooeer...I have read them three times now and still can't work it out! Countless forums and thousands of posts down the years - this is a first!! Put me out my misery and PM me and let me know...please!
  9. I wrote a post in the Banter section, but didn't want to post a link to anything in the wrong place, so here is the link to some of the records I made back in the day..... https://www.reverbnation.com/sherwin Cheers!!
  10. Wow....thanks for all the 'hellos' - seems like I have stumbled across a great forum.... ๐Ÿ˜Š I have read the rules, apologies if I have inadvertently broken one. Not too sure what it was - I can't ask as I will break the rule again....LOL! So, for those with absolutely nothing better to do, I'll bore you with a bit about meself. Obviously, music is a huge passion - I play the piano and guitar. Back in the 90s and noughties, I was a record producer - hard house (mainly) was the name of game. Don't know what they call it now. I made a lot of records, had my "moment" as it were. The real bummer is I lost a huge chunk of my record collection while living in Barcelona, and they included all my house 12" records, my own as well. Gutted. But luckily I have friends who have copies, so I have popped them onto a ReverbNation page. I gave them a listen for the first time in a long time the other day, and I think they hold up ok....except the bpm - jeez, it was all a bit faster back then!! One of the tunes ('Rhythm') has Dido doing the vocals. I needed a female vocalist to sing a line or two in a tune, and I knew her brother so he suggested having her in the studio to do it. This was a before she went on to have the squillion-selling Life for Rent album. Lovely girl..... I've popped a link in the other forum section here if you are interested in giving them a listen.....(but please, headphones or decent speakers, not ya PC speakers or the like!). So, since I can now do pretty much anything musically on my laptop, I thought I would get going with some new tracks. I feel my best start is to do some straight out remixes, to get the feel of being "back in the studio" - plus remixing is one of my favourite things to do. There is an incredible site out there that has thousands of acapellas, a dream come true for someone like myself. If only that had existed back in the day. I remember acapellas being like gold dust! The idea is to do a few tracks to show what I can do, as obviously the ideas I use in remixes can be transferred over to original music. We'll see....at the moment I am just loving being able to do the most incredible things - on my laptop!! I use Reason - have done for awhile now (I have been tinkering for a good few years - but only just started to actually create new tunes). Just an awesome piece of software.The first few versions were a bit amateur, but no longer. Since v6 which included the professional mixer, it has become a totally professional tool, and now it can use VST plug ins. Although truth be told, I have always believed that having great software or whatever won't make great tunes - you have to do that. With a lot of the DAWs out there now, if you can't produce anything good, then all the gear in the world isn't going to help. OK, I'll get off my soapbox now..... So, that's about it really. Maybe someone might want to PM regarding any rules I might have broke - or be breaking....? This seems a great forum and I would hate to get off to a bad start! For example, I would really like my new remix to be listened to, but I don't know the deal with regards to what is allowed. If it is allowed, I will post it up tonight.... Right, I'll stop droning on now and let you get on with something more interesting..... Cheers all...........David ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘
  11. Hi everyone... I just found this forum by accident (I was looking for a clear definition of Filter Envolopes) and I ended up here! And having a little look around, it looks really cool! So I thought I would say hi and introduce myself. Only thing is, it's 7:32 - in the morning, and I have been up all night a/playing Civilization VI and b/ got stuck into my music (I use Reason 10) - and suddenly it's silly o' clock in the morning. Thankfully I work from 4pm to midnight so I can allow these daft bedtimes. But not too often though..... Anyway, the point is, if it's okay with you chaps, I will come back later and say a bit more about myself. I have just finished a track that would be nice to get some thoughts on - it's a total remix (i.e. only the vocals are not played by me) of "Come Together" by The Beatles - you might have heard of them, just some little band from the UK, they had one or two hits I believe. (I did try popping it on SoundCloud - it lasted about 0.2 seconds...which I don't really get - don't they still have DJ mashups on there, or are they not allowed either now - I haven't been on SC for yonks.....) Anyhow, I really must get to bed....hope to chat to you later. Nighty night (or should that be morningy morning...)... ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘ David
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