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  1. This'll do me, every review I have read has only said great things about it.. https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/ESI-U22XT-USB-Audio-Interface/1KCT
  2. LOL!!!!!!!!! And thanks all, that has helped - I knew I was missing something!! I will be getting one of these: https://www.gear4music.com/Soundcards/USB.html
  3. Hi all.....hope you are safe and well.... So, here's the thing. I have finally got (or getting) myself a new little home studio setup. I did own a small studio many years ago, long before DAWs and keyboard controllers that just need a USB connection, although I was using Cubase, so it wasn't that long ago! The thing is, common sense is telling me that I am still missing some parts. And as I am about to add an electric guitar to the mix, I definitely need something more. At the moment I have my PC running my DAW, and a an M-Audio keyboard plugged into my PC via a USB cable. Now this is where I am sure I need something else..... I have a (lovely) pair of Pre-Sonus E5 studio monitors with built in amp, and they are connected to my PC using a simple small headphone jack plugged into the output socket (headphone socket I guess) of my PC. This is where I am sure things need to be improved! Having it all connected just using a jack to headphone socket just feels....wrong. I am sure there is some kind of something that connects my monitors to my laptop, that can also take my guitar...? I really have no idea. The reason I came to you guys rather than just Googling it all is it would be awesome if I had some recommendations too, or any other helpful titbits. Or am I totally wrong, and what I have now is a 'standard' set-up? Many, many thanks in advance..... From an old bugger getting his head around the new toys we have today!! I must add, I am so excited at what I can now do with just my laptop. I had a pretty good studio back when I was a record producer (90s/early 00s), but what I had then is about 0.5% of what I have in front of me now! So awesome!! [am popping this post on another forum, just in case you spot it!! ?] Be safe, and stay connected......
  4. Hi Boom It is only recently that I bought my first ever pair of dedicated studio headphones. I feel a bit embarrassed to admit that in *ahem* years of having a home studio set up, I have only ever used 'normal' hi-fi headphones - shameful! I think the reason that I have never really looked into it is because I have and never will do a mix using headphones, I have only ever used them for the times I can't use my monitors, like when it is 3am in the morning and I want it loud! So I got myself a pair of Shure SRH440 headphones, and obviously I am no expert in this field (!) but I can still confidently say that I am totally happy with them. Sure, they ain't an expensive, hi-end model, but they do me fine - and they is loud!! Although I still don't do my mixes using headphones!! ? Not sure if I can post links to products, so if this needs to be removed Mr.Moderator please do, and apologies! https://www.shure.com/en-GB/products/headphones/srh440
  5. Hi all....I hope everyone is safe and well in these times.....So, I am probably going to get Reason Bass in the near future, but in the meantime, is there an instrument that will let me emulate bass guitar sounds e.g. dead notes/slap/pop/hammer on-off.....? Maybe a sample somewhere...? I know that the ID8 bass has a few slide notes, but was hoping for a bit more.....I did trial Reason Bass, and I was impressed, and come payday, I will probably get it - but would be great to find something now.Thanks in advance, be safe
  6. I am totally lost, but strangely intrigued. Help me out here Thawkins - what the fuckery are you lot on about...?! LOL!!!!
  7. One night I took a girl home, had a great old evening - except when I woke up I could smell shit, so I followed my nose and she had opened up a drawer and had a great big shit in it. So I didn't want to destroy the poor girl, so I took a photo and when I jumped back into bed I just kinda really gently approached it and used the photo as a way of showing her. Needless to say, she was fucking mortified, poor lass. Anyway, I fucked off and left her to it, and when I got home she had spring cleaned the whole flat, from top to bottom. Result!! Never saw here again though.............
  8. I am listening to your track above, and I don't quite know what to say apart from - it's, strangely....awesome. I don't know what you are smoking, but it's a fucking mental tune. Originality always counts for a lot, and this sure is original. And there is original, and there is original - I could sample myself scratching my balls, loop it and ta-da, a new track. Original - but shit. Your track is just, just...I really can't find the words!! Nice work snafu........ I'm here.... https://clyp.it/user/b4s0eyas# ?
  9. Thanks anyway BCM, but here I am god knows how many hours later, and I have sorted it. But more by just trying so many different options and combinations it all finally fell into place by accident. It was perseverance and patience that got me to the answer, not from any manual help. Oh, and drugs of course..........?? Just messing of course just say no kids.......
  10. Sorted it - it's only taken me about 8 hours and more by accident the design....if anyone needs any help with it let me know................
  11. Hi all.... So yep, got me new keyboard with sliders and knobs and all that. And yep, I can assign said sliders and knobs to different parameters in Reason, BUT....ah, shit, how do I even explain this. I'll try.... OK, so being able to assign my keyboard to Reason is awesome, but obviously when changing instrument, I need another patch of assigned controllers. For example, Fader 1 controls my Freq on my Subtractor, and when switching to my Monotone I want it to control the Osc Mix. What is doing my head properly in, is it's not a case of it does or it doesn't work - it sometimes does, and sometimes doesn't, and totally friggin randomly. So, I have sussed that I have 10 Presets on the keyboard (M Audio Oxygen 49), and when I go to another preset number and assign different controls for another instrument, it will work. And then, it won't. And then try another preset,, and oh, it works again. It is doing my swede in, properly. I think I would rather it just didn't work full stop - but to have it kinda working and then suddenly not kinda working - frustrating to say the least. If anyone could help, I would be eternally grateful... Hope you are all well... David
  12. Ah, I am wise to that one BobDob....someone clued me up to that little jest..... ?
  13. Hi all. I have been without my PC for a couple or three weeks, and more importantly, without my beloved Reason. It's been.....shit. But on the bright side, not only do I have my PC again, I have bought a new keyboard - finally. I have been doing everything by programming or using the PC keyboard, now I can actually play parts...awesome. And I am working my way through the Piano Grades, so I can pick up that again - I'm so chuffed!! Anyway, just thought I would say a quick hello to y'all - hope everyone is well... David PS I have a problem I can't solve regarding my new keyboard and Reason, is there somewhere here I could post it for some help??
  14. II started to lose the will to live about 2/3s of the way down....might as well of been in Chinese ??? But I do know one thing - there was a time when, for sure, Apple products were worth the extra money, they had a small selection of superior products, but those days are loooong gone. In fact, I could almost say (but I won't) that to spend a tonne of money on an Apple product nowadays is, well, not wise. Because you can guarantee that there is something better and cheaper available. And who cares if it only lasts a couple of years, that's kind of the point. And don't get me started on a certain type of Apple fanatic - (it's just a phone, yeah....?) - as we could well witness to the replies to this post. In fact, what am I doing.....I'm sure nobody - quite rightly - has the slightest bit of interest of my opinions of Apple, or anything else for that matter.... Ah, that's it!! I knew there was a point to this message apart from stating obvious facts..... oscillik, or whatever you are calling yourself, or should I just call you 'dude', did your elders not teach you any manners when you were growing up? The OP was simply kindly taking the time to advise other members on certain issues. Maybe you do read every warning and announcement and the labels on milk cartons - well bully for you sir....may I suggest that one gets out a bit more - a bit of fresh air and a good walk might even improve your attitude. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend all.....
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