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Just for fun/boredom; free browser-based interstellar ark simulator: https://johnayliff.itch.io/seedship


You are the AI controlling a ship filled with 1000 cryogenically-frozen colonists, the last survivors of the human race. Your task is to find a suitable planet to be humanity's new home.

Push your luck: do you settle on a not-quite-ideal planet, or keep searching and risk your ship being damaged on the journey? The planets you are encounter are randomly generated, and as you travel you encounter random events, so each playthrough is different. See the stories of the colonies you found, and keep trying for a higher score.

AFAIK a Post-Singularity Cosmic Enlightenment civilization is the best possible outcome. But feel free to give it a try and see what results you end up with.

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While there are several possible randomly-generated events, the one that stands out for me the most is where one of the cryo-sleep chambers is occupied by an exiled former dictator who somehow programmed the AI to grant him full control of the colony the moment the Seedship lands. But you can jettison his pod into space...if you're lucky.

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