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  1. Good ol' Goldeneye...how could I forget. Pretty much spent all of my free time back in 7th grade playing that classic. I remember the unlockable "No Radar" cheat was a thing in splitscreen multiplayer. Although I wasn't that fond of the explosions, since they'd linger like fire for a few seconds and still damage you if you got too close. As for particular missions, I remember Mission 16 where you have to cover Natalya while she's hacking the central console was arguably the hardest section in the game, since infinite badguys would continue pouring out until she was finished. Sorta reminds me of the Entanglement section from HL2 where you have to wait for Alyx to disable the barriers inside Nova Prospekt. And the music...the Aztec and Egypt secret missions have some of the best. (Tempting to post the YTs here, but there's another thread for that.)
  2. Hell nah. Ae are the Area 51 of the music industry. Some stones are better left unturned. Real talk though - I'd have to have a lot of trust in someone to disclose such secrets. No way in hell am I sharing Ae with just any random coworkers or acquaintances, let alone with the public.
  3. 30 laughs sounds like a reasonable goal. I don't even care what pic or meme it is, I just want to see that kind of reaction become a reality here. Or 30 burgers, I don't care which. Current FWP: There are two books I want to order online, but I'd rather not give Amazon my money if it's an option because Jeff Bezos is evil. Too bad they basically have a monopoly on online commerce.
  4. While I know very little about Cylob, I do remember that mix from a long time ago and revisited it like two nights ago. But yeah, here it is again
  5. Just installed a new garbage disposal to my kitchen sink on my own after the old one crapped out. Thanks YouTube for the guidance.
  6. ThE dOoRs ArE wHeRe ThE wInDoWs ShOuLd Be AnD tHe WiNdOwS aRe WhErE tHe DoOrS sHoUlD bE
  7. I've now hit 1000 Steam hours in Fallout 4, after doing a huge mod shuffle and starting a new playthrough (since saves can get corrupted with mod changes). Without getting into my full load order, some of the major mods I've installed include more environmental foliage, variety and apparel overhauls to Raiders, Gunners, Feral Ghouls, and Super Mutants, and the addition of certain WWII-era/vintage and Russian weapons. So Raiders are much more dangerous and juiced up now. Super Mutants now have the Nightkin from FO2 & NV with them. And blasting Ferals almost feels like L4D. Now the game is starting to feel more like a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game in terms of challenge and aesthetics. I love mods.
  8. Please keep that abomination out of this thread.
  9. I think they were going for the whole "roguelike" appeal with Mooncrash. You can buy those hourglass things in-game to roll back the Corruption meter, but they're not cheap. Pretty sure the Corruption mechanic itself is a nod to the constant-rising difficulty meter from Risk Of Rain. I haven't played Deathloop yet though. If it's as you describe, then I might give it a go.
  10. Seems like I'm always slow to pick up on Sean's live streams. Regardless, just DL'd the mix this morning and got about a half hour in. Digging it so far. Sounds like some Mark Bell and Jack Dangers stuff thrown in, but I'm not 100 percent sure. Great way to start off the year though with plenty of listening material.
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