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  1. Thanks for posting this. I wasn't feelin Conder-Rhyptik back in 2022 much for some reason. Trilate Shift on the other hand happened to release two days after my dad died, which I was listening to pretty hard as cope at the time. Great winter album. And of course Dilankex got that stellar remix from Ae before that. But yeah, gonna add this one to my BC shopping cart.
  2. BORN TO STRIFE LIFE IS A FUCK 菊門 Validate em All 2029 I am John [Redacted] 8,107,273,595 DEAD HOPES AND DREAMS
  3. Got back on Rage 2 for the first time in three years. The fact that there's no option to (un)bind mouse wheel controls is utter bullshit. But it's still pretty fun otherwise. Still waiting on a release announcement for Fallout: London. From what I heard the latest FO4 "next-gen" update has screwed over PC players, especially when it comes to mods. But sounds like Team FOLON are still working on getting the mega-mod ready for launch, post-update. Haven't played Cyberpunk 2077 in over two years, but I plan to this summer. Would like to revisit No Man's Sky later as well.
  4. It's legit getting more difficult for me lately to distinguish between real photographs and AI-generated ones.
  5. I never could get into sports in general. Guess I just don't have the right mindset for them.
  6. Supposedly there are two reasons they're packaged this way: 1. The other half of the bag gets filled with nitrogen gas, which prevents the contents from crumbling during shipping/transit. 2. Said nitrogen gas displaces air, which makes them stale with prolonged exposure.
  7. Just received unofficial word that I've been selected for the new job I applied for last week. Sounds like it'll be more supply/logistics-oriented than my current job. And of course better pay.
  8. I'm too embarrassed to say how many hours I've put into the System Shock remake. I'm pleased with it overall, but it does have a tendency to get monotonous, particularly later in the game. And yeah, it does have a pretty dumb ending, especially that song that plays right before the credits roll. I guess the main replay value I've found with it is changing up the Hacker's weapons loadout. The Laser Rapier, Magnum 2100, & Skorpion SMG are my keepers every time. Shotty is good for mid-game and AR is decent for late game, but kind of mediocre overall. Hell, you could probably smite most baddies with just the not-Lightsaber and loads of Berserk patches, depending on your preferred strategy.
  9. Just got done listening to the Hague gig. AE update your _STORE later this year pls. I'm hungry for more sets.
  10. ambermonk


    It's already been a month since I've seen Pt 2. I don't think I have much to add that hasn't already been said. But it definitely felt like things were heating up at this point in the Dune saga. I particularly liked the opening scene where the Harkonnen troops were patrolling the sands of Arrakis and they were getting picked off by Fremen snipers, followed by Chani taking out one of their thopters with Paul's assistance. And the fate of Vlad Harkonnen right after the arrival of the Emperor...I don't wanna spoil it outright, but I found it darkly amusing. Still gotta read the 650+ page Dune book I got for my birthday last year. I probably wouldn't have gotten the interest I have in it now, were it not for Denis Villeneuve.
  11. ADACA on Zone Patrol rn. Campaign already completed. Pretty impressive overall for a one-person studio - definitely recommend to fans of Half-Life and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. Bought Dead Space 2 recently on sale for dirt cheap but haven't played yet. Only played the remake of the first game, which is still good. Although generally not into zombie games, Dying Light seems appealing lately. Might buy when it goes on sale. System Shock remake gets a patch update next week, with main focus on revamped final stage, plus option to play as female Hacker. Also still waiting for Fallout: London to drop on the 23rd.
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