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New Venetian Snares Album



Aaron Funk has been bending listeners ears as well as their brains and bowels for some time now. His is the jarring sound of a robot amputee falling over in an ice cream van. As Venetian Snares, Funk has released a wealth of albums including the now legendary "Cadburys Ultra Nazi Tampon Implant" and "Coughing Up The Semen Of A Rapist" on luminary labels Cakehole and Period Blood.
Taken from his 12th album this week "Getting Raped By a Horse", My Bolg presents the claustrophobic brilliance of "viszontlátásra".




venetian snares - viszontlátásra.mp3


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Guest Echo


Shittt fuckin brootal, innit? And all the posers are still years behind him! People weren't even using the amen break before this guy, he pretty much invented it. What a champ.

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Guest bigs


lovely article, lovely album. unique and interesting -- like all of his previous work!



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I was going to do a blog on breakcore but I dont have the ability.


Now I dont need to.

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The naked, raw confessional style of his tracks just cuts you to the quick, he should plumb the depths of his emotional side like this more often. Lennon would learn a thing or two from this Alun Fink if he was still around. No wonder The Apex Twins are always ripping him off.

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I saw this ages ago and from time to time have been thinking about how hilarious it was. I'm happy to say I've once again found it and my day is made :D

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