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  1. Rob: "no Scrobbling the new tracks!" 😡 Sean: "Rob, Pls"
  2. "the albums future classic closer r cazt" Future Classic you say?! PLSŠ
  3. I had to PLS myself and make it guys...cumin in my mailbox soon!
  4. "We are Immortal" is on the album, so is the album version the edited down one, and there's also the 50min+ long form version as well? sorry just trying to get it all straight. Remix Album, Long Form Single and the actual album (LBTHC) - it's quite the project! Think I'll hold on the remix album until I hear the single which is nice to know it'll (hopefully) be out in Nov/Dec.
  5. Gaz said the new single (the multi path single) will be out in a few months, for real this time. He said it def will be out in 2020, so I assume the LP will follow in early '21 Wild the remix album came first, usually that would come after, so gonna prob wait till I've at least heard the actual song first, which I believe the song itself is as long as this remix album. I'll prob grab Cascade too, know that'll be great.
  6. Anyone manage to cop this today? Still waiting on the album length/longform single, crazy the remixes are out before the single - and the album, which I would hope will drop Spring 2021. The FSOL "Cascade" Release is out ina week or so I believe..
  7. yes it was, actually liked all their albums. This however, is lazy and uninspired, just my opinion..
  8. def diggin this one, can agree w 1st post (First non-Thomas I've liked all the way thru too - good mix as well on it)
  9. I believe they said "the next one won't be as long in between" lol - I do not believe they will release any more music, hope I'm wrong but yeah, its a wrap..
  10. currently trying to find "sol" which is the Polymer japanese bonus track - anyone?!
  11. need the japan bonus track, still lookin..
  12. Love the 1st track but as an album opener I'd go with Los, track 2. Maybe it was too obvious too open w/ that track so I get it, anyway really great album!
  13. looking for the japan bonus track called "Sol" if anyone has, I'd love to hear it!
  14. Looks like the japanese bonus track for this album is called "Sol" So yea, 14 tracks for Japan..gonna need to find this track this weekend, hopefully.. looking forward to hearing the new album!
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