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  1. Still haven't listened to the remix album (will this weekend) but just listened to the We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal Longform album and I REALLY like it a lot, one of my fav releases from anyone all year, its very Progtronic ha! One of my most anticipated albums next year is the proper album (Head Chakra) - hopefully it drops Summer/Fall '21
  2. Preview of the bonus track: https://diskunion.net/DU-X1_audio_player.html?id=1008214945&disc=1&track=10
  3. yea, this is bad..Age Of had exactly what I was looking for - abstract ideas and all that sure but the songs on that one I still go back to, I get that this one is more of a experience to listen in 1 go but just not doing anything for meh..
  4. Bonus track (japan) is called Ambien 1 - will post YT link if it pops up. Gonna listen to this in a bit, have been staying away from previews..
  5. So glad we'll get this before years end so they can concentrate on getting the Album (Head Chakra) out hopefully by Summer '21 Waited to listen to the Remix Album until I had heard this (well, track 1 at least) so gonna listen to both in 3 weeks when Immortal drops..
  6. haha FUMI, Since the last BoC, AE has put out just under 17 HOURS of music - and for a while they dropped an album or EP ever few years, not sure making new music is really interesting to them anymore. Back on topic; yes, this IS confirmed a play on Sean, PLS (SIGN, PLUS) - We Did It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🍔
  7. wait now I gotta make another t shirt?! Rob! PLS?
  8. This should be out bye end of Nov or (more likely) early Dec - the album "listening beyond the head chakra" will follow next Spring. This will be out digitally like all FSOL but also will come out as a double CD w the RSD remix album accompanied. I held off on listening to the Remix album because I wanted to wait to hear the Track its based off first, even tho that remix album is kinda its own thing, I still chose to wait.. Been waiting years for them to get this thing finished, funny how my newest movie also took years to get done and they both drop 1st week of Dec after both starti
  9. I found it on "The You Tubes" just now actually..its pretty different than Sign but I digz itz
  10. I need the new Cex, Pee-Emm-Mee !
  11. I wanna know how long the japan bonus track is, hopefully we'll have that today - the sample almost gives me Aphex NIN heart of it all Vibes..🤷‍♂️
  12. sch.mefd 2 is the fav last day or so, easily followed by si00 sean pls, bonus track, can't wait. Oh Hi Rob🍔
  13. was listening to si00 driving in the rain late last night and it was so lush at one point I forgot I was driving and hit a huge embankment, I was airborne for a good solid sec and while I was, I said to myself, PLS. So yea, great in the rain album, would repeat!
  14. 'n Cur', pls be as lush as the other 11 trax🍔
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