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  1. Not from the CD-R, but a nice upscale someone did of the cover image:
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMxbfjIBdIm/?igshid=19qc0dxb23u7s
  3. Tobacco, the electronic music side project of Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Thomas Fec, has announced a new studio album called Fucked Up Friends 3, which was released March 5 via Rad Cult. 1. Full of Doom 03:51 2. Honey of the Trick 02:35 3. This Man 03:15 4. For the Queen 03:08 5. Jararacussu 00:49 6. Accuser of the Fuckin Brethren 03:21 7. Everything Around the Knife 02:58 8. Stridex Dealer 02:37 9. Sorority 03:40 10. Dianetics Jr 01:19 11. Rat Bike 01:54 12. Room with HBO 03:07 13. Under the Shit Bridge 01:25 14. Hal
  4. Scans of the BRC-645 mini LP https://imgur.com/gallery/SCyAI3K
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJYEg57hEt4/?igshid=1w6cguz6u1d3e Unpublished Artwork from the archive of Paul Nicholson. This is an early draft for an EP that was never released - Aphex Twin, Phlegm. The intended released date for Phlegm would have been Autumn 1992 on R&S. It would have followed Xylem Tube released in June of that year. However, over the summer Richard signed to WARP and Phlegm was dropped. My efforts turned to his next release; Selected Ambient Works Volume 2. As I did not have a computer at the time I was kindly allowed to play on Jon Clayton's Macintosh Quadra.
  6. Another release on Occult Research that dropped in 2018 https://occultresearch.bandcamp.com/album/program-mdathy
  7. "Be not afraid! Whether you’re simply sightseeing, enjoying temporary flights of fancy or considering a more permanent relocation, the all-new Spirit World Field Guide offers twenty-one insightful chapters of firsthand know-how into the terrain, wildlife, and social customs of our parallel universe. The narrator’s vast expertise of multiple global entry points and various modes of inter-dimensional transport informs a rich tapestry of tips, tricks and tools to unfailingly aid in your ultimate survival. If you are among the countless individuals who find themselves feeling both dead and alive a
  8. Decent scans compiled of labels and binder placed up on imgur. https://imgur.com/gallery/3HOUXwB
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