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  1. Scans of the BRC-645 mini LP https://imgur.com/gallery/SCyAI3K
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJYEg57hEt4/?igshid=1w6cguz6u1d3e Unpublished Artwork from the archive of Paul Nicholson. This is an early draft for an EP that was never released - Aphex Twin, Phlegm. The intended released date for Phlegm would have been Autumn 1992 on R&S. It would have followed Xylem Tube released in June of that year. However, over the summer Richard signed to WARP and Phlegm was dropped. My efforts turned to his next release; Selected Ambient Works Volume 2. As I did not have a computer at the time I was kindly allowed to play on Jon Clayton's Macintosh Quadra.
  3. Another release on Occult Research that dropped in 2018 https://occultresearch.bandcamp.com/album/program-mdathy
  4. "Be not afraid! Whether you’re simply sightseeing, enjoying temporary flights of fancy or considering a more permanent relocation, the all-new Spirit World Field Guide offers twenty-one insightful chapters of firsthand know-how into the terrain, wildlife, and social customs of our parallel universe. The narrator’s vast expertise of multiple global entry points and various modes of inter-dimensional transport informs a rich tapestry of tips, tricks and tools to unfailingly aid in your ultimate survival. If you are among the countless individuals who find themselves feeling both dead and alive a
  5. Decent scans compiled of labels and binder placed up on imgur. https://imgur.com/gallery/3HOUXwB
  6. The World As We Know It is an electronic album made in the absence of instruments. At the same time, it is a guitar/vocal album and entirely human. And so we have something of an anomaly.Amon first recorded these songs during an isolated period in the woods of northern California. It was an exploratory process, much to do with learning about harmony and (relatively) traditional songwriting. A personal exorcism of sorts, he externalised an array of experiences and organised them into his own words.At the time of writing what was to become Figueroa, Tobin had no particular ambitions for the work
  7. https://blackmothsuperrainbow.bandcamp.com/album/cobra-juicy-instrumentals
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