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    See there's not many fans of electro in here
  2. Full stream of album is live. https://rx-101.bandcamp.com/album/dopamine
  3. 01. Worldline 02. Persuasion System 03. Gaussian 04. Ultrafiche of You 05. Kontex 06. Existence Schematic 07. Laconism 08. Privilege Escalation 09. Departure From the bandcamp page: For nearly a decade the story of Com Truise has relied on science fiction and abstract fact. Seth Haley’s singular style of melodic beat music subsists as hazy machinist nostalgia, a mainframe downloaded cosmology. Yet with each release, alongside sonic refinement, comes an increasingly visible vapor trail to Haley’s own ontology. His long-awaited 2017 LP Iteration brought to completion a conceptual space saga while also reflecting seismic life changes for the producer and designer. With mini-LP Persuasion System, Haley leaves the past narrative behind, settling into a new period marked by change — on this planet, in the present — putting forth his most grounded and visceral work to date. The project began as an experiment. Haley switched digital audio workstations, rebuilt his palette of sounds, and tasked himself with simply trying it out. The exercise freed him of expectations and permitted a process that echoed the tones of more immediate external environments. A gravity had seeped in; resulting material shifts between bleakness and sublime suspense, awe at the expanse of existing, in looking back and letting go. “It’s a sort of sad smile and a wave goodbye but at the same time hello, a 'welcome to your life’ moment,” Haley says. Take the storm pattern sequence from “Gaussian” to “Ultrafiche of You”: a queasy, contemplative vignette rests on a single soft-synth cloud before the latter’s percussion ripples across the sky. With trademark stutters and swells, the composition conjures the sensation of searching in the afterglow. “It’s a love song, and I don’t write many of those.” That duality — melancholy + optimism, then + now — permeates this widescreen collection. “Existence Schematic” takes flight at night, “looking down at the landscape,” explains Haley, “seeing the lights in a schematic sort of way, wondering who or what is looking back up at me wondering the same things I am, the impact of a single existence, the end, the beginning, where it’s gone and going.” These are observations from this existential Persuasion System, and Haley hopes the music yields more, for others, that listeners may search for their own tension and release. Pre-orders on Ghostly and bandcamp
  4. 1. That world 2. Is but a simulated blur 3. Step away from Konoyo 4. Into the void 5. Not alone 6. You never were Pre-order and first track streaming on bancamp https://timhecker.bandcamp.com/album/anoyo
  5. Ninth studio album, first full length since 2015’s Born in the Echnos. 01 Eve Of Destruction 02 Bango 03 No Geography 04 Got To Keep On 05 Gravity Drops 06 The Universe Sent Me 07 We've Got To Try 08 Free Yourself - Album Version 09 MAH 10 Catch Me I'm Falling Pre-orders live https://store.thechemicalbrothers.com/ North American tour dates: May 12, 2019 – Mexico City, MX @ Pepsi Center WTC May 15, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA @ Shrine Expo Hall * May 16, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theatre * May 17, 2019 – San Francisco, CA @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium * *With The Black Madonna UK tour dates: November 21, 2019 – Leeds @ First Direct Arena November 22, 2019 – Manchester @ Manchester Arena November 23, 2019 – Glasgow @ The SSE Hydro November 28, 2019 – Cardiff @ Motorpoint Arena November 29, 2019 – Birmingham @ Birmingham Arena
  6. Aesop Rock has been credited as one of the most verbose MC's in Hip-Hop today. Known for his dense and abstract wordplay, he manipulates language to illustrate elaborate stories and difficult concepts with sharp clarity. TOBACCO is also recognized as Black Moth Super Rainbow. Known for working with pre-digital electronic instruments like analog synths and tape machines, he crafts distorted, experimentalist beats that intertwine feelings of tension and anxiety with sensations of bemusement and pleasure. Together, Aesop Rock and TOBACCO are Malibu Ken. Corn Maze Tuesday Save Our Ship Sword Box Dog Years Acid King Suicide Big Gulp 1+1=13 Churro Purple Moss Pre-order live on Fifth Element
  7. South Of Reality, The Claypool Lennon Delirium’s epic sophomore album might be just the antidote this sick world needs. Music so potent it could repel an asteroid impact from space, these seasoned warriors of psychedelia have crafted timeless songs that may as well be chiseled in stone. The monolithic dream team’s new record was produced by Les Claypool and Sean Lennon themselves, and engineered and mixed by Les Claypool at his own Rancho Relaxo studio in Sonoma County, California. South of Reality will be released worldwide on Feb 22nd, 2019. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/claypool-lennon-delirium-new-album-south-of-reality-new-song-745627/ Pre-order on ATO Records
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