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  1. Just got around to listening 2 this, I enjoy it. it's my album recommendation of the week! ?
  2. I like that!!!! ^^ some fuckin shit idk dice games online classic baby boy names with a twist
  3. hardcore curbing the time i spend on WATMM

  4. Pincture of one of my favourite painters Juan Ruiz
  5. I listened to Recur again recently, great punishing album. Haven't kept up with their releases since but excited for this
  6. Lewps

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    Also starting Dune for the first time! Reading No Country for Old Men as well, seen the movie a couple times, only Cormac McCarthy I haven't read - defo not as dense as his other work but fast paced and lotsa violence i enjoy it
  7. Been binging The Tim Dillon Show. Found him through the Cumtown/ Legion of Skanks/ Brandon Wardell universe & he's quickly become one of my favourite comedians
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