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  1. Software that can track harmonics in a sound well and isolate them. Example: you throw in a piano note playing C, or any note. The software can track the harmonics, and be able to do things like isolating the Even or Odd harmonics within the sound as it plays and changes. If it has even better functionality and can isolate harmonics in more ways that would be even better. But I am looking for a way to isolate Even/Odd Harmonics at the very least. I just think it would be cool to run even harmonics thru separate effects than odd harmonics. As an example. And obviously you can take it further mathematically. It would be cool if you could type out what harmonics you want to keep in/isolate. Or give it some equation of numbers that isolates whatever the equation comes out to. Like "Isolate all prime numbers".
  2. Like ADSR/Sononym etc. Just wondering opinions here so I don't have to spend as much time looking for one.
  3. Beyond Come To Daddy and Windowlicker. It seems like an instrument that can work very well but there are many ways to make it sound awkward where more typical sounds may sound better. Can be Acoustic/Electrical. Or a Bass guitar, anything as long as it's a guitar.
  4. Dude looks like an entirely different person with that beard.
  5. Reminds me of Death Grips breaking up then to my surprise putting out a new album shortly after. I've seen other instances 'breaking up' just to remind people they exist. Then it gets a reunion tour a few years after which attracts more people than if they had just kept doing live shows. Then like that, they are working together again. I think it's a good strategy. Maybe you know nothing will be coming out for a few years. So you 'disband' fully intending to come together again for an album.
  6. I see where you are coming from. But I think it really only applies to that mainstream bump in 2010 or whatever.
  7. Yeah I will watch games from GM's and understand most of the moves and reasoning behind them. But GOOD LUCK playing a GM... or an IM.. or in my case anyone over about 1000 elo.
  8. You would probably do well then switching to Chess 960. It seems the openings for that are more abstract depending on the pieces. Nothing is set in stone. And yeah it's simplicity into complexity is what is attractive. A human can get his mind around 64 squares at once... on the top level anyway. If it was more complex, with many more pieces and squares, it would probably be worse off for it even if it all made sense as a game in itself. Jesus. Blitz and all that right? Was the app Dr. Wolf?
  9. Yeah, I can't believe Collapse will be 5 years old now this year. Already 4 and a few months. Like WTF. Feels like it came out 2 years ago.
  10. Edit: Since I made this thread, I have come across 3 instances where people are talking about chess in activities that have nothing to do with chess. Online and one while I was out and about. This is really strange. IDK if before I started chess I was running into people talking about it but didn't take notice, OR if it really is becoming THAT big. Anyone hopped on the current Chess popularity boom, here? I just started playing chess about 2 weeks ago and it's surprisingly engaging. I've known how to play for a long time, but past two weeks I have been playing a game or two daily. Very fun and Easy flow state access as you have to concentrate the whole time if you want to win. I asked people at work about chess and found out a few people started playing chess within the past few months. There was a lot of drama that resulted in people paying attention to chess, even non-chess players. And apparently there is a popular youtuber league where popular youtubers play against each other. Which you know, causes an influx of new chess players. https://www.chess.com/ - the largest chess website. It has lessons and puzzles as well but it's behind a paywall, so I recommend lichess.org if you wanna up your game for free. The tactic puzzles are great. And has lessons for beginners -> advanced.
  11. I try to get into Coding apps for music and such but the apps haven't impressed me enough soundwise to decide to devote the time to them. For example: Max/MSP. It does sound interesting but even the best patches sound like things I can make in my DAW. I am thinking it would be worth it if these coding platforms had a unique sound. And there definitely are some interesting sounds it can generate, but I just am never impressed enough to keep going with it. Same story with SuperCollider and Puredata etc. I sincerely try every once in a while and same result. THAT SAID, anyone know of any tracks or patches (on youtube or something) made with these things that probably couldn't be made using conventional vsts, or at least not have to go out of your way to make them. Or just impressive stuff?
  12. you You ever incorporate this into your music or anything? I have gotten some great results running audiostellar thru FX and granularizers as it picks similar sounds close to each other so the granularity tends to fit texturewise. You ever try Audiostellar? I can't recommend it enough.
  13. Makes sense to me. Actually I wonder about many artists with a similar following. EOD for instance. Just wondering if it's possible to make ends meet at that level. Or if the music only pays for so much. I've heard of the concept of getting 1000 ' dedicated fans' that would buy most of your stuff. At this point I'd say they have an extensive discography and have around that amount of dedicated fans. Total conjecture on my part.
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