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  1. Brisbot


    Yeah they didn't do the best job at showing that Leto knew he was screwed from the first time you see him on screen. Though the movie does follow Paul who didn't really catch on for a while which is why I think the movie is slow at spelling it out. The audience realizes it as Paul does.
  2. Oh well it's a relief to find out it's been all apart of God's plan. Time to jump ship to conservatism!
  3. The Godzilla OST. The American one from the late 90s. I used to dance to it with my cousins when I was... 5 or 6? Haven't heard this in 20 years. It's crazy how I can remember lyrics and instrumentals from when I was 5
  4. Brisbot


    Oh yeah. I started reading Dune last night, and at one point Paul says that he is convinced that his hand was ash when putting it in that Gom whatever box. In the film there is a very quick flash of a charred hand in that moment. I think it would have been more effective to spell it out more with his thoughts instead of being an easter egg for the readers.
  5. Brisbot


    Yeah I woke up this morning thinking "I REALLY wanna sample that huge formant-y bass voice at the very beginning, find out how to make it, and start a new genre with sounds like that. That's true. There is so little of her actually in the movie, but in a way that makes sense. It is probably best to work on making her a fleshed out character in the sequel. Btw I realized the 'Storm' bit was basically his Luke Skywalker " don't use our technology to shoot and instead use our story's magic system to do so". That explains why people kept saying it's going to be the new Star Wars. Probably subconsiously picked up on that from that part... also all the sand. Yeah it had to stop somewhere. That said, that could mean the next movie has much more material to shine if Denis can get the pacing right. So the choice will end up being a good one. Yeah, I wish that that 'snake levitation' thing was actually his whole body. Was a bit disappointed when I saw that he is just a normal human. Also, Denis definitely was going for Colonel Kurtz from Apocolypse Now. Similar voice and mannerisms. He keeps taking things that worked in classic films and remixes it for Dune. Yeah. The way the movie was shot was a lot of fun to watch, but so many scenes started with showing you parts of the characters for 10 seconds before showing them to you. The Brooding I think was to create constant tension everywhere. That their house was fucked from the moment the Emperor "gave them" them planet, and everyone knows it. So everything is intense. I do think that they over-did it, but with how much Denis chose to do it, it easily could have fallen flat and felt pretentious after a while.
  6. Brisbot


    As someone who has never read or seen Dune 1984, I think it was pretty straightforward. The movie had that energy the first Matrix film has where each scene just flows naturally into the next scene all the way to the end of the movie with no boring scenes at all.... well the end of the movie in that sandstorm I did start feeling a tiny bit bored due to the way the scenes were shot. And the callback felt forced there (just let yourself become one with the storm or whatever bit), but besides that film was solid. That said, it still felt as if it only covered the first third of the book (guessing here). It feels like we aren't far into the story at all. It feels like the end of act 1 of the three act structure where the 'hero' is just now starting his journey to get buff enough in act two before coming back to beat the villain in act 3 with his muscles. I assumed there were going to be three movie, and was surprised to see the next one will have covered the first book. Oh. WTF was the black liquid the House Harkonnen dude was swimming in. Seems like he could breathe in it and didn't need to surface for air. And that scene with the assassin in the wall was confusing. He was in the wall for 6 weeks? what? It was hard to tell what was going on due to the dialogue being hard to understand there. It looked like he had been dead for days when they found him in the wall, but apparently they had just then discovered him?
  7. Now I know why the new teachers always seemed to take 2 or 3 years to get a solid curriculum going that fit the time frame of the class. Seemed the first year or two of a new teacher was always "not enough learning" where we would get an assignment but get like... two or three classes to do them when we only needed 1 , or there would be way too much, a lot of unhelpful filler work which just wasted everyones time, and after a year or two the classes after us wouldn't have nearly as much as we had to do in the honors classes I took. I remember a history teacher's first year teaching she had us do a project like every month that would normally have been an end of year project, and would take up more time than the advanced math classes. Then two years down the road, the same teacher halved the number of assignments the class two years under me had to do, and they still complained that it was too much.
  8. I wish I had a wider appreciation of music. I mean that, not being sarcastic or anything. I am pretty picky when it comes to music. Probably more picky than most people on this forum which is already somewhat niche , and I wish I wasn't. It's kinda like wishing I enjoyed a wider variety of food. I'd rather enjoy random new tracks/foods thrown in front of me at times than be that guy who is like " yeah I like that but just don't put any toppings on it.... yeah I know not wanting white gravy on mashed potatoes is un-american, and i do like white gravy but I like mashed potatoes without white gravy more now give me my damn food..... why are you making this a thing?" Strangely though I have a really wide range of enjoyment when it comes to movies. I like the mainstream ones and the artsy ones and the cosmic horror ones etc etc. But with music it's to me annoyingly selective. I am sometimes pleasantly surprised when I find I like a track from an artist that I don't like. Lol.
  9. I will not shitpost. I will not shitpost. I will not shitpost. I will not shitpost. I can't keep giving in.
  10. I don't dislike Reddit in the way you do, really since it is a good gateway into many things. It just feels like someone took the concepts of the 'facebook groups' and forced it into the 'forum format', replacing likes with the upvote/downvote system. So you will get a lot of people looking for subreddits to follow and they will think "I have spent a total of 3 hours of my life thinking about this one subject/thing here, so that is good enough to follow the subreddit and post my opinions like I already know most of what there is to know." There is a reason reddit has so many users. If you are a newb and want to get into the basics of a subject, Reddit is good for that since every topic under the sun as 20 subreddits dedicated to it. IF you want to dig deeper than surface level, Reddit for the most part is not good for that. But there are many interesting subreddits in things I myself am a 'dilettante' of. So subreddits for those things are useful. That said if you like the music you see on this forum, the subreddits are kind of a waste of time. Btw it's odd your friend is trying to beat you to the punch with news about an artist he is just a casual fan of. Lol. I don't get the point. If you are a newbie to something, admit it. It's not a bad thing, and it will annoy people when you say something that isn't accurate with conviction, more than if you ask a basic question about it and admit you just started looking into that thing.
  11. Aphex Twin is on some level a mainstream artist, and Reddit is a general forum that appeals to the 'surface level' of a subject. Go look up Aphex Twin on Kanye West's subreddit. I don't even have to go there to know a lot of people who don't know what kind of music he makes is going to say they like Aphex Twin, and will have listened to his albums a few times. And if they do know who he is and have listened to some of his albums (and Board of Canada's albums) they are going to say "I don't like the term IDM because it implies it's more intelligent than other forums of dance music." Because the term EDM implies that it's " Electronic " Dance Music and nothing else is. Point being Reddit appeals to 'beginners' / dillitants. Kinda. I'm sure there is a better way to describe it. Not every subreddit is surface level, but for the most part they are.
  12. How often do people come together for something that has little to do with them on an individual level?
  13. Question about people's experiences with facebook vs mine. I am on facebook but rarely go down a rabbit hole of looking people up. Only when I haven't seen them in a long time and am thinking about contacting them to hang out. Besides that IDGAF about some random person from my High School whos friend request I accepted years ago (when I shouldn't really). Tho I did go thru and unfriend a lot of the people I barely knew at one point of another. When I am reading other people's posts it's always in my mind that they are only showing their best moments and are playing the positive moments up because that is what facebook is. So when I see someone with a 'great life' on facebook then hear about all the problems they are having outside of that, it doesn't surprise me at all. I just assume everyone is like that to one extent or another. Because of that I have never really had an urge to get rid of facebook beyond the fact that companies have my data and I am in some algorhithm somewhere feeding me the right posts at the right time. That is the only reason I can think of to quit. Is that most people's reasons or does the 'fakery' on facebook make browsing it unpleasant?
  14. Pineapple with Pizza was actually made by the Nazi's, but when Hitler found out about it, he immediately shut down the project citing worry over "egregious human rights violations". The man who apparently came up with the idea was "disappeared" shortly thereafter.
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