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  1. yeah anytime one or two people say they got something, I always say " I got a rock". IDK why can't help it ay this point. Send help.
  2. Most of the glitching in this track, and especially the first 30 seconds, was made using FM on a modular Eurorack that i used to have access to. I really wish I wrote down what I did because I have tried to re-create it with digital modular plugins, and while I often get awesome sounds, it isn't what I got before. I only remember what i primarily used. Lots of semi-random panning and enough modulation in each of the 'plops' to make it sound like it's alive or something I may have sampled in a swamp or something. lol. I describe how I did it in the description of the track. T
  3. Digging a lot of the tracks here. It would be nice to have some kind of auto follow for all WATMM members on soundcloud so you don't have to go digging. I can't speak for you, but for me, when I have a ton of energy tracks sound a lot better than they actually are. So I end up working on lots of tracks that I think are good in the moment only to later realize they are passable or just plain bad. So I try to work on music with a level head, and when I am bouncing off the walls on occasion I know it's probably a waste of time to work on composition tracks. That said it's nev
  4. It is insane how many good/positive things are happening right now. I just had the best week on a personal level in a few years, and it happened at the same time the USA had a really good week. It's like if the USA were a toilet, it just got unclogged for the first time in years and everything that clogged it just flushed straight down.
  5. Get everyone into very niche and esoteric music, of which 95% of the time left wing types are into.
  6. yeah, their "will" is already covered by the fact that the people in the corporation can already vote. No need for anything on top of that.
  7. You should try to push yourself past the learning stage. There are also some simpler DAWs out there with the more advanced stuff kinda hidden in menus. Maybe just google DAWs that would be quick to learn.
  8. The only time it's ever caused any stress is when my DAW has A MILLION things in the timeline. So while I initially work on it everything is fine. But then I step away and come back weeks or months later, depending on my mood I may just say "uhhh finish that later" It isn't typical stress that makes me feel bad or whatever, it's just this feeling that I have to keep many things in mind while working on a project. I think the mild stress is just from trying to keep things straight in my mind. In a way you're juggling your knowledge of everything that is connected to everything. Then when in
  9. Rudy Giuliani, "the honorable mayor of new york" during 9/11, is now one of the main players that lead to over 3,000 deaths daily - basically a 9/11 every day. ....
  10. Well, the people staying behind is more of the "just going along with the other Republicans" type of thing. The actually violent people breaking into the capitol number much smaller, but are much louder.
  11. Isn't that an apt analogy for Trump's political party as a whole.
  12. Seems like for many protesters there, it was either a coup/revolution, or just an expression of their anger, which was supposed to be non-violent, and yet somehow also includes breaking into the capitol... but they didn't mean for anyone to get hurt on top of that..... This makes me worried that they are in such disarray that someone much worse than Trump may come along and pick them up.
  13. I am honestly at the point where all these conspiracy theories are blowing my mind because of how absolutely delusional you have to be to believe them. I guess antifa dressed up those monuments with trump flags and hats. At this point... it's just so... disheartening to know that 30-40% of the country are this delusional and stupid. The past four years I kept thinking the delusion couldn't go any further and I am proven wrong again and again. Now we have tons of video evidence of Trump supporters, and facial recognition of white supremacists', and somehow it is actually antifa's doing.
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