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  1. wouldn't be the first time, or the second. *Negative Badger memories intensifies*
  2. Something I really envy Bernie for is his ability to not eyeroll at things like this and ability to remain collected even when his "party" is against him. There's no way I'd be able to hold it in if I were in his position, after all the crap the conservative """democrats""" has given him and will likely give him well into the future. He's definitely playing politics by doing this but it's in all the right ways that he needs to. I'm sure the democrats would love for Bernie to become angry with them, and yet he doesn't and so they don't have an excuse to distance themselves from him or try to kick him out.
  3. Anyone ever play Dwarf Fortress? really cool and interesting game
  4. *looks at website* "Yeeeah A Moon Shaped Pool yyeeeah!" *very quickly scrolls through King of Limbs* "Ohhhh In Rainbows!"
  5. yup I think that's the only place they can go barring new lore to play with. Maybe there is another crazy jedi/sith war 1000 years after the movies. Only issue I can see is the whole theme of 'balance' from the movies which require the context of the jedi/sith war. Then again Darth Treya was about balance and I'm sure she will pop up somewhere during old republic times.
  6. Let's hope. While I'm sure he can make something interesting, I just know the Marvel humor injected into the last few films will still be a mainstay. I hope the next trilogy will be about the old republic. I want to see the jedi and sith war.
  7. Time is going by so fast for me now, their last album feels like it came out 1.5 years ago, but no it's been over 3 years. I'm not ready for a new one, lol.
  8. Some interview like a year or so ago, they said they felt they had a few more albums in them so yeah. However I don't think there will be many left, maybe 3/4 more if we're lucky.
  9. Finally saw RoS. I surprisingly liked it. It is maybe the best of the sequels? It felt like a funner though messier Force Awakens, probably because of the conclusive nature of the film. Rey actually feels like a tangible character with a personality. Finn and Poe's roles however felt disappointing, but I kind of expected as much. Even though I enjoyed it, it still feels like the sequel trilogy is... optional. They went in without some kind of road map because MONEY and now we have a really fan fiction-y trilogy that instead of sticking to a vision, became this weird reactionary trilogy that changed it's mind every single film to the point where all three feel almost standalone and feel at times loosely tied together by a hand wave-y plot. I enjoyed seeing Sideous again, and Kylo Ren becoming good even if it felt way too sudden and contrived (and then like never speaking another word after he became good.... what was up with that). Of course I think the Sideous thing as a plot overall could have been done much better by giving it more context in episode 7 and 8. TBH I would have been fine if they split episode 9 into two movies, since JJ basically kinda ignores large aspects of TLJ so it feels like more of a sequel to episode 7 than 8. There were rumors suggesting he wanted to do this, and I think since episode 9 feels so far left field of episode 8 it would have been justified considering the direction they went. There were so many things introduced in episode 9 that would have been better introduced in 8. But despite all of that I felt JJ did well enough with what he got. I'm surprised he managed to stick the landing at all.
  10. My username is: Q And my password is: 3
  11. Definitely one of the best tracks I've ever heard. If I had a nickle for every time listening to it gave me chills I'd be retired
  12. Sounds exciting. I'd also love to see him work on another Deus Ex but that seems not very likely.
  13. I keep getting confused because a remake of System Shock 1 is coming out in addition to System Shock 3.
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