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  1. They probably want to include in the video someone it is more likely to affect than us elderly boomers in their 20s-40s. A big theme in the climate debate is how it's mostly going to affect future generations. Even though my house has now flooded twice in record breaking storms in the past 2 years. First from Hurricane Harvey and now Tropical Storm Imelda. PROBABLY JUST A COINCIDENCE.
  2. It has the illusion of being snappier due to the reverb and slight tempo increase (I think). I imagine the live version and album version are 95% similar as far as actual sounds go, with the live version having the more interesting arrangement, where it is different.
  3. Gordan Freeman Coffee.
  4. The Lighthouse looks F'n awesome. Me and all the hipsters are gonna love this film.
  5. I guess this. I am under no illusion that anything that happened in the film represents reality in any way, nor does it undermine it or make fun of the Manson Murders. They are two separate things in my mind. I'm sure there is a line somewhere when it comes to changing history in a movie, which probably has to do with the writer/director trying to persuade you of something by lying to you. But that movie is not that thing. How many times have we seen alternate history movies where the nazis won, or video games with that same plot? Same thing. I don't think some video game where you kill nazis who managed to win WW2 undermines the actual history of WW2. btw idk why I keep referencing nazis. Just the easiest example in my mind.
  6. I don't see the issue. All that coming from the same director who had Hitler killed in a movie theater by burning to death and having his corpse shot up. He seems to like to play around with exaggerated versions of people from history and is upfront about it, often exaggerating the stereotypes of the person in the story. I don't see that as disrespectful really as long as it's obvious and not trying to persuade you in any way. The point of it is entertainment and Quentin has said that a number of times in interviews. But if you didn't like it, you didn't like it.
  7. Everyone's been comparing it to Taxi Driver so I'm expecting the comic book version of that. hopefully it'll be better, and Taxi Driver is a good film to boot so.
  8. Joker looks interesting. Half of the reviews saying it's a masterpiece or near masterpiece and the other half saying it's pretentious trash with a small percentage saying it was okay. Can't wait to see which side I fall on.
  9. yeah it's so strange that I prefer the live version to the album one, even after all this time. I wish he put out whatever version he played live. There are a few glitches in there too that sounds better than the slowed down album version
  10. It is sad that what GOT will be remembered for is it's ending and not the good first few seasons. It seems 70% of a shows legacy hinges on it's ending.
  11. Man I don't remember anything that happened in those movies. All I remember being super bored during the first half of the first movie and the part with Smaug which was pretty sweet. They should have just done a Smaug trilogy instead where we watch him sleep, kill some villagers, and maybe paint a wall or something. Anything would be better than what we got. In some video a few years back Peter Jackson has The Silmarillion on the table bookmarked with lots of notes. Uh oh. Gonna get another trilogy made from one book of seperate stories
  12. Someone plz upload new tune or point to it in the main upload on youtube/soundclound
  13. Man the first Godfather movie is really good. Not a boring moment.
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