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  1. Mess around with the block size. It has something to do with it, lol.
  2. I've used it about an hour. Works best SO FAR with really interesting one shots. Minimize the amount of dead space in your imported samples and 'brain contents' section. I uploaded like 14 of my favorite one shots at random and got some awesome drum texture pad effects. I think i won't get the best results from this thing until I have an intuitive sense of what each parameter will do to the sound. What they do is a lot more complex than most single parameter options. To the point I wish there were more simplified alterations, and also ways to change a sound in increments smaller than 1 in 100. Also automation of the parameters. I'll make a compilation of the best results and post it here in a few days or something.
  3. It must be weird for you people who have had the same queen your whole lives, and I am guessing most of the lives of your parents.
  4. We are gonna try Ninjam tomorrow. Thanks for the recommendation. ATM we are looking to get low latency audio simply so he can hear what he is doing on my end. We need it mostly so he can hear what he is doing as I am the one with the FX and plugins and all that stuff, and he is the person playing. So it may be a bit awkward, lol. Hopefully we will find a comfortable solution, ninjam may be it. We will check this one out, and also ninjam. Seems what we may be looking for. I'm happy we don't have to go with a subscription service.
  5. So a friend and I are wanting to jam in real time. We managed to set up our midi easily to where he can play midi in my daw from across the internet, now all we need to do is figure out the best ways to setup an audio stream we both can hear, so he can hear what he is doing. We are cool with it being low quality streaming as it's more about feedback on his end, and I'll be adding FX and such in my DAW. He will be playing on keyboard and reacting to it. Basically jamming. We were thinking of trying to use Zoom or something, but I imagine there must be better ways to do this. We also see there are subscription model services, and we MAY end up having to use it, but we do not need to if we can find something that is either: 1. Free 2. is a one time payment deal I mean we just need to stream low latency audio for him to be able to know what I am doing.
  6. I speak it natively and have this issue sometimes. I'll read an old post and it's like the way i wrote it doesn't reflect what i was feeling accurately.... at all. It'll look like I was angry about something I wasn't, that kinda thing, due to the directness and whatnot. It's important to be observant of it because all the other person can do is read what it is you say and judge from it whereas you have a lot more to go off of and are having to translate it into this writing thing with rules and conventions others can read. At the end of the day if you are tired or something it's easy to mistranslate what you are thinking.
  7. Brisbot

    AI Art

    Good point. I think it would be better to think of anything you do as yours on some level. Even if you only gave it a prompt, you gave it existence. I think we should think of Ai Art as an extension of ourselves in an abstract sense this way. Especially since I kinda understand neural networks intuitively now, it just makes sense to me. Your brain does the same think the ai does in this art. It builds in the background out of small fractal variations, presents it to other neural networks designed to judge, and your brain sifts thru it with more neural networks. Always commenting on itself and delivering meaning to this or that. I'll admit it's a romantic way of looking at it but that's judging from feeling for you.
  8. I've done some stuff with MidJourney and Aphex.
  9. It feels like this universe is winding down doesn't it? Like Breaking Bad burned 70% of the fuel over 5.5 seasons, and BCS has burned 28% of it now over 6 seasons, kind coasting the whole time from season 1 till now, but especially now and it's winding down to a close. The black and white episodes mixed with all the scenes with shadows and the characters still insisting on taking their time, it's like a car that was speeding, ran out of fuel, and is just coasting to a stop now. And Gene is in the last coast thinking he can get more mileage out of this thing, and he steps on the gas and will in a few short episodes discover that no, he can't. It's over. Like Walt with lighting the matches and throwing them in the pool signifying his last year of life burning bright yet ending quickly. We are watching Gene in the pool trying to light his match, and it's just sad and pitiful at this point. Jesse is the only one who will get a 'happy' ending because he was the only one that wasn't doomed to need the excitement of a criminal life.
  10. Someone needs to make a poll when this ends to see if you peeps like Breaking Bad or Better call Saul more.
  11. To us yeah he has a bundle of problems. But to many of his supporters he radiates the "strong father figure" they never had. Collectively, he is their surrogate parent. It's a role he plays for them. So they connect with him emotionally like that. He is totally aware of it going by his "clean your room" and making books about "rules". Even ties into those archetypes he can't stop talking about. Then when he says something racist or sexist or whatever, the evil liberal internet collective comes to crucify their dad for just "telling the truth" (YEAH I GUESS WOMEN DO WEAR MAKEUP BECAUSE THEY WANT ME TO BE SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO THEM), and they have to defend him no matter what he says. Same with Trump. And probably Reagan. Dude's their dad. He knows it too, and he for the past few years has been spoon feeding his base his bullshit. And this is conjecture, but because it probably DOES improve their lives in an emotional sense, they believe what he says. Because it serves them like a parent would. And if they believe it makes them happy, they will inevitably mistake that for some kinda objective logic leading to happiness. So they defend him and prop him up, and the people who see through that make memes out of the absurd shit he says sometimes.
  12. Thoughts aren't a thing he is very good at. The only thing he knows how to do is to build up a strawman for his supporters, then knock it down. Then they clap, clean their rooms, and eat raw meat from Burger King.
  13. Honestly the only way he will go away is if you stop paying attention to him. He thinks he is some kinda Philosopher/Martyr/lobster person obsessed with archetypes in literature. The best thing that can be done for his mental health is for him to stop getting so much attention. He seems to be unable to handle it these days in a semi-sane way, if he ever was able to handle it. OR he is doing a bit and playing the bad guy as it's made him money in the past. That tweet thing got him 3 million views. Yeah lots of people are dunking on him, but these days certain figures are happy with any kind of attention. It will reenforce his audience, and remind people who already don't like him that yes he still exists. Shit, maybe I'd be up for becoming Jordan Peterson 2.0 if it'll make me money. Time to read up on archetypes and mix them with science-babble. And lobsters or whatever. I will Practice complaining about wokeness and cancel culture and saying "Trump was right about everything but I don't support him, even if all his critics are wrong and have no morals in attacking him over everything." I will straddle the political fence because I believe in nothing but your money and attention. I'm gonna be so rich.
  14. This album is great. The Same is like a part 2 to 2+2=5 where Thom is just like "Okay no more theatrics, time bomb is about to go off, it's getting ridic, I can't make that more explicit with this song". "Thin Thing" is great. Definitely one of their best guitar oriented tracks. It feels like a hybrid between 2+2=5 and Paranoid Android. I kinda like it better than those both. I think due to how raw it is, and the guitar solo is more appealing than Paranoid Androids somehow. The simplification of their band has been good for this album. I do hope radiohead comes back, but the fact the other 3 aren't here means you hear Thom and especially Greenwood's influence even more as he has to fill space he normally doesn't have to fill.
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