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  1. yeah it's really a shame. I don't know if I would even consider someone having under 120 IQ as being 'conscious'. Very smooth brained with over-reliance on the lizard brain. Very sad. They appear to us, as zombies appear to them.
  2. Well actually two at different times. They aren't mine. I don't think it's worth it since I have access to other people's Disclaviers, who know more people with them if I ever want to try out different ones. Made a lot of these with a basic piano synth to nail down the melody. Then took the midi to the disk as I usually only had a day or sometimes two to make the track.
  3. huh, I'd like to see what all he's said. I mean, it was never going to be the same I think since his melody sense has become much more funk-minded. That said, it leads to stuff like: which honestly I like just as much as his early 90s stuff. If he made an album full of similar tracks, I think it would be a worthy successor to SAW 1. He's also have spent a lot more time in that style so he would put out even better stuff in that style. really old interview from I want to say about 2009 or so. I'll try to find it. He also mentioned it somewhere in his user18081971 comments... or maybe aphex twin main account... somewhere.
  4. Brings up the age old question. IF the universe has a CEO, then WHO APPOINTED THE CEO? Checkmate, theists.
  5. Sweet. Do more Plz. It's interesting to have near replicas but done with recent tech. That said, Aphex said he also remade this album right? Makes me wonder if he did what you did here, or if it is a reinterpretation kinda thing.
  6. Sounds like an algorithm having a good day. OR an Ai after it's finally finished filling the universe with paperclips.
  7. I don't think there is any.... oh wait... a NEW GENRE!
  8. I suppose if it works, then it's a legitimate point. I used Merzbow as an example because everyone knows who he is, it's worked for me plenty of times now, and he has a million tracks out to choose from. I think noise music in general does this. It kind of scrubs clean that part of my mind so I can work on a track partially refreshed and work from new angles instead of just falling on "automatic intuition".... or whatever it's called.
  9. Brisbot

    The Tuss

    I can feel my baby moving
  10. Seems like an incredibly stupid plan. I mean the people he stole from have the original projects. Unless the intent was to get away with it for a short time, stealing people's money, and disappearing.
  11. Has that actually happened?
  12. Figure I'll post something since I made the thread. So I have found my method on occasion I need to do this. It doesn't always work, and when it does it is a partial fix. But forcing myself to focus on something for 15 minutes will usually do the trick. Meditation and mindfulness works, but even better is listening to noise music. Merzbow for example. Just focusing on it for a bit. Then after a while my brain feels "reset" is the best way to put it. The longer I do it, the more it usually works. If I am low on time, then switching working on a track from headphones to speakers, or even my phone speaker, also helps if I am still working on the composition of the track and not the mixing. Actually I find switching to be very good for composition specifically as you are forced to listen to it from a slightly different angle, and at least for me I will get new ideas for the track this way. I will also put it on my phone, and listen to a track on my phone speaker from across the room, so I can't hear all the details, so my brain will make up new and different details to make the track I am hearing more complete. Of course best way to do it will always be to just not listen to the track for a week or a month or more.... 1 or 2 months seems to do the trick, where I move on and don't listen to the track on purpose until I am in the right mood for music and enough time has passed.
  13. Yee, I've got all the books on a list to check out! tyty
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