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  1. yeah but if that happened we wouldn't get incel cringe compilations
  2. You currently have 4444 posts. Lol

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      There IS no escape so don't bother

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      4 is green, quadruple 4 is super green

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      Jesus I have over 4000 as well. WTF I thought I was at like 2000. Not good

  3. Good news everyone! Zkom and I are currently in chatmm at the same time! New world record! First time since 10/17/20
  4. That would be pretty funny if Democrats started a charity for Trump to gift him free big macs "for as long as he lives"
  5. Goes to show they don't mean it really. It's all reality tv, and the time spent watching Hillary's email scandal or Trumps numerous scandal's, will have been wasted.
  6. ball park what do you think his chances are of Trump actually serving time or selling his stuff to pay for the debt. I just don't see a former president ever going to jail as our govt. would think the world would view it as disgraceful. In addition, there is the fact he has 74 Million "fans" who would probably protest whatever prison Trump is at and maybe become violent at some point. So it just seems like at most maybe he will have to sell assets or something... maybe do 6 months in a lovely two story prison house. I feel the democrats will try their best to ignore Trump over the next fe
  7. I wonder how much of a chance Trump would have to win in 2024, and if there is anything he could do to make enough people like him again in the meantime for a decent shot.
  8. Looking at this whole mess I realize that the reason authoritarian govts happen so often over and over is because fascist/authoritarians are willing to do almost anything to get in power. Whereas in democracy there are sets of unstated rules that wouldn't be broken if the parties in question held up a fair-ish election on their principles.
  9. Wow, it looks like they are smashing together names and phrases of everything that the alt-right hates and hoping something will happen. So many conservative buzz words.
  10. As crazy as Trump seems to be. I don't think he has an interest in being the one who started the second civil war. The dude is just a conman who claims to be a business man and has had tons of money his whole life. I think if someone from the lower or middle class was in Trump's position, with his "ideals" then there would be a good chance marching orders would have already been underway. There's also the fact that if he did ask for that, it would be quickly stifled by the armed forces, and then Trump would be charged with attempted murder of tons of people. Lol
  11. For me it's just mostly about where the overton window is, and how difficult it is to move to the left. In 2016 it was definitely more to the left. Now in 2020, after 4 years of constant propaganda from both sides and fighting in and between "both" sides, it is to the right. There are like twice as many alternate narratives now than there was 4 years ago. Both parties have done an excellent job of obfuscating the truth. I'm not sure how much is deliberate from the democrats, or if it is just something that is occuring since democrats have had not much to do besides react to what the party of
  12. Everytime Sanders got an interview on a liberal media network CNN it was full of gotcha questions and also misleading questions, so liberals who just keep up with the large networks are going to think the dude is socialist. Seems like every time I talk about Bernie with a liberal in their 40s and up, they are convinced the guy is a socialist. And then after Bernie loses they LOVE to have him on to bring over us crazy communist liberals. In 2016 ( and maybe 2020 idk I stopped paying attention) he got more screentime at the larger media networks when he was endorsing Hillary. All of tha
  13. I may seriously consider changing my party to Republican just to make sure Trump doesn't get through 2024 (probably not but I can think of scenarios where I may). I'm normally a Bernie guy but at the moment I am much more worried about fascism rising than social democracy. I'm no longer sure if our country is in a place where social democracy would win with all of these crazy Trump supporters being able to vote... well MAYBE Bernie could have won, but the senate and congress would be against him on both sides, he would get very little done, and then they would point at Bernie and say "Hey turn
  14. I think so. I can't believe my hope is that the Republicans take their party back from these authoritarians who don't give a SHIT about the process. If Trump managed to flip enough votes this way, all hell would break loose. I'm seeing a few comments by conservatives who are totally down with this saying "WELL IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE SYSTEM YOU SHOULD CHANGE IT!". Fucking idiots.
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