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  1. After all is said and done I wonder how much of the pandemic will be able to be blamed on the Trump administrations actions/lack of action. When Trump originally said that it was a pandemic I was actually fairly relieved and surprised they seemed to be acting accordingly. However now New York has a ridiculous number of cases and is projected to get over 300,000 now, and you just know it didn't have to be this way. Also wonder what conservatives will blame in place of Trump because you know there will be no criticism there. Probably say it's overblown since it is mostly concentrated in cities, where more liberals live. Also "Chinese Virus".
  2. Trump's always been like that though. He will crap on someone then thank them for something a week later. I think he gets away with it since his followers seem to have short memories, enjoy "alpha male"posturing, or just don't care because he "says what we're all thinking" as many of them point out without going into further detail. It happened repeatedly during the 2016 Republican primary. He would show his "dominance" over say, Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz, calling them out on their typical hypocritical crap (while being hypocritical of course), and when his victory was assured he'd have them endorse him, then he'd let them have the privilege of riding on his private jet as he did Chris Christie. I know you already know this, but I just like reminding people of it, lol. Trump is just a show for everyone who dislikes him.
  3. I live in a country where I have to choose between sexual predators. And even if it isn't true about Biden, the guy loves to sniff hair which makes the story more believable. A predator and a creepy pervert who may or may not be a sexual predator. It does annoy me that it comes out NOW in the most convenient way for Trump, because we all know the sexual predator thing won't affect him as it doesn't matter to his supporters. Joe though, I'm sure Conservatives are going to be bringing that up if the story becomes common knowledge, while ignoring accusations against Trump. Because you root for your team I guess.
  4. So "reopen" the economy but add a caveat where the Governor can decide what to do? Maybe it's him avoiding responsibility, but I imagine the state Govs would do a better job than Trump is.
  5. Many people in conservative areas didn't freak out until Trump announced that Coronavirus was a pandemic , and I imagine they'll go back to "normal" if he decides to open everything up again... RIGHT WHEN THE PANDEMIC HITS ITS PEAK around easter... The eventual graph for the number of infected is gonna look like a mountain range if Trump opens things up, it stalls or gets better for a week before getting worse again due to people transmitting it again... then he is forced to close it again... the economy tanks some more.. he opens it up too early again... etc etc. No one is gonna blame Trump for the recession if he chooses to keep it closed as he should, but if he reopens it, then yeah GG Trump.
  6. Random question, but how would you guys say your life has changed during/because of the Trump presidency? I'm lucky to be a white guy in a middle class family I can lean on if need be as a kind of safety net (don't use said net much anymore but it's nice for it to be there), so the main change in my life is the dumb things Trump keeps doing. However I imagine his presidency will have quite negative consequences in the future as Bush's did... even assuming the economy gets back to normalish after the virus.
  7. This is how I feel about following the constant Trump news and politics. It's good to stay informed, but causes a kind of background anxiety if I am reminded of the Trump white house on a daily basis. A few years back I got this app that blocked out anything Trump related. They need to make it for the virus, and maybe sends you to an 'essentials' page that tells you how it's progressing, but besides that just blocks the copious amount of things about it. I don't need an interview from every public figure about it.
  8. so you're saying that as long as I say "NO" to drugs I can still take drugs?
  9. Clicked this thinking a th'idiot double album, plz.
  10. Yeah us introverts are just like "eh socializing is great but we can just do it after the pandemic is over, I don't see the big deal"
  11. In the past week since friday, 3 of my neighbors have had some kind of party or get together with cars lining the streets. Ugh. Yesterday adjacent one had a kids birthday party with a TON of people. Like WTF. Some people really aren't wired to understand something until it's already happened to them or someone they know.
  12. Can you explain how this song relates to an astro chart?
  13. Lol @ his test. There are probably like a few 100 people who fit his whole criteria and 0 who would probably ever date him assuming they somehow came across him. I thought it read 1955 instead of 1995 and was gonna give him credit for at least sticking to his age range.
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