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  1. I thought you were going to say something like "Warp could have made 6 albums out of the soundcloud dump"
  2. For the longest time in the Beetles song of his, I thought the lyrics were: Beetles, under my carpet, under my feetThey come out and I eat. And I was pretty let down to find out it was 'heat' not 'eat'. I thought it was a song about Richard finding beetles who have come out of the carpet in his house, and eating them. And picturing it in my mind is funny everytime
  3. I just asked FXbip and he said that you can basically automate between keys... between notes.. etc. Like if you have two keys that co-relate to each other as different keys in a scale, then you can automate between those two keys in the scale.
  4. Can you automate the individual tuning of the notes without needing to do it manually if you wanna change a note? Like if you wanna change a key using it instead of midi.
  5. wow. Imagine if you felt you had to create an organization to "preserve your legacy". If you have to do that, you either have no legacy, or you have a shit legacy. It's crazy how his supporters don't see him as the insanely insecure man he is.
  6. That's a bit pessimistic. He has been talking about Microtuning for years and years and has voiced his displeasure for the lack of microtuning pretty much everywhere. Richard doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would waste his time on something he doesn't care about in itself. yeah need to wait and find out more. I have a feeling that in this case he has been very involved considering it is something important to him. Also, he is probably making money from it, but good ideas are supposed to make money yeah?
  7. It was either in a dreamscape or in soundcloud messenger (probably)
  8. I mean, no artist wants their "greatest success" to be behind them however they define that. Imagine if he just said "Nah". Lol
  9. I don't listen to Radiohead much, but when I put on "In Rainbows" it definitely lifts my mood. Such a good album showcasing a band who finally grew into themselves.
  10. Of course the one time I buy tickets for the show they don't give away cars
  11. Microtonal vst suddenly makes sense with the name. I would love one of those!
  12. When you wake up, the site will be back up after crashing due to too many people wanting to see something game changing. All of us will be here for hours waiting to get on the website. And you will get to sleep. We will eventually have to sleep, so you will get the website all to yourself.
  13. Good thing he announced this a few days before launching it, and not a few months. Said this in the other thread but I don't think AFX has ever said any of his music releases or any kind of media surrounding them was game changing. Which leads me to believe it is not that.
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