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  1. I still don't understand how Trump gets away with everything. Everyone around him could go to jail for one reason or another, but not him
  2. Brisbot


    I've been trying to get back into reading Fiction again, and have never read Dune. The trailer looks cool, so the books have shot to the top of my list of books to read. At least the ones being covered in the moive. I have basically done nothing but read non-fiction for the past few years so I am looking forward to it.
  3. Man, really sucks for louisiana. Probably going to be hit by 3 or 4 hurricanes in the span of a month.
  4. Everytime someone talks about LFO I always wonder why they would listen to music you can't hear.
  5. Brought this up today with a conservative friend. He said Trump was joking, as he usually justifies it as. Trump seems to joke quite a lot.
  6. He's probably telling the truth. It's probably adderall.
  7. Brisbot


    I feel like there is this need among people for something more than just what we experience in our immediate surroundings. Like... the need for your life to add up in some way in a way that you don't quite understand until you look back on it. And so people turn to these intriguing "Maybe so/ Maybe not" things like UFOs..... religion...etc which have the potential to give mere existence more meaning, whether they are real, or perhaps even if they are not. As long as you feel it's real.
  8. Brisbot


    100,000 ufo recordings equals 100,000 jammed cameras
  9. Brisbot


    I really like that guy's channel. For anyone reading, he is basically daily science news - generally physics based Yet another fckin blurry UFO video shot by one of the worst cinematographers ever that only shows a few seconds of the supposed UFOs that look like flares. Lol If I saw a UFO video I would keep the camera trained on it from the moment I see it, to the moment it is gone. I won't stop after a few seconds thinking that is enough.
  10. Sweet tracks Chim and others, having fun listening while working
  11. agree, waaaay worse. There are so many bad things that go along with Trump, that even tho Biden is may not be a very good person, at least he won't get rid of Obamacare/ the EPA/ medicare/ the free press.... list goes on and on of things Trump has said he would like to change or get rid of that would be detrimental to USA standards. This election for me is a choice between Trump and not Trump. Biden doesn't have much to do with it.
  12. Links? Not really sure if would go past the creepy hair sniffing thing which has been proven, especially if he feels safe to run for president when things like that are no longer tolerated by us lefties. Though I may be giving him more credit than he deserves. Dunno. Another issue is that Trump MUST be kicked out of office. Too many things are at stake for him to remain in office. We need someone in there that believe climate change is happening. That is why I am sucking it up and voting for Biden, a man who has various allegations going against him and is a general all around creeper who somehow sucks at hiding it when the camera is on.
  13. oh my god... America... why. Joe is a gaffe machine man. Not on par with Trump, though it plainly shows why Obama comes off so much better despite the fact Obama and Joe have very similar politics. It is also worrying that the dems have not found Obama 2.0 yet, showing that the democrats were very lucky to have someone like Obama in their ranks.
  14. Definitely a highlight, lol. A bucket list item that got done way earlier than I thought it may have been, if ever
  15. thanks, it was only because I was lucky enough for aphex to shout out my tracks a while back. Lucky as in i'm lucky he even somehow listened to them in the first place
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