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  1. Misgendering needs its own supervillain.
  2. Who was this and why do people mention him so much
  3. hmm I'd say the soundtrack is pretty bland and forgettable, but it wasn't annoying to me or anything. Though I can't recall a single thing about it, but it didn't dampen my enjoyment of the show. I really liked the animation. Yeah it is basic, but captured the characters well. I know someone like every character in the show.
  4. why did you dislike aggretsuko? Just the over the top humor? Or it just wasn't funny. And wut about that doc and marty clip?!?1
  5. It can't be helped. I can understand why someone wouldn't like it. Part of the reason I like it is because I can relate to the characters. There are many "that is so true" moments. Tried Tuca and Bertie?
  6. Yes, if a tree falls in the forest, and nothing is around to hear it, it for sure makes a noise.
  7. New Rick and Morty season 4 speak peak is not good. The fact that this is what they chose to use as a sneak peak is worrisome. I know they have more writers now so they can chug out episodes faster. And I won't be surprised if it shows. Just comparing it to the first season it lacks that creativity. Like... an episode centered around creating apps....*groan* But you know, there's no context to the clip so maybe it is better as a part of a whole.
  8. What about opt-in subforums? People can make a subforum about whatever they like, and the ones that becomes popular enough are visible from the main forum page somewhere. Otherwise findable by a search or word of mouth or whatevs. Kinda like reddit but with more focus on music of course and less of the general... casualness of reddit. One side effect would be to see what people want to talk about besides aphex twin and AE. I'm sure metal would be a big one... and apparently bluegrass. IDK if there's enough people here though to warrant that. And of course the person who made the subforum would have to moderate it. But if it's a bad one for whatever reason it would die anyway so that shouldn't be a big deal. At the very least it would be an interesting experiment to see if it helps watmm's dying issue.
  9. conservatives: It's just a bunch of insider hollyweed liberals who are detatched from mainstream society, since we don't inherently trust them, even with evidence, it's...... therefore it's all lies.
  10. Lol sure. Though it was in storage when I last saw it like 12 years ago. May be nasty at this point. lol.
  11. random fact, someone in my family who is majorly high up in that company, working there since the 80s, has.... the head I think... of the mac tonight guy. Now that I thought of it though said person might not have THAT one... guh. There were probably more than a few made.
  12. Woah the heat has turned up to an 11 since... two days ago... from like a 6 or a 7.
  13. I think you should do whatever will bring more people in if simply changing the paywall format will help. At least have the 'level 1' account which would allow to post without making threads. I know WATMM is an often lurked forum, especially when a major release is coming out.
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