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  1. I have lost almost all my respect for my country, and over the past few years my optimism things will get better. Maybe in twenty years things will become marginally better.
  2. lol, well would it be interesting to see actual studies on it so we can see actual numbers? Imagine knowing what percentage of Trump Voters are racist, and what percentage isn't.
  3. I feel the same way when someone bumps the 'new Wisp Album' topic (can't remember exact name), only to find out it was new years ago.
  4. That is a very specific emotion. Lol Yeah, a lot of the 'inbetween' notes reminds me of CCAI, if that makes sense. The funky ones.
  5. I just like to think it's a Venn Diagram.
  6. Proposal to take down the aphex twin board and replace it with.. however you spell your name.
  7. Wait, is that Aphex? It looks somewhat like him, but mostly just seems like a similar looking guy. Hard to tell from the side.
  8. All that matters is what Trump thinks. Many Republicans dislike the older guard of politicians. But you know that I imagine.
  9. I think they need to change the slogan to "Black Lives Matter too" or something to that effect. So I can stop hearing "All lives matter" by people who don't understand what it is. Yeah it's not as catchy or punctual, but the only way conservatives would "refute" it, is to somehow prove there is total equality, instead of pretending the phrase means "Only Black Lives Matter", which when you get down to it, is very disingenuous of an interpretation. They're basically strawman-ing the phrase after thinking about it for .01 seconds.
  10. I got one once, but I scratched it out immediately after he wrote it, smiled at him, then walked out the venue.
  11. I think prevention is any further cases is reason enough to wear a mask. There's been various communities who stopped having new cases completely, only to start getting them again when people started getting bored of hearing about it. And I imagine toward the end of the year you wouldn't need to wear one anymore. At least for now.
  12. I guess I could be more specific and say "The population of conservatives who don't really care about other people". But I feel that's implied talking about conservatives in the context of apathy toward the virus. 98% of whom are conservatives, though #NotAllConservatives I guess.
  13. First you heard Braindance, now you can play it.
  14. In the future, every time someone brings up some tragic event with a large death toll and pretends to care, I'ma ask them if they wore a mask during the epidemic. Fucking no one is wearing a mask it seems. Every fifth person I pass by here in Texas has a mask on. Mostly elderly people. Now it didn't hit my area as hard as most areas, but that could change at any moment considering we've got a long time left. I was listening to a worker in the convenience store bitching about it earlier today. Like, I don't understand why it's such a big deal to some people to just wear a mask in public for a few months. Idiots. Man this whole thing puts me in a bad mood. The broken logic of conservatives man. They have an inability to understand basic statistics or something. They think just because it isn't THAT BAD here, must mean the whole thing is over-blown. Then they just make up their own "facts" about the virus, then proceed to believe it due to their distrustful nature of science... okay I'm done ranting. Preaching to the choir anyway so I'm basically just venting.
  15. Sometimes I am ashamed of my country. I knew the US would get bored of the virus, and then pretend it didn't exist as newer more interesting things became newsworthy. But there was another thought that held out hope that that wouldn't happen. Yet again the USA thinks the same logic that applies everywhere else doesn't apply to us because "we're special" I guess.
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