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  1. I calculated it, 8.2345% is his voice.
  2. That's what you get i guess when a bunch of borderline sociopathic 50-90 year old CEOs who just wanna make a lot of money before they die. Reminds me of that article from a few years back on Trump purposely building and walling up his golf courses in areas slated to be more impacted by climate change. lol. This is one of those things people intuitively know but actual evidence from an investigations just confirms the obvious. I'm impressed with how well their propaganda works actually. This is a bit of conspiratorial thinking on my part, but I wonder if these are the types of people behind the "No Child Left Behind" education reform, which essentially lowers the bar and the quality of education for many kids outside of the honors courses. President Bush pushed for it and got it through congress, so it makes sense to me.
  3. Dear Hollywood, plz stop live actioning the crap out of classic animated movies. tho don't care about the disney movies so keep doing that if you want money so bad, and not the good ones like Akira.
  4. I don't try to think too hard about it. If a great majority of the people who study the climate say human induced global warming is going to be the end of us is a thing then I'll believe them. Scientists also brought me this smart phone that mostly wastes my time and (directly and indirectly) brought us the wonderful world of nuclear weapons and the constant fear of nuclear war.. and airplanes.... and wireless drills. So I figure they're good for it when it comes to their consensuses.
  5. You shouldn't take the groaning so personally. Lol. People are just having a laugh really in the form of a groan. It's just funny to see that (by me) bit. I clicked on the topic after reading that and just knew how people would react.
  6. I liked it. Though it's definitely one of those shows with lots of highlights and lots of not... highlights.
  7. Threads about Trump. There's another thread for that... well about America and what people think about it anyway. Wait.. what DO people in WATMM think about countries that aren't America?! Woah. mind blown here.
  8. If you made a 'favorite track by release?' thread, there would be fewer groans or whatever, and you'd be able to post the same exact thing. The way you framed the thread sounds more like a blog post and not a forum post. I remember another thread where someone ordered all the anal lord tracks by how much they liked them and the thread title was just something like "Analord tracks ordered best to worst". And people groaned similarly.
  9. I totally forgot about UTQC woah. I just think about You're Dead and Cosmogramma. Though I do like a few of the tracks off UTQC.
  10. well it's going to happen regardless because that's how humans are. I think it's worth it. Better than staying at our current tech for sure. I think at first AI will still be extensions of people. Tho, I wouldn't be surprised if humans end up as they are in Wall-e at some point. Not necessarily in space and with the planet destroyed, but... just mostly there to consume. I don't know how humans can continue to find meaning when super intelligent AI has been a thing for long enough. It can just generate new media for you to consume, better than humans could ever make. And that's if it doesn't off us. Well... maybe humans will become AI to some degree as well... *shrugs* So you know we could be living in a golden age right now before everything is just.... done for you. Well in an 'as good as it's going to get' type golden age... maybe a bronze age.
  11. oh man that's the thing about AI. It can be incredibly versatile and also incredibly linear. So it's like who knows what the first true AI will be like. Currently A computer can beat any human at chess but it can't beat a human at moving the chess pieces in the way chess pros do. Or walking to the chess board to begin the chess game. Or seeing the irony or humor of the way a chess game turned out, etc. etc. And even when it can do those things will it 'feel' it or just know we feel it and act accordingly. So that's why AI is so scary because it's just a big question mark. Even if AI is great the first few decades or centuries it could turn on us after any amount of time. Or maybe it's playing the incredibly long game. Maybe it can plan to turn in a million years. Who knows.
  12. OH, and we're also the generation or two before they figure out how to make humans live for 100s or a thousand years. So there's that too.
  13. Lol a little bit but no. It can interpret language in some really linear ways that were manually programmed in, but not in the interpret you mean. We're probably going to be old or ded by the time we see actual human level AI, whatever that even means. So we're either the generation (or two) before where everyone is killed, or the generation before where everyone lives in a utopia of some kind. Really funny dichotomy there.
  14. Even thinking machines without willpower or an understanding it exists, but with a high level of analysis? Assuming such a thing is possible, I imagine it'll be possible for AI to be way more analytically intelligent than a human and also have no... agency? Also totally forgot an AI would probably be able to turn its intelligence up or down depending on how much it needs. Probably be able to cut its intelligence into smaller intelligences to do other things, then come back together and synthesize. Then turn its intelligence down really low to watch re-runs of the office or something idk.
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