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  1. 4 hours ago, Stickfigger said:

    What if Rich gets cancelled though ?

    Ironically, the Windowlicker video got cancelled in the US when it was released. Well before #blacklivesmatter. Whether the video was a sign of racism, or the cancelling itself, I do not pretend to know. Which is basically a passive aggressive way to cancel myself. I did want to point out though that there is some precedent. 

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  2. Sounds like a good ploy to activise potential Trump voters. Of course there will be radicalists at such events. So this will provide plenty ammo for the Trump squad to say "radical leftists!". 

    And tbh, it doesnt even make sense to have this demonstration/strike with a demand and all these subjects. "Demands". The only things you'll get with all these demands is increased divisiveness and an even less effective government. Really, that's all your getting. What's the point of doing this a couple months before the election? Think.

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  3. 4 hours ago, dingformung said:

    The problem is that in the past few decades, democracy has been eroded in an unprecedented way. Democracy was replaced by the illusion of democracy, free public debate by opinion and indignation management, the guiding ideal of the responsible citizen by that of the politically apathetic consumer. Elections now play practically no role in fundamental political issues. The important political decisions are made by politico-economic groups that are neither democratically legitimised nor democratically accountable. The destructive ecological, social and psychological consequences of this form of elite rule are increasingly threatening society and livelihoods in America and worldwide.

    Sounds like you forgot Trump won the election in 2016. Despite what the political establishment wanted. That in itself should raise the alarm. Perhaps your argument is not as strong as it appears to be? (if it appears that way, that is. but i'm sure there's plenty people who would agree)

    Vote motherfuckers. The problem is that too many people don't vote. Perhaps start with personal responsibility before pointing fingers towards abstract strawmen and other *isms. I think people are way too quick to point fingers. It's easier that way to ignore your personal responsibility. Which, ironically, Trump voters seem to be very good at.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, bendish said:




    If these numbers give you a sense of deja vu, it may be because they’re verysimilar to our final forecast in 2016 … when Trump also had a 29 percent chance of winning! (And Hillary Clinton had a 71 percent chance.) So if you’re not taking a 29 percent chance as a serious possibility, I’m not sure there’s much we can say at this point, although there’s a Zoom poker game that I’d be happy to invite you to.

    One last parallel to 2016 — when some models gave Clinton as high as a 99 percent chance of winning — is that FiveThirtyEight’s forecast tends to be more conservative than others. (For a more complete description of our model, including how it is handling some complications related to COVID-19, please see our methodology guide.)

    With that said, one shouldn’t get too carried away with the comparisons to four years ago. In 2016, the reason Trump had a pretty decent chance in our final forecast was mostly just because the polls were fairly close (despite the media narrative to the contrary), close enough that even a modest-sized polling error in the right group of states could be enough to give Trump a victory in the Electoral College.

    The uncertainty in our current 2020 forecast, conversely, stems mostly from the fact that there’s still a long way to go until the election. Take what happens if we lie to our model and tell it that the election is going to be held today. It spits out that Biden has a 93 percent chance of winning. In other words, a Trump victory would require a much bigger polling error than what we saw in 2016.


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  5. predicted tit

     sassy ariana grande GIF

    Also, because it looks like Trump will be running on 2 things: anti radical left, and pro law & order (he's fucked at economy and international politics...flol), Biden looks to have the ideal counter-candidate: she's far from a radical leftist (more like the center, perhaps a smidge to the left from where biden is) and she put plenty people behind bars herself. This will force Trump into fighting self-made strawmans, i guess. Which I don't think will work this time, as he's notting running against HRC.

    Although i am a bit fearful that Harris might be able to play the HRC-role. The "Harris is too ambitious" comments smell like it might be going into that direction. But as long as she'll stay out of the spotlight, the stink won't stick.

  6. 2 hours ago, Goiter Sanchez said:

    This track/video is lush:

    THIS is easily the best song I've heard from her:

    Most of her tracks are pretty dull from a songwriting/production standpoint. Not generally a huge fan of her vocal work. She doesn't seem to have much to say as an artist and seems to get lyrically hung up on overcoming adversity/feminism/vanilla sexual deviance (kissing girls, food fetishism) blah blah blah... I would love to be wrong about her but I'm just not feelin it overall.

    Right on the money.

    Just need to add that lots of girls emphatise with these emotional vanilla subjects. If you'd be a regular girl, white probably, between the age of 6 and 16 you'd understand. That's her audience. Ironically, thats where Madonna started early on as well. But her music grew up with her fans, so to speak. Come to think of it, that's actually a pretty smart thing to do. Almost thought it was her personal journey as an artist as well. But it's more likely this was carefully planned. Katy Perry tries as well, I guess. Would be surprised if she'd pull off the same trick. 

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  7. When the government leaves like this, quick without a fight, it might not be just the government itself which was the actual problem. Or rather, the government might have been the least of the problems.

    Just saiyan

    super saiyan basketball GIF

    lol, gif is completely unrelated. but is f-ing awsum so postin it anyways ;D

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