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  1. Rock on brother jules!

  2. yeah thats right i pooped again heh

    1. ambermonke


      holyshit...this is inspiring....

  3. opps!!!

    1. soma333


      you said it bra

    2. PhylumZunami


      how could you do it

    3. Hugh Mughnus

      Hugh Mughnus

      I think you mean "oops" brah. Sincerely Hans Yolo

  4. duh dudez iim obv drunkk whoa double vision

    1. soma333


      happy birthday Xylo Clark! You're 5!

  5. My butt itches

    1. ambermonke
    2. soma333


      this sucks mah butt still idgessssz

  6. Ima dude she's a dude

  7. watmm = the internet

  8. has not set their penis into their vagina.

  9. hey man i feel loved! if you were really that chick id bone you!

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