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  1. after checking that I ordered thru ES, I have to say - with my previous overseas shipping track record - I expect the worst 😞
  2. Rock on brother jules!

  3. Someone make me a better offer for the binder and 10....I'll cancel my order. I'll wait
  4. Holy shit, I can't believe I just finished my analord collection. I'm so shocked right now!! I never would've thought it'd be possible but yeah.....man I need to smoke some fucking weed!
  5. Holy crap! https://clone.nl/item54859.html?fbclid=IwAR32xqHWmey3I6Ga5AutSYk9lX9Nz_f4Z0E_jqSt2lj7saBWGq1DRA_iwGk Analord 10 binder is available again!!
  6. I was walking and a Com Truise song came on, and in that moment, I thought about this statement...then I thought how awesome would it be if, instead of a program, it was actually Tom Cruise who came out and did a live parody of Com Truise.
  7. Aw man what awesome timing! I would love to not only see new york, but Aphex Twin? Live? Would blow my little mind! I don't even know what I'd want him to play - whatever he felt like! I'd give him a high five for sure
  8. R.i.p. Ace Cannon, legend of saxamaphone
  9. Dude, I questioned my sanity for years, but now I know I'm at least not alone.
  10. For the love of God please visit the south eastern United States!
  11. go to the aphex twin warp net dude.thanks a bunch, but not quite what I'm asking Well, you can just buy the track itself. But, I'm assuming you're looking for... you know... your assumption seems correct!
  12. I guess I meant they added it for people who pre-ordered as well, not for people who purchase moving forward. So if you bought on bleep, the download should be there! I used bleep in this case because I was able to get through to them first during the pre-order craze. Otherwise, definitely would've gone through the direct aphex site. this is wrong because I pre-ordered it on bleep and it is not available to me Any flac officianados in the house? Perhaps they can Prime Minister me????
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