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  1. It says to check our account if we pre-ordered be up a hello - do we get the full release or just 2 trax? It's not april 10th here yet.
  2. I think this round of sets was probably more carefully curated to that end. I think it's a good approach! The 2015 round of sets is great but it's just a lot of material...
  3. I've only heard Oslo so far. V nice. Dat Bass. thx autechreses bros.
  4. Hugh Mughnus


    get tested for mercury poisoning : (
  5. not sure what that is/means.... I imagine uhm… a dingus stole the ax?
  6. @auxienim not joking though. I think he makes deece tunes. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Thank actually stargate was a great movie, didn’t watch the show though
  8. Gotcha, thx. I think that was before my time too.
  9. I'm not mad, sad, or upset. I'm just d i s a p o i n t e d in you zeph. Is this how me and your father raised you?!?! IS IT?
  10. weirdest star wars clip I've ever seen... is this from the original trilogy?
  11. A dingus is a small version of a chungus.
  12. They’re all wrong. A dingus is a smaller version of a chungus. You can trust Steve. Trust Steve.
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