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  1. What does it mean when it’s released by AF, but published by pmu? Just curious how the label stuff works. Does “publishing” mean they retain the rights long term?
  2. Preorders finally up!! Take mah munnnnnyyy https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af038lp-scurlage?fbclid=IwAR1dJts9fbIatQsZ49x29EHpVAsKuabIqGbOHKIaCqvmWHOwkibRfznz5EU
  3. Aye after a couple other lps! 4 albums in the works.
  4. P disgusting that we can’t, after all of these years together, even maintain a rolling lol. I’m sincerely disappointed by the inability of us as a collective to maintain something as simple as a series of consecutive posts of “lol” fuck you non-rolling lol assholes /lastpost goodbye
  5. *clears throat* the oecd and world bank are hardly unbiased sources, they’re funded by capitalist scum and clearly use capitalist metrics etc etc
  6. Very nice. What inspired you to post it here after so long? Lovely track
  7. Nah! Sorry I wasn’t hating lol. I was just reminiscing on how I did the same thing almost 10yrs ago (check the first page of this thread 😂). I often lump the two genres together and D&R is a great example of how to do it right. tracks like FireWire alongside opposites = muy bueno
  8. Love dom & Roland but those are all drum and bass tracks. I think this convo has been had in this thread before though lol Edit: definition EP is half jungle, I stand corrected sorry. Imo his best release. I only have digis of that and I think they’re a sad 192kbps
  9. For anyone missing this comp, it might be the best jungle compilation I’ve heard. No idea why it’s titled “ultimate drum and bass collection” though it’s jungle lol. Me and the missus are blastin’ it playing beer pong 😂
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