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  1. Ironically, I clicked a like reaction in response to this. Agree; maybe the reaction things are a bad move. Shortcuts actuall interaction.
  2. Looking into stuff more now; ty aux. 🙂
  3. Spokes > not for threes > rest First track from the new album sounds v promising though; I've skipped a few Plaid albums tbh because they were the same chords over and over with a slightly intensifying melody and then it just stops. Pulling a Clark on me and dropping off my favored artists list.....
  4. I'm ignorant I apologize in advance, but I'm getting total Inner-City Life (Goldie) vibes from this. Not a complaint. I'm interested....
  5. Yeah, it's a natural fit IMO; can't think of a better Elfman track for him to remix =/ (simpsons theme song would be lol tho)
  6. I'll dissent from popular opinion here; that teaser track is the best thing he's done in ages (and I love all his releases). As his 10th album which is a milestone, and his promises that it will have danceable moments etc, I'm properly hyped.
  7. worst crowd for a SP event I've ever seen lol, also wtf is it in someone's basement or something?
  8. Awe haha I can't believe anyone remembers that lol. Alas I don't live near a pond anymore and thus cannot conveniently frisbee poop records whilst ignorantly disturbing the local flora and fauna like days past. Agree with the sentiment, hot takes are too hot these days, many feel immediately burned and online it seems like the defenses are always up.
  9. Sorry to poopoo, glad others are enjoying it ofc. Just not my bag I guess lol ;o
  10. autotuned pitched up candy raver autotuned garbage vocal samples made me immediately turn this off groce
  11. My set arrived a couple of weeks ago; looks amazing. Ty to everyone that brought the project together - Spi and Memory Glands, Theo, Ches, Patt, and Osc; nice to have the physical tribute to Phil in my hands and ears. Thank you guys and thank you Phil.
  12. Brown Chaos goddamn this takes me back so much So stoked to hear this in full tomorrow - out now ofc but I have a little Canadian listening party prepped for tomorrow night lol Maple Syrup party
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