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  1. Lol I’ve always been one of them (since I got out of high school) 😂. Thanks though! It went really well, everyone was super nice and I’m a lot less anxious now. In terms of leadership style I’m more of a partner and team mate than “boss” per se (though there’s a time and place for being direct and giving orders etc, no one size fits all approach). It’s definitely not for everyone though. I think this ones going to work out for a while. 🍻
  2. Lol I don’t... guys I don’t think either of those will work irl... 😂 But I’m getting a tight shirt and flahblub album ready as a plan b just in case.
  3. Fwp I’m starting my new job tomorrow. Excited but nervous AF. Haven’t been in this position (starting at a new company) for almost a decade. It’s a leadership role so meeting my team of 20ish tomorrow to basically say “hi I’m your boss now”. Ugh I hope the culture is as progressive as they advertise... looking for a new working family not a group of subordinates 😬
  4. This is really good. Is there somewhere else I can hear it other than mixcloud? I don't have an account and it's giving me issues lol
  5. Yeh but the average Canadians gross income is 4,000 million per year 😎 lol jk For some goods the CPI is useful to compare actual costs between countries (based on income etc), and yeah Canada gets f’ed royally for mobile and Internet. Anyway more importantly @Tim_J how does it feel to be home and off that ship man? 😎
  6. I like industrial & metal yeah! I'm not really knocking the production quality tbh, sounds pretty polished etc. But so does nicki minaj and the like, which is what this stuff reminds me of. I think if I had to be completely honest it's almost 100% the vocals that turn me off of this stuff. And any track that has that really terrible auto-tuning (that hannah diamond track made me want to break something lol) is an immediate ctrl-alt-del.
  7. Prowse* but that sucks! I didn’t know this before - but apparently he only... did the physical acting for d Vader, and someone else did the voice acting? Lol that’s so weird! So every seen where we see him someone else’s voice is dubbed over 😂
  8. Aye! Not much we can do tbh! Only so many service providers and they have a stranglehold on things!. le-sigh
  9. How’s your cell phone bill? Canadians get royally f’ed for mobile services here, iirc it’s the most expensive country on earth. $170 a month for us just for our cell phones, another $170/month for cable and Internet.😞 same type of deal as your electric, a few huge companies own the infrastructure and lease it out to third party service providers for huge money. Not making a contest lol just sharing
  10. My god man that’s savage! I’m sorry to hear that. Is it much worse than the original company that got bought out? Our monthly bill is usually $260usd but that’s electric+ everything else I mentioned. 😕 Given your location I imagine you don’t have much of a choice for service providers. Ugh
  11. wow finally hey!? Congrats, that's going to feel nice.
  12. That’s pretty damn high! Just for electricity? Like not your gas/water/garbage/recycling/compostetc too? 😬
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