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  1. I want more lol! I track, a snippet, a teaser. One of the most anticipated releases of this year for me. Really nice to know he's still at it.
  2. Breakcore for me is represented best by very few artists. V Snares Spongebob Squarewave Ruby My Dear Stazma (may be a few others)
  3. I think there is some really interesting sound design on this. It's not as immediately gratifying as some of their previous releases, but (at least in my opinion) there is some really interesting stuff in here. A much more mature, less dancey, and p psychedelic release compared to modern (2000s+) releases. Less of an album, more a collection of sound/vocal experiments. Which I think may have been the point to begin with? This is one of the more interesting releases I've heard in years tbh. I'm trying to get into a habit of listening to releases with less context, as in, trying to s
  4. Yeh and I think around syro time it was close to 800?
  5. yeah, this is just a pr/marketing gimmick imo
  6. Great question and honestly I have no idea... I wasn’t following the thread and just saw “earthbound” and replied impulsively 😂. One of the best series of all time I hope it’s avail on the switch for y’all
  7. Exactly 14.1 doses of testosterone inducers and one of these muscle shirts so I can get swole in style
  8. It was recorded zeph no worries... salvs brother announced that at the beginning of the memorial, he was cognizant that salv had a network crossing intl boundaries and time zones etc and said everything would be recorded 🙂
  9. What do you find depressing about it? I see what looks to be an inner city park, a place where some kiddos might get together to play and laugh! The skyline is beautiful and there are trees in the park
  10. Yes thank you @dr lopezvery well said, thank you for having the courage to speak like you did. I think you summed up very well what a lot of us were thinking/feeling.
  11. The memorial was beautiful... hit hard. Some videos of his live performances and electronic music, a lot of amazing pictures and his family and friends shared memories. People are still sharing their memories now as the memorial wraps up - he really impacted a ton of people especially in the music community... Truly gut wrenching. Insanely talented and very humble young man gone far too soon. A wonderful contributor to this community. I’ll never forget the late night chats on all kinds of crazy subjects, or weird and fun video calls so long ago when I just joined this community.
  12. Yeah I’ve still got thousands of cards - apparently some are worth big money? That vaevictus alone is apparently $400+???!
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