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  1. We had one shot boys and gals. At a rolling sad face. And you ruined it. How dare.
  2. I agree tbh Kinda sad about that time for a rolling sad
  3. They need to be peed on by boys and are traditional in DONGyang. Surely that's no coincidence.
  4. I’m not actually a very big guy despite my recent usernames.
  5. I understand. I just figured that given the huge population they would in fact have dozens or hundreds showing up with pneumonia like symptoms so this wouldn’t appear to be out of the ordinary. You’re probably right tbh, there’s a commonality next to their medical trajectory that would warrant further investigation ! I wish watmm had an insider to shed some light though to be sure. Some of the videos I’ve seen from wuhan are p damning and strange. They suggest this has been going on for at least a month or two.
  6. Is anyone seriously ignoring this? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgin_boy_egg jackie chan Dafuq
  7. Yes, I guess I’m just wondering how it would be caught in a country of 1.4 billionish when there is such a small % of people infected and symptoms are so similar to other illnesses. When in the western world we have trouble diagnosing specific diseases sometimes for decades? I guess I’m implying or questioning whether there may be more to this. Or maybe I’ve finally tinfoiled up.
  8. I've got a lot of free time in the next few months as I go through some shit... One thing I'm going to do is go through and organize all of my dads tunes (RIP). Free Fallin' is one I remember hearing a bajilleon times in my childhood. We're talking everything from Malmsteen to the Police. Going to be an interesting couple months reliving 50K tracks of his I miss hearing.
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