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  1. Now reading Ernest Hemingway - The sun also rises
  2. Anyways jokes aside there are a ton of ways to find these tracks without supporting these platforms; I’d even argue you’re better off torrenting them. At least then the artists who oft are already dead anyways don’t get royalties but at least the platform can’t scab off them. 🤷‍♂️ Edit: you can also find out how to play single tracks by googling it right? No point making a thread intended to be divisive…
  3. 6 - you support spotify, can easily google how to play single songs and keep stealing from artists https://community.spotify.com/t5/Desktop-Windows/How-can-I-play-just-one-song/td-p/4536439
  4. I have no idea why/how I fpalmed this lol sorry aux I think it was just fat finger scrolling accident 😂
  5. I think in some amount of cases this makes total sense; sorry I was editing while you were responding. I think for the most part though this is the wrong tree getting barked at lol.
  6. Step 1: cancel spotify because it’s fucking robbery. Step 2: by digis or physicals from the most direct route to the artist as you can. Step 3: enjoy.
  7. Just ordered my vinyl; bit late to the party but looking forward to it!
  8. Lush Factor 5 Captain ENGAGE
  9. Ironically, I clicked a like reaction in response to this. Agree; maybe the reaction things are a bad move. Shortcuts actuall interaction.
  10. Looking into stuff more now; ty aux. 🙂
  11. Spokes > not for threes > rest First track from the new album sounds v promising though; I've skipped a few Plaid albums tbh because they were the same chords over and over with a slightly intensifying melody and then it just stops. Pulling a Clark on me and dropping off my favored artists list.....
  12. I'm ignorant I apologize in advance, but I'm getting total Inner-City Life (Goldie) vibes from this. Not a complaint. I'm interested....
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