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  1. You know, I think you're right tbh.
  2. lol @yekker v nice! I wish I had been able to find one. The missus checked superstore, COOP and wal-mart but no deal. I was hoping to make this an annual thing 😅 So it was basically like a giant hot cookie then? How was it?
  3. Totally agree, every couple times I listen I find new little things 😎 Thanks - I think I didn’t properly understand major chords then. Hope you end up enjoying it after repeat listens!
  4. Maybe your community just has good taste so they don't stock it lol.
  5. Oh yeah, you definitely can. I see commercials for it a couple times a day (American channels like CW etc). I mean, you can but I prob wouldn't recommend it lol.
  6. 😞 I take noooo responsibility for this one. Let’s... let’s blame Ottawa! 😂
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