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  1. I’ve listened through a solid 15x or so. V nice 👍
  2. That’s even worse if that’s the case
  3. The vast, vast majority of people American or otherwise don’t seem to understand this from what I can see (from my perch in Canada).
  4. I had to google that, no idea what it is but I’m sorry to hear you know about it 😞 you’ll never get that time (or this time reading my stupid response) back you know
  5. Obvs the Clinton reference doesn’t apply but this back and forth just reminded me of this clip
  6. Jfc @Goiter Sanchez lol yes, that’s exactly what it looks like
  7. Did you play the games before it? Divine Divinity 1 & Beyond Divinity? They were essentially BG games like Icewind Dale... Beyond Divinity was just as good.... I felt like it fell off after that including Divinity II and Original Sin. =( Maybe I just need to revisit. But if you enjoyed the BG games, if you haven't played Icewind Dale give that a shot + Tyranny. Once you're done with Original Sin 2 of course. Surprised to see someone else on the watmms that enjoy those games tbh. Edit: I imagine you've played all of these, sorry. Just got excited to see someone else playing a classic lol.
  8. You noob! Wrap the banana in bacon, and then deep fry it. : )
  9. p much exactly what we're going through lol
  10. Same here - supposed to be anywhere from +2 to +10 by Monday! Nothing like a 50C temperature swing within one week to … give me migraines!
  11. I’ve put weirder things in my mouth 🌚. Id try it once lol something weird combos like they are surprisingly good. Like loco moco for example.
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