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  1. I just released an EP two weeks ago and a single yesterday. They are called "after all" and "stn(io)/te" respectively. Please take a listen if you get the chance: https://blanketforts.bandcamp.com/album/after-all-ep https://blanketforts.bandcamp.com/album/stn-io-te-single "after all" is a set of raucous rave collages combined with some other experiments, done with an Octatrack, a Nord Modular, and Reason. "stn(io)/te" is one experimental IDM track done with a Nord Modular and one banger done with an Octatrack. Hope you like 'em!
  2. Just released this yesterday 5/4/18. Let me know what you think. Hope you like it! I'm not blanket fort collapse by the way; that's a coincidence. :) https://blanketforts.bandcamp.com/album/yourself-album
  3. Thanks for the detailed critique! Yeah I've been making some version of this stuff since 1995 but occasionally feel that I have mini-breakthroughs; this is one of them. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for checking it out. No, that's pure coincidence. I hadn't heard of them when I came up with that name! I'm a different poster.
  5. Meant to post the EP in the other forum - here are some new tracks though:
  6. https://blanketforts.bandcamp.com/album/tidbits-ep
  7. https://blanketforts.bandcamp.com/album/tidbits-ep Whoops posted this in the wrong forum - my bad!
  8. follow up album to my spring album which was called "everything will be ok." see what you think! https://blanketforts.bandcamp.com/album/youll-be-fine-album
  9. blanketforts

    ae mixes?

    I just did an AE non-album tracks mix last week: edit: I had no idea that there was a similarly-themed mix up on Mixcloud until I posted mine and it suggested that one (R(ae)mix)! I had been planning this one for a while. Weird....
  10. blanketforts

    elseq 1-5

    I actually did mix TBM2 with hip hop on a mix I did about a month ago. A bit cheeky because it's mixed with De La Soul and we all know what Ae thinks of them. :) TBM2 comes in at the 4min mark. After De La Soul it's mixed with an "old" F.X. Randomiz track.
  11. +1 +1 AE_LIVE = LPs 11.1 - 11.9 Bring On Twelb
  12. That could easily have been a teaser for something else. 12pm Alaskan time is half an hour away. And they didn't start right on the hour. holding out hope Cool station!
  13. Purchased, good sheet thanks man! much appreciated. :)
  14. bonus EP #1 of 2 just dropped - free download of 4 remixes i've done. https://blanketforts.bandcamp.com/album/bfrmxs-ep i'll post the other one in two days. that's it for releases this week.
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