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  1. The resulting file is >12:00. there's about 1:00 of silence in the beginning of the mp3 I downloaded.
  2. Thanks for the platform coverage there yaknow how websites try to remove the user 1 or 2 steps from a regular UX download, thought I'd drop a chrome pathway sometimes it's: window.open(document.getElementsByTagName('source').src); //open up a new tab with the downloadable interface present. or for youtube it can be: $('video')[0].playbackRate = .07 //playback at 7% to check out chrome's current timestretch algorithm.
  3. If you use chrome: press ctrl+shift+j Choose the "Network" tab on the tools console. Refresh the browser page. Click the play button in the webpage Look for "base.mp3?..." somewhere in the network list and you'll get to the streamed content URL. and get something like this (which will probably expire based on the URL args) https://mixlr-production.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/audio/cf0da6c7abca6d7ad9cdf0df340cb918/base.mp3?response-content-type=audio%2Fmpeg&X-Amz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256&X-Amz-Credential=AKIAIALT23DHJEO3FGYA%2F20191014%2Feu-west-1%2Fs3%2Faws4_request&X-Amz-Date=20191014T143914Z&X-Amz-Expires=21600&X-Amz-SignedHeaders=host&X-Amz-Signature=0f7f9570e6ce78a85ba24658063eafe2c1ae96efa65d6f634e3027d8c5d079ce From there you get the default Chrome player, right-click, save as. Then you can courteously upload it to a 'more' persistent and accessible platform, but mixlr.com is a pretty badass website.
  4. http://mixlr.com/autechre/showreel/autechre-on-mixlr-2/ Thanks to jaderpansen for already linking it. I'm double-posting hoping for some positive constructive interference to get that classic oakey, phased-HREF timbre
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk1t6S737Cs&t=2m55s Future Sound of London "My Kingdom" at 2min 55s @Shaun given the FSOL Paths avatar coverart.
  6. This made me lol irl, f'in brilliant very nice
  7. A lot of my life has been influenced by aphex twin, autechre, squarepusher. Were it not for crazy-ass people, I would get an address or a wire, some kind of confirmation of authenticity, and send my cash directly to them. I like the idea of the barter -> exclusivity (in the digital domain? oxymoron...) for work/value. As in, their shit for mine. But in my old age, the meme "shut up and take my money" is too vulgar; and they don't have time to hear my life story. So, have some of my cash, and thanks for signing my hoodie back in Chicago in '08, Rob. I've pirated and purchased their music many times over, as a conscientious fan it's difficult to abstain from both. It does need to be spelled out clearly, as otherwise is being stated as already listenable tracks via Wikipedia's track listening of 'caustic window', that these tracks are things that haven't been heard. "Unreleased" is a term that was important before the digital age hit. All in all, it seems like hype - but once again, the deafening roar of ascii chars typed and data pushed in response to it is still quite exciting :) I stay neutral on this, but it's great to have something to have a response to.
  8. wow dude I have goosebumps - I recognize that your signature is one of the comments on a flim video I made and uploaded, "flim saver"
  9. 11 is and recks on seem to pair to me. I'm a fan of anyone still FFT'ing stuff since it missed the dubstep wagon. the mental disassembly coming from the tempo halving and granulation at 4:20 and beyond is what does it for me. Makes it seem like the first half of the track was a person's nausea, realizing what they'd done, and the 4:20 on is their conscience finally setting in with how their life will change. cloudline is my fav so far ;)
  10. I have some elsewhere but the youtube stuff was mostly 'max/msp' oriented. I have some hardware now and, amongst other hobbies, am slowly getting back into it. The generative thing, sort of like what you talked about regarding its plasticity, is something that I am totally cool with but am having more fun with direct pattern creation instead of the generative stuff. Generative, I like initially because I can mess with programming instead of thinking about a static pattern - to avoid things like loopitis/bruising your stimulation from the same repeating sound clusters. Regarding generative vs. manual creation, like turning a noise generator mix against a sine wave, there's nothing keeping the two processes from blending back and forth. I personally -like- the plastic sound and, in working with it for however long, I really really enjoy gaining a sense for it in other music where I have no clue what the methodology was. Then, the power of suggestion in reverse engineering starts making its strokes, and there's a good chance that my attempt at replicating the devices used to create the piece I'm hearing are way off from what the person really did to create it, but it produces this strange tool that branches out in ways that the original piece probably didn't have in mind. I love it all ;)
  11. Do many of you live in America? From what I come in contact with, no one gives a shit about FOX or the pope. (no offense)
  12. h̴ey ̵th͢is͝ ço͢m̸pu͠t̸e is that song in your signature or are you showing me an example?
  13. Oh to be clear for everyone else: I'm a noob here so far, but if anyone else is reading I just wanted to clarify I am 'midinerd' on youtube and not dude387 or whoever the more tutorial-esque guy is on there
  14. hey guys - I found this by searching for "bands like autechre" or so on google, found this page. that is my youtube channel at /midinerd (and gmail, handful of places) Thanks for that info about the history of those patches, John & company. That 'fun' patch, I spent maybe a week or so analyzing and have some 'things worked out' for it. For example, I think they used a 6-channel bandpass filter bank (fffb~ 6 in max) for the snaredrum, which ties into how Reaktor has a certain type of noise generator that is 6 bandpass filters used to emulate noise-related instruments from the TR machines. There's some other stuff in there, like why they used log~ and clip- there are envelope types in the elektron series that are exponential curves, but have a short hold at its beginning (the clipped~ portion). etc. etc. pretty cool! glad I found this place
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