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  1. Hi guys ! Anyone went to Dour 2018 this year? I did. And I particularly enjoyed Âme's live act. Here's a video of the show: (20 minutes) If anyone knows the track at 5min25 and after, it clearly reminds me something but I can't remember what. Feel free to talk about the whole Dour thing, it's an amazing place to be
  2. Downloads keep failing after my purchase, *cry*
  3. There was a previews for a Advance-wars-like game @ EA. it looks pretty cool, medieval universe
  4. Really like Camelot Interlude :)
  5. There's a lot of personality, cool track. Sounds like being alone in a forest to me
  6. After years of listening to ceephax, i think Ceeland really is the masterpiece, funny, emotive and creative. Ceephax.
  7. Anybody watched The Night Of? I enjoyed the veryWiresque line-up
  8. Digging the tracks right now, greaaat
  9. Maybe to avoid any fees from the website? He used to sell Ceeland on bandcamp aswell
  10. Any chance you could post a screen of what he said (for all of us?) =) Here you go :)
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