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  1. Still haven't heard it, I'll do it asap and review it
  2. It's always been a nightmare for me. I use to mix very different types of music, from 170 bpm rave stuff to psychedelic jazz. But every time I perform, it's always a "ambient-only" set or "slow techno only" set... At the moment I have different folders for every style, all together in the main library in the software and again split in styles in internal playlists... Tracks that can belong at the same time at two different folders are duplicated and included in both original folders in hard drive (this produces duplicates in the software) Plus: are there any issues if the original files are located in external hard disk instead of internal hard drive?
  3. Great one! I record drone mixes too but never ever thought about processing with my gear! So... thanks for the idea too
  4. In my experience, is not something you choose or try
  5. The funny thing is that those words could really be something he would say trolling the interviewer
  6. https://www.rivetingnews.org/2019/11/aphex-twin-admits-he-has-no-idea.html?m=1
  7. Very good point. Totally agree on this. And Phill Niblock is never mentioned enough, one of the finest drone producers of all times, still publishing top quality records at 86. He's even older than Riley and the other famous minimalist composers.
  8. Sorry for my non-brevity! I would write too much if I didn't have my non-native english language as limit I think you should share some of your favorite tracks of the artists you mentioned She's a milestone for me and Kyema is my favorite composition! Perfect example of ultra-minimalistic work where the resonance and harmonics dominate
  9. So? The NY concert? How was? Always loved to get something new by them! Just discovered this "new" release.
  10. Personally I distinguish a drone sound made by extra long reverberation from a drone made with a sustained tone. Japan has a tradition of reverbered drone music, Chihei Hatakeyama's style is very similar to the artists you mentioned. Calibrate long tail reverbs is way more difficult than how it seems. For this kind of drone music I really enjoy Rafael Anton Irisarri who's oceanic sound is massive and soft at the same time (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfLImkV_l6E) Maybe you say "hardcore" referring to the distorted sound of bands like Sunn O))), which is a style I've never been into... But I guess by saying "hardcore" you want to mean "radical". Sustained tones drone music sounds more austere and explores the resonances produced by the combination of different sustained tones. The austere sound is often the result of notes that are not tuned in the standard tuning that dominates western music (notes of the keyboard) but tuned with microtonal settings that sounds bad at first listens, in order to produce more harmonics. Check out this outstanding performance where we can hear a piano that resonate way more than normal That being said, sustained tones drone music starts being interesting when you start focusing on the harmonics and the creative sum of tones, which can produce a wide range of emotive transport, from magnificence to softness. Plus you start notice how much movement there is in what seems so static during the first minutes of exposure. I find super interesting the use of acoustic instruments as source for long tones, from cello to organ, but recently many new sonorities have been reach by the use of digital softwares such as Pure Data or Super Collider where you can have no limits in the tuning features. http://isakedberg.com/Λ.wav Bonus suggestion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AX8LONLCTJ0
  11. Wow didn't know Anthony Child is Surgeon!! Track is stunning
  12. Check out swedish XKatedral label. They mainly publish drone music played on classic instruments tuned in just intonation. Many young composers now quite famous started from this label/collective https://xkatedral.bandcamp.com
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