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  1. Much killer unreleased stuff... maybe out next month in his next release 😉
  2. Many of us missed it at early morning time, nice rave vibes https://www.dropbox.com/s/3eti1y6rac3q87g/CLARK - THROTTLE 30 MIX.mp3?dl=0
  3. Lachesi

    WARP 30

    Live video streaming offline?? Lost second part of aisatsana
  4. Why people changed their username? (possible stupid question i know, but why everyone now with the new forum)
  5. +1 & the continued use of the imperial system (metric is obvs superior in every way) The one glaring problem with metric is that both short and tall people are about 2 meters tall. Pro-equality, granted, but also anti-diversity. I'm not sure I'm ready to live in a post-height society.Only a very tall person is 2 meters tall
  6. Eheh awesome, who's the guy behind that account?
  7. They're also jamming over no stillson 6 cirk with vocals and synth lines
  8. Wow! Unbelievable amount of syro-era tracks dropped all in one set! This is really near to my idea of perfect set by rdj Coachella weekend 2 maybe all time favorite
  9. That's ok :) ... we're still covered for week 2. By the same guy that recorded this insane show. https://www.reddit.com/r/aphextwin/comments/be2vkm/aphex_twin_coachella_2019_weekend_1_20190413/elfolqk/ Nice!
  10. Just finished a book by Cioran where he says people become more tolerant going older, and extremism is typical during young age (under 30) ...maybe he was wrong (:
  11. By the way, I'm a content creator (from stupid marketing stuff to cool documentaries)
  12. I just want to start this thread for one reason: to see if most watmm users work in the informatics-related business for real or if it is just a personal stereotype
  13. What you mean? Delay and feedback of the synths sounds? Delay and feedback on the drums, to build up the "snare rush", or to inhibit the dancers into a sense of euphoria, then cutting the fx out when you want the beat to kick in strong and blow up the dance floor. Just a guess, friend. Sorry I thought you meant "not really live played" saying apparent. My bad Yeah I'm totally with you on this, feeling this kind of uniqueness in the performance is really great!
  14. What you mean? Delay and feedback of the synths sounds?
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