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  1. Wow just discovered this! Favorite album of his by far, I love almost every track. Unique dissociated vibe
  2. Wowowoooo Blonde hair or white hoodie?? Much love PS: I guess it was not vinyl only right?
  3. I've just discovered that during last year many afx live footage have been uploaded. Not sure if unpublished before, some of you maybe can confirm Not that easy to find through research, discovered via recommended videos... Such as this 2001 vinyl set in Dublin fucking awesome:
  4. Just randomly listened back. Fuuuck production is so unique! Quite every track also has strong emotive profile. Also remember that I didn't appreciate some of the tracks that now are my favorite... Such as Wrath Of God I am now a lover of lofi-dub techno... Comparing to that, this style is so original and it's from 2012
  5. Totally agree!! Even compared with Formula, tracks like circlont6a appear to me as more deeply emotional and complex (composition, mix, groove...)
  6. Listening a musician like him doing this is amazing. Plus, listening back to his Triclfinger discography, the jungle track “Cymm Trace” is so interesting, the timing structure is so pleasant
  7. Hipster as hell but still an Autechre liveset into the fucking woods 🙂
  8. Just listened to all discography. I feel fine now
  9. Massive Sonic Youth track in this
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