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  1. Real eclectic one Sure I heard a DJ Stingrey one, but I was wrong Nice host’s picks too Imagine how epic would be if most of club mixes sounded like this
  2. Drone picks of the week:
  3. Anyone heard Zuli's set? His live sets around 2016-2017 were amazing, never heard anything like that again
  4. Anyway, seems like everyone is having fun now 🙂
  5. PS: track playing now sounds very similar to Acidronix by Lory D (but it's not)
  6. Sure! But I would have never expected an escalation like this!!
  7. Crowd sucks and blah blah blah but.... Who the hell ever expected to see one day Aphex on stage with fucking hardware??
  8. BUT the last panthers was way more Warpey (?)
  9. Flame Rave is gold. Unreleased rave tracks that could remain unreleased forever!!
  10. Didn't know it was released! And what about the track "Bass and Drum"? (Name taken from the setlist he published in his FB page)
  11. In these days I'm going to listen to all this pieces posted I never heard Some time ago I was very interested in the figure of La Monte Young, the godfather of drone in west culture. The shift in perception of the notion of time and structure is the turning point that fundamental composers like him and Riley got from their interest into indian and oriental cultures and music. It's awesome that this happened and it was decisive for the evolution of music. (while other minimalistic composers such as Steve Reich took inspiration from african music with all those patterns, that in my opinion heavily influenced the evolution of electronic dance music) This is where all started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-b7jO60JQ6o I'so grateful to La Monte that I should use one of his ultra rare pictures as my watmm image
  12. Stephan Mathieu (along with Kassel Jaeger) is the best discover I made this year!
  13. I've wanted to do this thread for a while. Drone music has many faces, but often hard to find. I've never read anything in this forum about it, except for an old thread where the discussion was more focused into explaining the difference between ambient and drone instead of sharing rare and astonishing drone pieces. Would be great if this thread turned into a nice thing worthy of his pretentious title! I'll start showing what I mean with awesome drone music (in different styles) Classic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMfGLNrLvGA (sublime) Less classic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP5DjYUCcUY (heart melting) Avant-garde: http://isakedberg.com/Λ.wav (fucking incredible) Anyone into this kind of stuff?
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