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  1. 7 hours ago, markedone said:

    ^ as awesome as those two are, ive never been able to get into the instrumental band but with a bunch of guest vocalists style of album.  mirrored they all worked as a cohesive unit which is part of what made it such a great album.

    on thaaaat note, i just realised i never gave ladidadi a chance.. partly because i thought the album art sucked.  i didnt realise it was an instrumental and a bit of a "return" to their earlier stuff. am i missing out there?

    last album was one that i loved when it came out, kinda forgot about for while, then came back to in a big way. they haven't released anything even close to being not great imo

  2. though i think a lot of fans are going to be disappointed, and it's hard to make a decision after just one listen to a 10min track, i think i'm into it. the drumming and the production are really nice.

    my one concern is that all/most of the album's tracks are going to follow the same overarching build-build-build-crescendo formula. i hope we get some more aggressive sections in some tracks.

  3. Spring Sprang Sprung: QMY-KCG-K2G (SMW)

    using night time on airship makes certain items and enemies act like they're underwater, but lets Mario move as normal. i used it to create some dexterity/puzzle-esque challenges. check em out!

  4. ^^^^^ good to know. i'll hit up a big fat loike on any levels posted from here on.


    my first levels:


    Sawfire House: DGP-RJ3-X1H (SMB)

    a short level built around dry bones and saws.


    Thwomp's Cavern: SXF-9GV-Q4G (SMW)

    a challenge level using thwomp's and switches.

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  5. i'm not 100% sure, but i think he played the same tunes as the Warp 30 set. all Squarepusher, acid/dnb/jungle. the visuals were fantastic too. hopefully someone gets some decent videos up on YouTube.


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