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  1. Been meaning to check this one as I have most of his other work...
  2. Forgot about this one for a while, the bonus tracks sound encouraging though, kind of a mellow take on the Freescha sound.
  3. Sounds nice! I used to dig PS, I Love You back in the day, which was one of his comparatively mellow releases I suppose.
  4. Thanks for the heads-up, I hadn't heard about this at all. Really nice work. I didn't expect the Kid Koala pieces to be so mellow, guess I haven't really followed his stuff.
  5. This is a great release, so happy Chris is busy again. And another new Bracken album coming in 2015 apparently!
  6. Ordered Chromesthesia as well, not sure about the Phase90 album- might be a little dark for my tastes....
  7. I like some of Among the Leaves, but I found that album to be more depressing and uneven. Though most of the songs on Benji deal with tragic events and death, I find it to be somehow more life-affirming and uplifting in a way. He's been on a roll since the Album Leaf and Desertshore collabs, can't wait to see what he comes up with next (though apparently, it will blow our minds: http://pitchfork.com/features/interviews/9320-mark-kozelek/?utm_campaign=search&utm_medium=site&utm_source=search-ac
  8. Just found out about this, seems like it would get old kind of quickly....
  9. Three thoughts regarding this thread: 1. LOLZ 2. That's a nice-ass McDonalds 3. Oh watmm, how I've missed you...
  10. Also streaming on Pfork Advance until Fe. 10: http://pitchfork.com/advance/333-the-soul-is-quick/ I like the vibe, kind of a slower, beatless, more ambient version of The Field. The spoken work samples add an interesting dimension.
  11. I like Flying Lotus, but when I saw him a few years back (also in Detroit) his set was way too loud and distorted. Moodymann's DJ set was by far the most enjoyable part of that night. Thanks for the heads-up on the new Teebs, love his stuff.
  12. Yagya's classic which was reissued a little while back cv313 / Intrusion / variant / etc. (along with all things Echospace/Deepchord of course)
  13. I like it! The beats could be a bit more subtle, but I think it works when he breaks things up a bit with some electronics.
  14. Anyone else liking this release? I think it's a really nice mix of his older and newer styles.
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