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  1. Reminder that my Star Child Remixed T-Shirts go up for sale tonight at midnight!


  2. "Prism Mysterium" limited edition, signed and numbered prints available at Etsy.com/Shop/PaulMez 💠


  3. exp-noise podcast makes me wanna SHIT my pants! Cheers! ?

    1. Paul
    2. Paul


      please let me know who the other co-cunt is! thanks

    3. ManjuShri
  4. Experiencing a general sense of zest for life; Leaping into new art:


  5. fuck these mother fuckers, say it anyway!

    1. Brisbot


      You know you're right.... yeah I shouldn't care about what they say!!! So I'll say it and if they don't like it they can take a hike.... Godfather part 2 is overrated! There I said it.

    2. Paul


      Whoa! Speaking your mind! Love it! ❤️

  6. Giving up is for the birds... Fuck that, GO for it!!!

  7. Happy Bicycle Day! #BlameHofmann

  8. how u gonna complain about a 10$ power cord when ur over there eatin 19 bigmacs a week, directly supporting satan

  9. its a beautiful day to be alive

  10. Smoke weed everyday!


  11. who gives a fuck about being well rested for your job, stay up all night following ur dreams and go in the next day like u seen the devil, phuqm!

    1. Ivan Ooze

      Ivan Ooze

      preach! *starts another cod warzone game*

  12. ya know what? phuqem!

  13. ;judges entire existence based on height of waveform;

    1. timbre monke

      timbre monke

      Shouldn't it be more dependent on amplitude tho?

    2. Brisbot


      I like to be able to drive on my waveforms. (super compressed dynamics)

    3. Salvatorin


      hmmmm. waveform not looking too good. *unfollows*

  14. ::Commemorates MHTRTC::

  15. ::Inoculates WATMM w/ Love::

  16. :clicks on soundcloud bell several different occasions only to realize the same notification;

  17. "Me and my mates make windows"

  18. "Sippin' on some syrup"

  19. "The way you see yourself, seems so peculiar to me"

  20. All I want for X-MAS is Astrobotnia Pt. 2

  21. another beautiful mother fuckin day to be alive

    1. Salvatorin


      hell yes, brother

  22. another beautiful muthafuckin day to be alive!!!

  23. Astrobotnia Part 04

  24. Bought Windowlicker for $1.29; A life time of enchantment.

    1. hoggy


      I stole it from HMV - I'm not proud but it's true

  25. Called in sick to work so I could work on my tracks instead.

    1. Paul


      ::Exports track and listens back on menagerie of audio devices::

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