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  1. I just dloaded tiinder for the third time and it's just wall to wall basic bitches.
  2. Oh hey Manju's still alive how many baubles can you fit up *your* arse? I woke up my (now ex) gf with this one christmas morning, at full volume.
  3. I haven't been sick at all this year. This is my fwp. I kinda want that time off work to lay on the sofa all muzzy headed watching trash horror movies.
  4. These are already in place though. I got flagged for hatespeech by FB's algo for saying of one of my work colleagues "she's probably drunk, bloody Scots" during some #classicbantz
  5. it's devoid of personality and banal af
  6. update on this. I went to go see her play live. She, after seeing me and saying hello, spent the whole show about 10ft behind me. I then got intel from the gf of someone she works with (who I used to live with) that she is not interested and I am in danger of becoming That Guy. So I have now completely backed off. Oh also apparently I said something weird but she doesn't know what. u g h.
  7. Yeah I met a very nice girl when selling shirts at a DIY market thing above a pub two weeks ago, she was doing the stall next to me, had shirts and tapes of her music etc. I have a feeling she's in her early 20s, making her about 15yrs younger than me. Tbh I've no idea if she's actually interested but I've put out feelers about her status among her colleagues (she works in the pub) and they've no doubt told her that. Also she's always the first person to view anything I chuck in my IG story (I throw fuckloads of stuff in there daily) so she's at least morbidly fascinated if not actually interested.
  8. something about vinyl from the bro I thought you were talking about the other one where he said he was contemplating buying a piece of gear and then was confronted (by squee I think) with 5 other threads stretching back ten years where he asked the exact same question about the exact same piece of gear who member?
  9. hello spiral


    YES! I def got Selection16 flashbacks
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