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Community Answers

  1. someone with an analord av has no business criticising another’s music.
  2. starting a new label called Worp Records. Send demos
  3. Yeah redbubble are decent About a year ago I bought more or less the same shirt from aliexpress and redbubble. To compare the quality. Here they are now after a year of washes:
  4. check out The Puppet Master too, imo superior to Swindler (though I enjoyed it)
  5. ex-AGNB/Ch5 did one of their 48hr merch drops day before yesterday nabbed me this one
  6. this is cool af, instabuy. Never heard of her, cheers.
  7. mine arrived today anyone know what the text on the front says? I can't find it written online on any of the articles on it so I can't paste it into google translate :^)
  8. we're planning a football hooligan style banner to drape over the balcony
  9. CHATMM CREW gonna be front row of the balcony :sup:
  10. I just posted them an hour ago. Sorry to UK/EU peeps about the wait. For those of you for whom I know ur shirt size, I've chucked in a bonus ;^)
  11. bump, 1 year on. rip u sexy boi
  12. you didn't even get a download after purchasing it on boomkat, which is what did immediately incentivise me to upload straight to wetransfer when the CDs arrived
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