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  1. Exactly. If you're a fan you've already preordered this. I don't think they really have 'swing voters' anymore. Also, preview tracks ruin albums for me. You've always got that one track that has associations attached to it.
  2. This is also a justification for not releasing previews.
  3. This. I am only casually interested in Actress (Splaszhchzch is the best one still. RIP is yugely overrated, fight me) and I knew about the new album and the 88 thing in time to download it AND the other beat tape thing that may or may not be him. The info just came my way, can't even remember how. Also the amount of special editions of this is laughable. The fact none of them have sold out yet should tell you how 'special' they are.
  4. Incunabula = good if Amber = your favourite, you are probably also a Coldplay fan (fuck you)
  5. *bump* Sum codes :^) https://memoryglands.bandcamp.com/yum 4tq2-k7zq cu8w-6jkz ewzc-kkt6 gstq-gkuk t4n6-b9j9 tedk-wz9t kkut-h26c uz5t-vc9x xt6y-6cyq 4ky3-kx2z q3km-6vw6 9dy6-69dy y4kk-yz4r lzst-6t6x
  6. Oh man, you missed the fucking shitshow of a thread. With all the boc twoism guys pompously saying "the tape was a gift from The Brothers and it is Morally Wrong of you to sell this precious gift without The Brothers permission" I wish that was hyperbole but it really isn't Also @Joyrex sided with those fucking loser cunts pretty funny actually
  7. nah, I'm pretty on the money. Sorry.
  8. hello spiral


    yup, same. I avoided scifi like the totally-will-stop-me-getting-laid kryptonite it is until my 30s. Then I burned through a bunch of the classics and the not so classics.
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