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  1. Wait till u get to the third one. One of my all time fave movies.
  2. I got a zine in the works, watch this space
  3. ^ I actually thought that would be the only piece of watmm lore I'd never manage to lay mine eyes on. 37 yr old here who lurked from around 2005. Thanks to theo being in the REAL CHATMM, I saw it. Oh god I saw it
  4. hey you found your thesaurus! ‘grats! Now you just need to find that elusive Style Guide. You’re doing great!
  5. Here's the third part of the archival trilogy started with Giant Concrete Skeleton and Shun Sine. Artwork by the awesome carcoma on instagram
  6. Fuck, the one interesting thing happened on watmm and I missed it Bagina dude, I got the one covered in placental tissue no ty Yeah I preorderd it and now I've got the leak. It's a good'un tbh. Better than Damogen anyways, but that album was n o t g o o d
  7. I showed you my negligence answer me
  8. Yeah getting this too. I get way more creative work done at work in boring fixed post positions than I do on my days off, where I just sit on the internet and drink.
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