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  1. I got new shirts printed up
  2. Our clown of a landlord has given us a 30 day 'notice to vacate' in the middle of lockdown, and has given the deadline as a week before xmas. More of a FWS really as we're planning to stop paying rent and staying here for 6 months now, as is UK law since covid.
  3. didn’t even see this thread before I listened for the first time this morning and immediate thoughts were ‘this is either Fell under a fake name or jeez guy, find your voice’ I enjoyed it tho.
  4. I've got all of this stuff neatly arranged into playlists. Both remixes and one off tracks ^(there's 7 of these) Originals III I basically consider a 'lost' autechre album:
  5. Got played on BBC radio https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000pdvh
  6. New ident/promo vid animated by the inimitable @Brian Dance https://www.instagram.com/p/CHeNU0nldk5/ hey @Joyrexwhere'd IG autoembedding go?
  7. I saw this set in an old creaky wooden theatre in London with support from Haswell, Pita and Earth. It was a very very good time.
  8. Election night special https://www.instagram.com/p/CHJ6a03HYc3/
  9. Bump. apologies for anyone that ordered and is waiting, I was waiting for the Z I N E S to get printed. Every tape comes with a zine (28 pages including cover)
  10. yeah yeah I know, that album was when they started to lose me. Before then I'd seen these guys live more times than any other band. But compared to this shit Happy Songs sounds like fucking Merzbow.
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