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  1. there is nothing interesting about this
  2. ikr, it really gets the adrenalin going. makes me feel ALIVE
  3. ugh I mentioned to a girl I talk to on IG that I had just dloaded the new Louis CK (it was a natural follow on from our convo that was joking about everything being CANCELLED and I said "speaking of CANCELLED..") And she instantly SWITCHED and was saying she'd never watch it and he is definitely a predator of Weinstein's level etc etc. At one point went down the 'power dynamic' road and said something like 'no man could ever know the fear a woman feels when walking down a dark alley at night and sees another person approaching' oh fucking please
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/04/two-workers-at-londons-pentonville-prison-die-from-covid-19 These were two of my friends who I've worked with for 13+ years. One of them I'm pretty sure I was put with to train under on my very first day. There's another one in the hospital on a respirator. I am told managers skyped with him to check in on him and he was crying and saying he doesn't want to die. Shit is rough.
  5. hello spiral


    I am hoping for Japan the most, except for london obvsly (because I was there :^)
  6. hello spiral


    I was there but I was cataclysmically drunk and fading in and out of consciousness during If it's any consolation Russel Haswell sucked. no u suck rreeeaaalllly hoping for the Japan set, the most differentist of them all
  7. Sean officially ended the 17(!) day stream this evening. So am I right in thinking shit is very very imminent?
  8. I requested some Beefheart and Sean played Trout Mask Replica in full Quite possibly my proudest moment
  9. No other place to brag about this but I went on annual leave for 3 weeks just as all this stuff got serious (around the 9th of March) and I came back to work 2 days ago (prison: key worker shit) and OMG I am gonna CLEAN UP on overtime. We're getting an extra £150 on top of our wages each month. There's an overtime scheme where we sign up to do 9hrs extra a week and we get another £1500 as a bonus at the end of 12 weeks of doing that. That's ON TOP of the overtime pay for all that overtime. It's kinda shitty to be revelling in this when a bunch of people are getting paid 20% less because they literally can't work. But fuck me I have a money boner. Also because so many activities have been cancelled because of the virus, there is very very little to actually do at work. It's gonna be getting a cash arse-reaming for sitting around reading books and doing a bit of art.
  10. Something I just remembered from a few days back in the chat was someone asking Sean about Spaces How V and him replying "well that's not one of mine so I dunno" So you can add that to the list of 'def rob' tracks
  11. Awaiting Richard Devine to retweet this and for it then to appear as RA's BREAKING NEWS
  12. just started gonna miss this one, at work today
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