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  1. ok found it on The Currant Bun https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2780007/entrepreneur-acquitted-of-harassing-a-transgender-person-and-calling-her-an-old-geezer-during-transition/ He was acquitted and then both sounds like mentallist losers But obviously this is the thin end of the wedge and new precedent as been set
  2. Did you just seriously link the Daily fucking Mail as a source?
  3. must be like looking in a mirror then
  4. Maggie Gee - Light Years Nice little bit of English ,dry, comedically existential slice-of-life 80s literary stuff. The prose is lovely.
  5. Agonisingly bored at work. Also bumped this thread.
  6. Yeah I digit. But as someone else pointed out, atm it sounds like a playaround/demo. Development please, and make moar!
  7. and fucking drome. God save us all
  8. Another fallen brother *pours one out*
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