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  1. I've been ripping and uploading selections from my collection of hundreds of poundland horror dvds. This stuff isn't bottom of the barrel, it's in the basement under the table the barrel is resting on. @Nebraska you may be interested
  2. Got a few Mediums left of these and one 2XL
  3. most of us moved to another server back in March Politics
  4. this is very transphobic and ableist tbqh
  5. yessss @prdctvsm ❤️ He's def brilliant imo, though a bit of an ass. Also yeah plenty of music on the bandcamp. This is the one I intend to excavate over the next year https://simplysuperior.bandcamp.com/album/spiral it was a bunch of mixtapes of obscure audio ephemera they put out over the years. If you click on an individual one you can see the tracks:
  6. The thing is, CHATMM is not the day for night discord that you have turned into that dead watmm official discord. CHATMM was a loose collective of regulars in the original flash add-on to watmm. And then cast out by watmm. When that was disabled and not fixed for months, we found somewhere else to do what we do.
  7. CHATMM is now a rogue entity and does not exist on watmm
  8. Coffee/alcohol elitists "haha u must have a VERGYNA with ur GURLY DRINK"
  9. Still a great little comp (extra little now that foil pulled all his tracks from the chatmm comps 🙄 (the one I have on my laptop has 10 tracks))
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