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  1. Here's some relatively obscure ones, both lovely.
  2. saw The Thing as a cinema matinee this week with new lady. was her first time seeing. Was a good time.
  3. My current lady is seeth efrican. She bought over some seeth efrican Ostrich Bubgers (pictured) edit: they tasted like meat, in a bun, with vegetables
  4. yeah I do all my business mainly by IG DM. You can DM me here though too :^)
  5. oh lord that was so on the nose I love radiohead still (since the 90s) but that was embarrassing to watch
  6. thanks man. Prints are something I've not got around to yet. Atm just have shirts n tote bags n stickers n shit
  7. Listening to music other than aphex twin = elitism Yup, you're One of Them alright
  8. For cringe stakes, /r/aphextwin and the watmm aphex subreddit are neck and neck tbh. /r/aphextwin wins by a nose. CHATMM goes there once a fortnight or so for some cringelols.
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