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  1. my cat was off her food two weeks ago so we took her to vet, thinking it might be an impacted hairball. She's a prolific hairball expeller and we read online about them going 'the wrong way' and clogging up their guts. Vet said her kidneys were enlarged and did blood test/urine analysis etc (and raping my wallet in the process) Second vet visit she's now skeletal, vet wanted to hospitalise her to the tune of £1,900. We don't have that kind've money just laying around. The seemingly more senior vet in the back chimed in at that point and pointed out kidney failure in a cat that young (she's 8 ) would point to underlying issues and wanted to do an ultrasound scan. So it turns out she has terminal stomach cancer, and has weeks to live. She's now on steriods, nausea inhibitors and appetite stimulants, and is back to her old self-ish. A bit more lethargic but still bright eyed and bushy tailed. The next month is gonna fucking suck.
  2. you there for AE? A significant portion of the chatmm crew are flying here next week also. First big chatmm meetup since 2017.
  3. got this for £5 the other day
  4. Commission for a split Belgian grindcore 12"
  5. every hennenlotter movie is gold. My personal fave is Basket Case 3
  6. I can never listen to just disc one, disc two goes on straight after
  7. yeah man fuck me, don't bump this thread over big fat FA
  8. Chesney is alive and well and a warm and gentle middle aged man with a room full of gear, two small children, and happens to be Memory Gland's in-house mastering tech. Also wtf are you talking about?
  9. found this orb at work, which I ofc then immediately stole
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