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  1. yup I just smashed too She's asleep behind me and I am sitting here sippin some whisky and watching Rate My Takeaway it is 03:33am
  2. Yeah enjoyed but totally fell apart in the last quarter. Had no idea that was Reece Shearsmith until I saw his name in the end credits either.
  3. Go outside and touch some grass my man
  4. I got a second date with her on the basis that I told her a sharted this morning. No lie.
  5. think my room smells of cat piss. Am unsure if it is the patch on the bed from when she got lonely when I was on nights, which I have sprayed liberally with industrial urine enzyme breakdown shit. Or if she's gone somewhere else yet undiscovered. Also dingformung needs to stfu
  6. got some feedback from the date I went on last weekend
  7. last night at work a prisoner asked me to pass an empty vape box to the cell opposite "they asked for it earlier, I don't think they've got one to put their vapes in" Then he gave it to me:
  8. we better not win. Moron sport cunts will be absolutely insufferable here for a long time.
  9. I forget how many people never go beyond the tastes they developed in their 20s. Anyway this bangs 🔥
  10. I just got a warning email for 'flame baiting' in 2019 Helpfully it also lets me know my warning point will expire on 08/30/19 06:02 PM
  11. There's a zine too, waiting on that. Will keep yall updated.
  12. bingo Most excellent digital colour job by @patternoverlaphere
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