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  1. This always stuck with me.. crew seems fun, the genre doesnt take itself too serious, i can imagine this set working at bangface too, just the fun silly rave vibe, donk donk, doof doof, lets get fucked vibes
  2. I'm so tired of hallway simulators that I didn't even give it a try and I fucking love cats
  3. small little sidenote but if you click this word it'll take you to one and a half of my mixtapes.. loads more that I'll put up eventually but what's there is very akin to the soft 70s space opera, boc psychedelia that we all know and love thought it fits into this discussion. the blossom tape especially. He's on soundcloud under halideinstitute. There used to be a lot more tracks up on Youtube IIRC, he went dark for a while and has been posting things again so yeah that's about what I know. Seems he's winding up again!
  4. also please dont throw cake at modular thank you
  5. cannot wait to be there!!! yeassss daddy1 please just two hours of 909 jams
  6. So this isn't going to produce any gel bananas? I'm disappointed.
  7. stop bumping this thread, seriously, you're jinxing david lynch
  8. They all do it but none of them comes close to fighting Lavos in Chrono Trigger Yeah it's optional. You can find a path up north somewhere around the castle without having to kill Margit or that grafted weirdo at all. It's a good dungeon to get used to the game though! I'd say stick with it but try some different approaches, if you're having trouble with fireballs you might want to practise rolling for a bit, check that you're not wearing armor that's too heavy, try out some other weapons if you don't vibe with the one you have
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