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  1. this made me think-were there any analord outtakes amongst the sc dumplings?
  2. 🧖🏼‍♂️ just had to be the day my SO wants to hiking for her birthday
  3. see you in approximately 9 months fellas
  4. green calx is so sick

    1. auxien


      oh no! we need to get it some medicine so it feels better soon! 



      great track yes :)

  5. damn, i hope this is part of something.. so good!<3
  6. giraud for undead president
  7. I remember OR saying they don't accept demos. You also should be deep in your mystical raver boots to live up to the Bewwip/Trackermatte hype. Total alchemy
  8. A god with hooves, a god with horns..
  9. all of these are mystical as fuck. love it
  10. someone on twoism said he hears kids choking on IABPOITC. what a nutter
  11. Wouldn't these kinda threads be nice a few days before an announcement.. This is just another badger waiting to happen isn't it
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