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  1. I like to think I had my midlife crisis in my early 20s depression years so it's all cash money from here, baby
  2. wish these shoes had normal sneaker prices. sigh
  3. As we reach a zenith of technological ideologies, WATMM stands at the frontier of a new era. You have the choice to be the change in the world– to push boundaries even further. We invite you to join our newest innovative forum build, designed at its core like nuclei firing amongst themselves, independant, beautiful. Do not dwell on the redundant net. Now is the moment of choice. Make your choice. Imagine where we can go. Each thread a JoyCoin™ away. Greatness awaits. It's never been this hip to be square.
  4. Always wanted to hear some archival footage from Daft Punk.. discovery outtakes! damn you, universe!
  5. lol holy shit, let me have my adorable old man crush schlitze 😉
  6. I love murray with all my heart!! had a dream once where I was sitting in a cafe, saw david lynch smoking a cigarette outside and murray sitting at a table by himself. Thought lynch is probably busy, so I smiled at murray, he smiled back, ended up walking up to him to ask him if he wants to hang out for a bit. He laughed and said "only if I can order you some ice cream", I was like yeah sure, why not, he insisted that I have to finish it if he does. the cafe lady brought over a giant bowl of strawberry jam and he just sat there grinning from one ear to the other. We both laughed and I obviou
  7. Every time I see this thread bumped my brain goes "please don't be bill murray PLEASE DON'T BE BILL MURRAY"
  8. friend of mine bought all dark souls games on PS4 so we're playing through DS1 remastered together 🙂 started NG+ on bloodborne after the secret ending as well, still one of the best things I've ever played
  9. saw lost in translation for the who knows how many-eth time yesterday. always comfy! esp on bad days. do we have a shoegaze thread yet?
  10. my italian genes are slowly growing a backbeard
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