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  1. I think caring this much about social media is the problem, not social media itself. There are loads of problems with it of course but that's just how it is. How cool would it be to keep Instagram and read more books at the same time 🙂
  2. I hope Steve Davis isn't a fan of Squarepusher because remember kids, Squarepusher doesn't interact with his fans
  3. seeing someone type wuäschtä siech on watmm makes me question reality
  4. Chauderwälsch. You guys have nothing on Swissgerman
  5. Returnal seems fun but seeing the 85$ pricetag on my store end makes me shudder. Don't have a PS5 so can't help there
  6. Been playing Persona 5 Royal the past few days. Got like halfway through the original (which is like 50 hours) and it's great starting over, there's so many little things they changed. Also it looks better, guess it's running at checkerboarded 4K downsampled to 2K on my monitor (with a PS4 Pro). Love the artstyle, makes me want to hang out in Shibuya 🙂
  7. I'm down but this is a region where we don't go shopping yet. It's all hunting and pretend folklore and at night we make hardcore techno and dance with the devil.
  8. yep! thats like a half hour walk from my place. Kaienspitz it's called, beautiful place (out in the country)
  9. made this trying out some polyend tracker things.. can you tell what i've been listening to
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