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  1. My favorite board game is the Board Of Canada where you take 5-8 years per turn
  2. had loads of fun doodling this up yesterday.. now to make it into a song hirajoshi 1 002.wav
  3. slift is sick, saw them live years ago 🙂 their liveset surrounded by tesla coils is great too
  4. rdj has used plenty of synth presets, he's not that anal about it
  5. If Joyrex was in a jazz band would they be called BADBADQUITEGOOD?
  6. So everyone else is supporting capitalism from a hippie standpoint?
  7. good luck doing that alone! would love to have 4 arms for improv sometimes
  8. oh you're good then. for vote, wunderbar!
  9. you remind me of that one friend of a friend who basically lives couchsurfing, taking acid all day spouting nonsense about how he's a reborn king of the natives.. he told me everyone should just put their 2-3 y/o kid on the street for a few years so they get strong and develop individuality. all this while he hasnt showered in weeks and has a 9 year old son
  10. Every time I read about the Minilogue XD it looks like a 12 year old posting it xD
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