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  1. today on the bus home, at night, I saw this guy slurping on what I assume was a milkshake, while staring at an LCD panel in a store window that was displaying the american flag for some reason. It felt a lot like an NPC, but it was also kind of profound, maybe the guy was just having a really good time zoning out with his milkshake
  2. One time I was at this art school for a year. We had a great group of students and the rowdy ones usually met on weekends to smoke joints in the park or to get hammered in the city's nightlife. I was planning on moving there with two classmates but had trouble finding an apartment, so the owner of the school just rented a place for us because he liked our little group of oddballs so much. The guy owned and managed 4 schools in total, sometimes he just sat around his office until 2AM, calling me into the room for cigarette breaks and late night coffee, he was doing spreadsheets I was doing Renoise/Reaktor experiments and maaybe the assignment for the day after. Anyways after a while he gave us a key for the school. Which was this big old wooden house with 5-6 floors, charming place really. So of course the next weekend we took the key, loads of beer, weed and MDMA and had a big fat party in the attic. Someone brought LED party lights, I think we even had a smoke machine set up. Eventually the partying died down and the few people who decided to trip that night were lying on the pillow-covered floor around a big projector setup. I was tripsitting more or less, so I put some cozy visuals on the projector canvas and queued up Substrata. The next morning they all walked up to me with little stars in their eyes, asking me what the hell that music was, saying they never heard anything like it before. Suffice to say they loved every minute of it. I love this memory, when I listen to Substrata now I'm right there, sitting on the windowsill smiling at everyone's antics. So that's my favorite
  3. "a care for the enviroment through simply doing autistic things", see guys, watmm is healing the world
  4. https://www.mediafire.com/file/werdfo439dlh4na/2014+The+Florist+-+Psinekn+EP.zip/file
  5. oof, hope your motherboard didn't fry all other components. When'd you build it? I've read some bad things about the motherboard I have. Now I am afeared.
  6. Man it must suck to look at the world in such a reductive way. Imagine throwing a tantrum on twitter about rainbows in the streets, fucking lol. We have much bigger things to solve than homophobia and all this bigotry. But yeah it's all the gays fucking us over! Stupid stupid men lovers, why don't you go to church and let go of your hunger for dick you stupid gaylords. My philosophy knows no bounds as long as it is fueled by a fearful teenager rhetoric.
  7. From what I've read BOC really aren't that into creating more live shows, reason being their music being made more for listening and not for dancefloors. I can see them releasing a so long and thanks for all the fish compilation of film and audio maybe, but I doubt they will ever perform live again. The shift in technology since their last shows would also put a lot of phone cameras right up in their face which seems a little off for them. That being said I would love this, if it was managed in a way where scalpers can't exploit it
  8. You just missed it, next roundabout is in another 11 years
  9. looks like "his" profile picture is AI generated.
  10. How do you imagine LOTR AR to work? Galadriel dating sim?
  11. I'm loving the darker atmosphere of this DLC so far. They also posted this the other day which is giving me major Bloodborne vibes: HYPE!!!!!! \o/ praise the miyazaki
  12. Turned it off, thanks for the info.
  13. For anyone with an OG Polyend Tracker, the new beta firmware adds 4 tracks of MIDI to the existing 8 audio/MIDI tracks! Can't wait to try it out, I sequence everything from the Tracker so this is incredibly helpful. Actually been trying to launch tempo synced phrases of drum sequences in Renoise because of the 8 tracks, might still do this for fun but this helps loads
  14. this'll always be one of my top vibert tunes.. so good :))
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