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  1. modern kettel sounds a lot like RTR.. big hm

  2. As much as I appreciate on-the-ground footage this seems awfully scripted. Vice is weird.
  3. This one's really neat, him showing off his pedal-oriented setup at the end is mad, super personalised studio IMO 🙂
  4. For those unaware, Weirdcore is doing an exhibit in London accompanied by 1 or 2 (not sure) songs from RDJs recent livesets. IIRC afx mentioned those live tracks were still a work in progress, it seems like he might've finished them. Would love to hear them in full There's quite a few Instagram stories up where you can hear it. https://www.instagram.com/weirdcoretv/
  5. petition to rename any RTR jenkinson speculation threads to "average squarepusher fan"
  6. Do you at least get a bunch of them for spending Cirklon level money on a haute culture mixer?
  7. The leather back is hilarious. I like the ideas behind their products but it's like they're made for rich Ikea visitors
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