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  1. I don't care
  2. This pleases my slowly dispersing shark genetics
  3. reward is good. who cares who it is. def not afx. maybe impakt. or your mother's gremlin warrior
  4. here we go fellas. weirdcore is such a gift
  5. If I was a time traveller I'd probably go to all the raves I missed first.. squarepusher warp20 in sheffield 09, [email protected], all the boc gigs i can find. orbital playing chime.. dance to BT playing divinity, orb's little fluffy clouds, UR,wisp at bangface. tysk raider at freqs of nature. bogdan:) hang out with lynch. give nick drake a hug. gift a flower to the incredible string band. maybe bring a tape recorder to those old hurrian hymns 1400BC. try to marry bill murray and fail horribly. probably also fuck up my ears to my bloody valentine, weird bowie out with a record from the future. listen to yabby you and sit on a tree nearby smiling into the past. mess with longmont potion castle when he calls a place I can identify. I'd probably get old before I get anything worthwhile done
  6. ha that bonus track is sick! thanks bleep bloop daddy
  7. pretty please with a cherry on top
  8. Anyone got a zip for me with "Reward" in it? forgot to download them and am pretty bummed out about not being able to hear that anymore would appreciate it braindance homies
  9. same here, saw them at a hippie festival in germany and am obsessed ever since. thanks for that link 🙂
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