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  1. Science isn't founded on presumptions that were agreed upon. I'd say it's based on replicating steps and arriving at the same conclusion. Maybe humanity just isn't quite there yet, and our discomfort with its state is so jarring that we have to resort to biblical explanations because facing a reality this fucked up is even more difficult to accept than the alternative. Who is to say demons aren't your subconscious angst being projected into reality? After all, fear is the mind killer
  2. Not yet, please don't spoil it! Still waiting for a comfy autumn day to finish the main story. Got a little lost admittedly, been quite a while since I last played it. I think I'm missing some floating city details.. And I never went back to the scary fish planet, jesus christ Anyone familar with Alan Wake? The first few hours I enjoyed a lot but it's beginning to be a bit of a slog with all the trekking around and pointing lights/shooting at the same enemies over and over. Hope the story picks up again, I preferred Control with all its hidden story bits.. At least so far.
  3. There's small electric ones too. Important thing is being able to set the grain size from what I know!
  4. this fucking track hnnnnnngggggggggg
  5. the first girl i ever kissed turned out to be a lesbian.. first girl who sent me a picture of her boobs thought I was a lesbian.. whats up there
  6. Smash is the one thing that never gets boring for me. If you haven't bought Ultimate I can't recommend it enough, except for its shoddy netcode. Been trying out Sora the past few days and it got me hooked again
  7. We should hold a WATMM smash tournament
  8. this thread is now about skins, get out CERN, stupid corporate
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