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  1. i hope one of yous is recording this, would love an itsy bitsy mp3. just got home to tune into ae playing FSOL
  2. those drums though makes me wanna do some crazay repeater action in renoise again! orompo bompo
  3. would be so sick if soundlab20 was the mini live set focused into one 8 minute madhatter track à la XMAS_EVE 💙💙💙
  4. Looks like a WXAXRXP release doesn't it?
  5. were there actual vinyl records at the merch or was it just the card being sold? man i wish the mini liveset would get a proper soundboard release! 909 love
  6. lol someone's been trying to push that for months i think. color squad tomfoolery???
  7. Lockii is great! love the CD design as well
  8. did he play any unreleased choons?
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