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  1. Why not just share the .flac with said person instead?
  2. I bet if he wasn't loaded that comment wouldn't exist
  3. Yeah it uses 93% of my CPU just idling
  4. Seeing that XLR-02 video made me grab my Model:Cycles again. Elektron sequencers are the shit.
  5. I believe it was a tech demo of sorts for Persona 5's engine, it's half interactable visual novel half platformer.. Both of which are great. And yeah at night you have nightmares where you have to climb a tower which ties into the story. Being able to sit at a bar listening to smooth jazz talking to everyone to find out what's going on in your nightmares is seriously great
  6. Started Catherine: Full Body on my switch. Love the vibe so far. Installed I am Setsuna as well which is just so comfy to look at. Plays at 60fps with overclocking too which is great. I wish their 2nd title was more similar to this, from what I've read it's a bit of a disappointment.. Chrono Trigger 4ever
  7. The letters for the playlist "experimental electronics" look nicer in a lower resolution. I'm doing this so I can sort my 5000 youtube likes faster on this old laptop hardware. The shorter form of ecetera written without a dot felt more badass. That's the kind of rebel I am. I feel old.
  8. chronical

    Hanal Gig

    I wish BOC were this cool about leaks
  9. This is sick, I wanna hear you make a funky space opera themed album now.. 🙂 will def take this along to roadtrips this summer!
  10. Right, I worded that very strangely, tired braincells always mess up 2nd languages.. thank you:)
  11. anyone know what that little white knob bay is?
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