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  1. Yeah I saw that but that just plays a 20~ second preview of the track for me
  2. lol just had a Geodaddi moment. Would've preferred Kiki but cheese is alright I guess! Thanks for the link, trying to find it in the mix rn..
  3. oscillik it seems you misplaced your boyband. where are they?
  4. Any of you familar with "The Big Blue" by Luc Besson? The BOC societas tape reminded me of it a good bit, love that movie.
  5. Just read this in the Squarepusher interview on digitaltrends Oh yeah, look, sure, MP3 — fuck that. I can’t listen to MP3s, because I hear all these strange atonal artifacts. No, I can’t deal with MP3 at all. PCM is fine. Look, there’s no excuse for MP3 anymore. We’ve all got way enough bandwidth. It’s just ridiculous. Everyone’s got enough bandwidth now for PCM to be the prime music distribution. All of that streaming compression — I don’t support any of that, that’s bullshit. lol squarepusher wav confirmed?
  6. chronical

    Warp Tapes WAV

    Nothing, just a trash folder with the same files in .aiff format
  7. I'm curious if we'll get to hear all the tapes eventually– 2X60minutes can't be all of the material on the picture, right?
  8. sooo..... boards invited us to an evening on the hexagon sun porch, squarepusher went full on bonkers for 50 minutes which felt like a proper rave at home,ae settling the OG status yet again. definitely my three highlights, still need to check out plaid's 2nd set, death grips, end of calix' wholesome moon mix and a bunch of other things. thanks worp! looking forward to the rest of wxaxrxp 🙂
  9. chronical

    Warp Tapes WAV

    sweet, thanks ae 🙂
  10. yeah but can you download it with your ipod?
  11. You guys think they'll add some bonus tracks to the blerpstore? cute email btw
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