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  1. https://x4records.bandcamp.com/album/ear-novelist Check out some ear raveling tales that just might sound familiar from a familiar face known as Anvil Stereo!
  2. https://scarywindow.bandcamp.com/album/how-sick-is-that The new Scary Window release, in all its unmastered glory. Enjoy!
  3. Am I the only one who thought it was an april fool's prank?
  4. Oh wow can't believe I've never heard that until now. I actually quite like it. Changed the vibe up real good.
  5. IDM isn't just a subculture, it's a state of mind, a lifestyle choice, but more importantly it's whatever you want it to be!
  6. I made a music vid and I'm happy with the outcome.
  7. The title and thumbnail for this makes me want to punch my monitor as hard as I possibly can.
  8. They also slowed down Windowlicker for one "their" quote unquote tracks.
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