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  1. He's got severe patience for production...everything considered and in its place....I don't feel like the emotivity is contrived or cheesy on the albums...e.ps aren't my favourites as they seem more edm ish...
  2. Intelligence and military officials in Europe as well as in the United States said that over the past year, most aggressive moves have originated not in Tehran, but in Washington — where John R. Bolton, the national security adviser, has prodded President Trump into backing Iran into a corner.
  3. Some months ago someone was taking the piss out of the libs and their comparison of handmaid tale with U.S current situation. Well....here we are.
  4. 'Xyn Cabal’s music strives to consolidate a much broader set of reference points, navigating mathematically psychedelic, emotive, and remarkably meta routes between hyperlocal, rhizomatic, and cosmic nodes of the world’s dancefloor'.
  5. I'd like a tool - lets call it 'Autosink' that I can place on a track and it records (on play) all automation that I commit to a vst...with latch, touch mode etc Does it exist? Randomize is an awesome tool
  6. Amazingly I'm new to MMB. Great stuff. Like some kind of IDM big beat breaks hybrid. He appears to have a talent for bass.
  7. Fiddling around with audio on a timeline is getting less and less attractive over the years....i find renoise so intuitive and 'physical' in terms of the process....it's actually fun which is becoming more and more important to me. The only thing i miss is better automation...i.e. press record, twiddle knobs on my vst and bang the movements are all recorded, with various modes i.e. touch latch etc probably will never happen by hey. With regards to channels...you barely need them due to fx section on individual samples...each sample can be mixed uniquely....i barely go above 10 tracks kick, snares, hats, poly, lead, bass, sub, fx, perc etc
  8. You are a talented lad. Impressive.
  9. Warren would be good...probably too clever for the masses...that Pocahontas thing is nonsense Sanders - yea probably best policies in my view apart from gun control Biden - no fucking way The rest are small fry
  10. the neoliberal left you mean I don't know what that is but no the left left.
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