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  1. The best software companies are one man or few people jobs ... kush u-he valhalla 2caudio etc
  2. Sonnox cause i have it b2 cause I’ve also got it renoise mpverb cause color
  3. Whatever you do...don't put your faith in the Svengali
  4. Regardless of whether we crash out...I'm dying for Johnson to be the shortest running PM in history. It was hard to top May and Cameron but somehow he's managing.
  5. For all of you that watched his absolute fuck up of a speech in front of the police recruits yesterday...now you get why this thread exists. ...aside from everything else utterly crap on display over the last 7 days
  6. What would a legitimate environmentalist group look like? probably not one that was basically adhering to 4th ind rev logic
  7. Incredible album hard to top their skills 7empest immense track
  8. This ones for you Caze. https://open.spotify.com/track/63BnoVNVwCuQraDEKGH8EQ?si=Fz9UXMxLR6uGN4EX02bOYQ
  9. If it were a Warren Sanders ticket I’d have faith. The rest and especially Biden have shitty records and will tank it.
  10. You hear a lot of stat analysis, electoral college predictions and doubt as to whether the dems have it in them...but I have a feeling this tumor is going to be destroyed in 2020. Maybe I have too much faith in humanity. He’s sabotaging the ‘glowing’ economy with his self inflicted trade war and I would guess shame and self conscience in the general norms populous that threw him a vote is greater than the stubborn childishness of his idiotic base.
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