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  1. Hoping my failure of a Boris De Pfeffel Johnson thread can be put to bed soon.
  2. I guess these guys are still super underground unknown Yea commercial success is the standard No this thread is not to give us hope...that's long gone.
  3. The big ones like eilish and bieber are fairly good Be good to get some more underground ones too Death grips and odd future are spot on
  4. Rappers Electronic Pop Whatever. Who started low key online and blew up big?
  5. Another hit from this cabal of nonsense spreaders: https://cyprus-mail.com/2019/07/26/bishop-says-homosexuality-passed-on-to-the-unborn-when-pregnant-women-enjoy-anal-sex/ Literally these people have huge power in Cyprus. And may kill 1000s of old people with their message.
  6. Biden looking good in general polls but he's going to get crushed under any scrutiny. Trump transcends scrutiny as he just doesn't care - other than perhaps when Covid19 blows up and he's finally shooting 1000s of people on Broadway in broad daylight. So...Biden will lose if Trump can weather this storm. Biden will win if Trump has finally met his match. Both are terrible. Demographically the left is ascendant and the establishment Dems life is soon to be over.
  7. https://cyprus-mail.com/2020/03/10/body-and-blood-of-christ-cant-possibly-be-infected-priest-assures-faithful/ Don't worry old people...just keep sharing the sacred spoon. How do these people hold any sway.
  8. Vs Bloomberg money behind Biden. Not a chance.
  9. Effective organising on the ground vs media machine and money is a tough battle.
  10. Biden will lose to Trump. His record is terrible. He can barely string a sentence together. The debates will be a car crash of viral fuck ups on both sides. But that's Trumps whole thing so it's an asset for him. In demographic terms its only a matter time until a left candidate wins. Bernie like Corbyn has the entire establishment against him. Thats pretty hard to deny. Let's just hope if Biden loses, the dems finally actually have to grow both economically and in foreign policy and not just in terms of identity politics. If Warren chooses to support Sanders the race is still on.
  11. Indeed not the same. Imagine Trump vs. Bloomberg.
  12. Love the way Warren and Bloomberg were both once Republicans...Bloomberg still funded Reps even as recent as 2016 elections.
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