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  1. Too old to die young bloody well get on with it
  2. Nirvana - Tourettes is just insane...my favourite off that album.
  3. Been going through a lot of the Touch and Go back uncatalogued and feel old...music just isn't as good nowadays
  4. What a discog. Favorites please? I'll go Liar and Goat from Jesus Lizard.
  5. Years and years... pseudo black mirror bbc guff masquerading as edgy zeitgeist....only beige middle england could like this trash
  6. Guess this dude is just Jon Hopkin lite now
  7. How much music holds up over 10 years anyway?
  8. I will have another listen myself to see if it wasn't just being depressed and living in London that made it seem like a good album at the time 🙂 Kind like trip hop for the 00s...unfortunately always conjures up breathy hyperbolic Mary Anne Hobbes introductions for me... Probably mentioned before but his remix of Bloc Party's Where is Home was on repeat for a while:
  9. First album was good man. Give it another chance.
  10. This been posted yet? https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/abc-news-oval-office-interview-president-donald-trump/story?id=63688943 Gold
  11. Nah he’s lost it. I’m glad he’s just pleasing himself but this shit is dull. Maybe he went on a bunch of holidays hence the song names
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