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  1. Yea dense. Very instrumentation. Basically a musician and not someone editing the shit out of sounds. He's transcended and become mr free jazz idm. First two tracks are my favorite. Really nice emo chords.
  2. Does he make through composed continuous midi based tracks or edit like hell? Curious
  3. Are these tracks continuous one pass midi data with no edits? Unbelievable if so.
  4. Incredible work. Knocking the competition out the park. Just keeps getting better.
  5. There is no alternative going round and round in my head
  6. Harpenden Caze? Me too..despite being nondom tax evader living it up in virgins. my god that const is barber central Lib Dem probably best there...remain maj i reckon....
  7. The second best result to Trump getting destroyed by anyone would be Democrats fielding some other centrist standard cookie cutter candidate and getting destroyed again by Trump. Its win win win
  8. Bloomberg is delusional but I'm sure the world of finance is getting itself all wet and sweaty.
  9. Whether you like it or not, maybe read Labour's last manifesto and soon their updated one if you think they're not offering anything.
  10. Polls basically saying Tories will get a majority. The British are fine with electing these immoral cretinous cynics once again despite having created the biggest mess since the second world war. You get what you deserve. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/ng-interactive/2019/oct/31/uk-general-election-2019-poll-tracker
  11. https://tonchinkanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/furusato-2 https://tonchinkanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/shibui-2 Sample based cut-ups embellished with effects and synth. Out on 'Tonchinkan Records'. 37 albums and counting.
  12. bendish

    Brexit :(

    Burn it all down. Johnson represents the worst of humanity and he will get away with it too. Even be praised.
  13. Anyone use Open MPT over Renoise? I don't really see why one would
  14. That Tory conference. What a horror show. Priti Patel’s speech. And Boris’ Mayor affair. And this new DUP double border bullshit. Fuck me. What do you think of Swinson and current Lib Dem stance, Caze?
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