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  1. Thanks for posting this! Instabought too.
  2. Thenks novution for me new avatur... Hicks
  3. No worries, searching with 'cas' on bleep.com will give the exactly same results! It seams, that the search function on his store searches in the bleep database
  4. like this? thats a great idea actually But just for acidic fruits! Looks like my field day vinyl
  5. My kids like it too, at least they do not protest when I run it in the car
  6. My copys cover has no pixelation at all. Very good resolution... Maybe you should check matrix runout on discogs. Where did you buy it? Cheerz
  7. but the craic is mighty and you never know who you're gonna meet Yeah, thats a nice attitude! Sadly, I cant make it there Please dont do it like this person (leave something for the others): https://www.discogs.com/user/horrelepiep/collection?page=1&limit=100&header=1 This person has 95 copys of the cassette in collection!!!
  8. Not really, all I remember is my dad getting a fax machine, then using it maybe twice in ten years. I Remember the good old days when u go to a record store and bought your aphex vinyls. Now you have to travel around the world and be at the venue 12h before the gig starts to buy your cool afx stuff no one other has... I dont want his korg bleeps and farts I wanna have a new album right now, for everyone!
  9. But just for 13 randomly selected people who can sell that fax for ridiculously 666$ to the fanboys
  10. Yes, its unbelievable to me eather... what a shame to me. I just realized when i read this thread that its in my collection. Found it between some other purple warps. Must not have listen to this one for a least 10 years... im definitely not an RDJ connoisseur
  11. Had this one in my vinyl collection since ever, without realizing its RDJ...
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