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  1. Thanks for the words and sentiments. I'm in touch with Weirdcore often and the videos for the stages should happen in time. Aphex live work etc. for upcoming and previous shows took a lot of his creative time through the past couple of years. There's no deadline or rush for this to appear, but it will.
  2. I can confirm there is no box for the vinyl's. It's better this way, as boxed items I always used to find get less play. CD wise the tracks are exactly the same as on the vinyl and stretched over 4CD's this time. Similar packaging is used for this set as was used with the first 3CD set. All Stage 6 news will filter out around 5pm GMT unless there is a glitch somewhere. Final preparations are ongoing my side now for its smooth roll out. Thanks always for the support.
  3. Hate what, shit Robert who ? Please only ever refer to my hairdo, as do i, as being the poor man's David Coverdale. I'd also like to add that If I was pretentious personally as charged I'd be knocked spark out in my local bar in Krakow by the regulars, I've seen it happen. Stage 6 masters came in today, it's been work this series. Big thanks if you've been supporting it and are still listening this far in.
  4. It's good to see a positive response to this stage as compared to previous work it is more difficult. Always the intention was to work these last three stages, the first three exist to allow that so now there is a last progression before the final curtain is drawn. It does offer rewards this Stage through repeated listens as does the forthcoming Stage 5 (To be released in either September or October.) That was mastered last week in Berlin when Stage 4 was released so production for the series remains on time. In terms of work around 400 hours of material was made for both stages combined so I
  5. Yeah I'm sorry to read that Ganus. Dementia is not a subject taken lightly this side. My Uncle Ernie who was interviewed on the old vvmPIG record passed away earlier this year after battling it for some time. It's something which effects us all and will continue to do so as average life expectancy increases. The new series for me gets more interesting but also a lot more challenging to listen too and create when we hit the next two stages before the final stage.
  6. Thanks everybody for the kind words and support for these releases. I'd like to add a few notes here about the series for you. The first three stages are merely a set up for the final three stages. The third stage release which is coming can be seen memory wise as being slightly post 'an empty bliss' with some self awareness still that there's a problem. At the moment everything is still quite coherent and this continues through this stage with a lot of work previously heard but in altered forms. The first three stages will also work if shuffled randomly. Work is advanced now on Sta
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