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  1. Are there tame ghosts? Are there, like, ghost farms or ghost petting zoos where you can go hang out for some good-natured family-friendly spooky fun?
  2. That one comes on and off my radar regularly. There was a point that the MK1s were cheaper than most of the new-ish analogues. Seemed like a no-brainer.
  3. TROG > POV for me and that comes down to the Feels department, but POV had better production. Horses for courses indeed - I'd rather listen to POV in the car and TROG is a trustier companion for slogging through code and unreasonable deadlines. None of that shit matters though, what does is I have no doubt that this is gonna be good.
  4. Same, I've gone through phases of having a favorite but in retrospect they've been pretty short-lived. I could definitely come up with a handful of favorites, but they'd probably be pretty predictable. Music is always about set & setting, time & place for me, so it's kind of weird to think about the one thing that's the best for any situation. I like a lot of the answers though.
  5. With Autechre it's so weird when it comes to taste. I guess because their catalog is so diverse, and they're so abstract, and the motivations for people to listen to them are necessarily so personal compared to other artists. It's easy (or maybe it's not, really, that just seems to be what it always boils down to) to say, welp, everybody's different, that's that. Why is Treale corny and arbitrary-sounding to me, and an absolute gem and the hook of Oversteps for you? Every album is a world unto itself, and I think people are drawn to different sound-worlds just like they're drawn to different weather, flavors, colors. And there's totally subjective cross-associations, too - Quaristice is almost perfectly synonymous with late October for me, mostly grey with bits of orange and brown, new-ish but worn rough around the edges like comfortable Autumn clothes. But if it's just subjective, what is there to talk about? What's the common language? Why even talk about Autechre at all? I honestly I want to believe in some universality of non-verbal, abstract communication like music (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bouba/kiki_effect ), maybe to enable me to pretend that my intuitive understanding of humanity and perception isn't fundamentally delusional, maybe to feel less lonely and solipsistic. The only way for me to get anywhere with that approach is to be humble and assume that I'm missing something in the things I don't enjoy. In these cases I tend to ask people what it is they like about it, but this tends to get people's defenses up (i.e. "what do you see in them?") So maybe your approach is wiser.
  6. I appreciate it that and I appreciate your posts as well. see on see is fucking fantastic. That one is timeless without a doubt. redfall as well. And Yuop isn't necessarily an iconic track but I think it's a great closer in its own right. Actually if I think of the flow and the tracks individually, it's mostly really solid. There's just a couple legit cringe moments in there that I'm not used to hearing out of Autechre. It's weird though... Move of Ten came out right after Quaristice, and at first I thought Etchogon-S was the dumbest thing I ever heard. Now I think that rowdy, out-of-control energy is brilliant and I can't get enough of that.
  7. I loved that. Now that I'm older I appreciate that as an easy dinner, but when I was a kid, being able to stack the cheese high was like living the good life.
  8. I honestly don't agree about it being one of their best but I don't mean that in a disrespectful way. I realize I've done a lot of shitposting about my feelings toward this record but I have a ton of respect for them and their work overall, so it not being their best for me is hardly even a criticism of it. Maybe the fact that my perception of it as "dated" is one of my primary takeaways of it, points to something else about it that I am not being open to as a matter of something underdeveloped in my own character. I guess that sounds maybe inappropriately earnest or personal or something. I just feel like you guys are describing maybe a sort of sincerity or imperfection in it that is some essential part of it. Like, I'm being too hard on it for not being perfect, but the imperfection is an essential part of the work. I mean, there's a screaming clue right there on the cover art, right?? I think mostly I was annoyed at the time of release that we waited so long and didn't get BEATS or something, and maybe I never totally got over that association. Which is funny because I think about what I loved most on NTS, and g 1 e 1 was a real standout for me... no beat and probably the most skeletal textures they've ever done. So yeah I should clearly go back and give it another proper listen, even as I think about the first 2/3 of Treale, the drums in d-sho qub, and basically all of krYlon and cringe just imagining them.
  9. Oh, it's possible. I think it's easier to fuck up a taco than a burger.
  10. You know I do strongly hear in this album (and of course Sean pops in very occasionally so he could certainly correct me) that they were trying to really put the elbow grease in to get the most out of Max and to make tools they could really feel fluent in. Which was a lot of work, even for them. And I don't think they quite got there by the time they were done with this album. Listening to the live sets at the time too confirms this for me. It's not that it's bad or phony, I just feel this sense of non-intentional restraint in it... like when you're using a sequencer live that only lets you do track mutes and pattern changes and you really feel the need to do some kind of fucked up morphing arpeggio. Also Sean confirmed in Mixlr that he's been basically MSP-only since Exai, but on this Oversteps there were still some VSTs. Fluorescent Grey was on there and he correctly guessed some physical modeling VST they used in one of the tracks. So I think there's some feeling of fragility and volatility with the tools being used that they went a long way toward resolving in the years right after the release. Just listen to some 2010 set and then anything from the 2015/2016 tours and you might hear what I'm talking about. For the latter, it sounded so alien and organic because I think they were able to do so much more, basically exactly what they wanted, when they wanted (at least comparatively). So that's mostly what makes it sound dated to me. But yeah I could be full of shit. That's just what it seems like to me.
  11. lol Knight Rider these guys are hilarious
  12. Yes, this feature is really handy. Someone made an EQ for Reaper that does this too - https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=213501
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