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  1. Seriously? The beat is like entering the event horizon. Do you dislike industrial, metal, or the "kind of extreme" type of IDM? Because, yeah, this pushes all those buttons for me, spangled with pop detritus in a way that I'm quite OK with. Although there are some Sophie tracks like "Immaterial" where I'm like, OK, easy on the cheez, Chester, lol.
  2. Oh nice, there's a Seefeel track on here too!
  3. I bought a patch cable holder and a KVM switch. I think I'm going to order an 0-Coast / 0-Ctrl stand today. Apparently I'm in an ergonomic improvements phase at the moment.
  4. This has been my experience as well, although I've only had my UC4 since January. The encoders were weird at first - there's some friction that's barely audible. Once I got used to it, though, I liked it, as it makes the inertia feel more natural.
  5. Which Novation? I have a Launchpad Mini mkI and it's fine, but there's not really any moving parts, and not much at all in the way of configurability. I had a Remote Zero SL mk2 before and it was nice and very configurable but too big for my taste. Also, the controls felt somewhat janky, but I got it used so it's not really a fair comparison. I've borrowed a Circuit from a friend and it seems quite good for what it is, but it's a totally different tool. Faderfoxes seem designed to be configurable to whatever MIDI purpose you need them for, shy of sending sysex or macros, and there might even b
  6. I paid $300 for mine, new. It seems expensive but it's a qualitative step above the other knobby controllers I have used, and I think it's priced just about right. The inertia alone is probably worth at least $50 of that - I have no desire to dial in 14-bit values in any other manner, short of typing them in with a computer keyboard. It's nice even for regular 7-bit CCs in some cases. And the size is just right for me. When you think about the evolution of that form factor over the last ~15 years it is kind of a bargain, really. Speaking of monome, if I ever do get more knobs, they'll be
  7. I've been following PC Music for a bit. There's some real gems, but the only artist I consistently like is Sophie. A.G. Cook's production on Tommy Cash's Pussy Money Weed is fantastic, but I have trouble getting into his other stuff.
  8. I got a Faderfox UC4. I like it. I think it is going to be my last knobby controller, which I mean in both a good and bad way.
  9. That TR6S is looking tasty to me. I've avoided new school Rolands for a long time, but models of all their classics, plus sample playback, FM, and a bunch of FX in a little battery powered package with what seems like a pretty decent drum sequencer, is hard to pass up. I might just sell my volcas, tt 606, and nord drum 2 to consolidate.
  10. lol. Actually, weirdly, yes... was listening to this on repeat for like a week straight in 2009ish
  11. Don't get me wrong tho "If I Had A Happy Place" is still great. It was the first thing I wanted to listen to the morning Biden won :D
  12. Perfect sense, although I do have to say I finally listened to King Tubby years after getting into MBM and I was like... OH. But yeah Jack is still the boss because he can make anything sound like it's coming from a giant sound system in the 1970s, even, like, the Mac "say" app and Elektrons.
  13. http://www.self-titledmag.com/a-long-gchat-with-oneohtrix-point-never/ “I remember him leaning over,” explains Lopatin, “and screaming ‘good set but you gotta get rid of that Juno and looper act.’ I was so offended; I was like, ‘This is my SHIT. What is your shit? Breakcore?’.." (of course that ended up being good advice lol, but it's a pretty douchey way to say it) Can't find the Proem interview now, but he "accidentally" tripped over his laptop power supply during a show... multiple times
  14. Yep. I gave him a chance because of this tune (and that Vatstep remix which Hrvatski was probably more responsible for). I've been nothing but disappointed by his other stuff. I still feel this way... CHANGE MY MIND Also based on him heckling Proem and OPN he seems like kind of a prick. But that was a while ago now.
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