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  1. Just use software then, hardware is for people with more money than sense. Seriously though Behringer sucks.
  2. sweepstakes


    I'm so stoked for this. I'm grateful that even if Blade Runner 2049 didn't pull in the big Marvel bucks, Villeneuve is still able to get the funding to realize stories that deserve a grand scale.
  3. Four times the resolution can be handy though
  4. I like how this guy is talking like a tough guy but he's whining about shit he sees on TV and statues coming down.
  5. What about when you read someone else's auto-corrected profit as prophet?
  6. This Saturday/Sunday the Lines Community channel on Twitch will host FLASH CRASH 2, featuring sets from 12 live coding artists, including the founder of Monome and the creator of ORCA. Live code platforms on display include Teletype, SuperCollider, and ORCA. Join to watch some code dance. https://flashcrash.net/ https://www.twitch.tv/lines_community
  7. I emailed them about it a year or so ago and they assured me it should work fine. I do wonder how bad the whine is going to be; it's pretty bad on the DMG even though it's a really cool sounding synth.
  8. Oh yeah, I should also mention, we have a fun companion site for the label with essays, tutorials, photos, etc. including a couple from Brian Crabtree (founder of Monome) and Trent Gill (founder of Mannequins). We're having a laugh doing web dev like it's 2007: https://mapcorps.net/ And thank you for listening!
  9. Oh interesting, I've never heard of Polypores or those albums! I did the first track which was actually all SC - I didn't live code it but I whipped it up fast and "played" pads/chords by running little snippets. Code is on Github and I can speak to it at least: https://gist.github.com/ryanlaws/576c970edf56b89796b6d79227b9cc86 Most of the performers were using the Monome Teletype which seems fucking amazing. I bought one but I haven't really dug into it yet because I have another SC thing I'm working on for the second Flash Crash stream next weekend: https://flashcrash.net/ Also thanks @Rubin Farr for fixing my embed goof!
  10. Yeah I think the chiptune tonal palette is largely (and weirdly) untapped territory. People like little-scale and cTrix have done fucking amazing shit with the old hardware. And there's chip-based stuff, especially from the first Eurorack boom ~10 years ago, that's kind of forgotten now but is particularly for things like drone, really aggressive basses or brittle pads, harsh percussion, etc.
  11. MAPSQUEST is the first release of the MAP CORPS netlabel. All proceeds go to the Union of Concerned Scientists to assist their research into climate related activities. Each of the 18 tracks was created by an artist aligned with the emerging aesthetics of so-called "mapcore". MAPSQUEST by MAP CORPS
  12. This might be a weird recommendation but you could get a Norns and either use one of the existing apps or code up your own that does exactly what you want. I can't think of many things more capable for the size. A run of the shield version is open for preorder right now, supposed to ship in July: https://market.monome.org/ Full disclosure: I hang out with monome-adjacent people on the innernets so I'm kinda biased.
  13. I agree. Canned tuna is tragic and offensive on like 4+ different levels and this is the most important one.
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