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  1. Had the same issue. Turned off Javascript temporarily and was able to submit. Joyrex if you have Fiddler skilz and can repro you might wanna look for a script that contains "window.location".
  2. What a little bitch. Is this what he wants to be remembered for? Also his hair fucking sucks.
  3. I agree with the above on it being some FM synth, probably DX11 or DX100. There's all sorts of those could-be-FM-could-be-subtractive patches (my faves) all over SAW2. That track is one of my all-time favorite things in life. I've always perceived it as an oasis.
  4. I lent a work friend my Korg monologue. We had a little jam this evening and it was great. He has no prior experience with synths and he is just fucking around and stumbling on sweet spots and making awesome sounds. If it was 10 years ago I would probably want it back so I can get some of my own mojo going. But now I'm just really happy for him and it's a joy to watch him just go bananas on it, such a huge variety of sounds and so immediate and fun. It's in my top 5 friendly gear for sure. If I get any more hardware synths they're going to be along the same lines (e.g. MS-20, Circuit Mono Station).
  5. In my experience there's decent overlap between Bernie bros and anti-vaxxers / conspiracy theorists / weirdo-believers.
  6. Yeah the Sample is great. It sounds really good and is fun to get weird on. It also looks great - I think it's probably right up there with the Modular for best-looking Volca. The stuff @thawkins mentioned is certainly limiting, although I think having 10 tracks for mutes opens up the fill possibilities a fair amount. Loading sounds is also a little annoying, but it also gives it this kind of charm, like you're building your own little library. I should use it more often, but hey, it's a Volca, I don't feel that guilty. The FM is pretty great too. When I first got it, I wanted it to be a little DX7 I could do real patching on, which was pretty frustrating. When I gave up on that and just tweaked the real-time knobs, it became way more fun. Honestly, I think it's right up there with the Monomachine and Nord Drum for fun, immediate FM. And there's plenty of DX7 editors out there if you want to properly patch. It was smart of them to leave that door open but focus on making it enjoyable.
  7. Fuck neat, it's way better with lime juice on the rocks.
  8. Agree on "all end". Disagree about structure, but I think I get what you're saying. It's definitely more naturalistic and jammy now. Also don't forget Draft followed Confield, and it was all made in the DAW, so structure was front and center. Of course they tired of that approach pretty quickly.
  9. I think a reason it works so well is it's not -too- melancholy. They're believable, sincere without being maudlin.
  10. It's pretty similar. I'm much more sure that the weird flangey sound toward the end of Goz is also on the Velocity Kendall remix of Pelt.
  11. I think it's a combination of the two. Who owns this IP now that John & Sleazy are gone, and do you think they'd fight to get it taken down? Isn't it better that the (modestly pressed) music is being heard at all? There's also a healthy niche of collectors who basically guarantee every pressing sells out, so there's almost certainly no financial threat.
  12. Yes. I'm worried that some, particularly Biden, also have a good chance of getting MeToo-ed at the worst possible moment. I know it's a shitty thing to think but it's so easy to imagine.
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