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  1. Weirdly been listening to this several times a week lately. Excellent balance of hope, mystery, and of course trademark Actress fuckedupness
  2. Not only can it save patches, it's one of those synths that can perform program changes quickly enough to serve as a drum kit. It also has extensive CC spec and is just overall very responsive and snappy. The sequencer kind of sucks for all but the most basic of tasks, but it can be kind of fun. The Elektron models both seem great though, and come with the all-important sequencer. Otherwise, I might go for one of the budget Modal synths in this range. That'd probably give you the most sound design options. Yeah... eurorack doesn't even seem that expensive now relative to most
  3. Thanks for validating. My friends talk so much shit about this, but as even-keeled popcorn horror, it's pretty damn good. Maybe it's the happy ending that bothers people.
  4. It's pretty goofy that she was trying to sue Gorilla Glue tho. Like, you did a dumb, just accept it. Maybe her health insurance doesn't cover it otherwise though :|
  5. If only everything was a library. I'm so sick of 99% of problems (or just foregone possibilities) being compatibility issues. I hope someone solves this problem in the next 20-50 years. Yep, once you've had a taste of the fluid frontier, everything else feels like a toy.
  6. Some (maybe useless) thoughts: Pitch bend is 14-bit - as long as you only need 16 per (virtual) device, you can just assign them to different channels You can also bake things like inertia (or "fine" controls) into your synths in order to fake higher resolution Anywhere you can use OSC, a lot of these resolution problems melt away, and so does mapping/organizing, which imo is potentially an even larger time suck
  7. Chiastic Slide up to Gantz Graf was incredible. When the lines were blurry between their main output, Gescom, and the remixes. And the EPs and albums mirrored each other. And they were making futuristic sounds on what was probably pretty dated hardware at the time (RSD-10, DX-100, ASR-10). Quaristice and the remixes around that time were also excellent. Same with Exai. When NTS is good, it is very good. SIGN is still growing on me. I hope to hear new remixes very soon (I understand the SOPHIE one was actually 5+ years old?)
  8. That is so sad. I enjoyed so many of his posts. RIP
  9. I like to think this is a highly personal, idiosyncratic hobby/occupation/whatever. Maybe this is less the case than it used to be, but based on the sheer number of tools out there I think it's still true. That's a fucking beautiful thing imo and I don't wanna step on those flowers too much. Therefore I am pretty hesitant about prescribing what people should do or use - I am much more interested in chatting about the possibilities and what gets them excited. There's certainly a practical aspect to that, but maybe what us jaded vets see as "blingy" some newcomers see as comfy or as an exte
  10. This can take years, though, and it can change along with your tastes and experience.
  11. If I was starting over from the beginning, I'd rather have the MC-101 (or the TR-6s) than a whole bunch of other shit I churned through early on: TR-606, DJX, TR-626, MC-50mkII, RY-30. The only thing I still have and occasionally use from those days is the TX81Z. Hell, I am tempted to replace my volcas with a TR-6s. Seems like a pretty nice, if limited, little beat box.
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