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  1. How do you make words go into the computer tho?
  2. The BIM I can definitely live without; I'm not feeling any pressure to complete the set. Between SC and Octatrack, I have all the mod delay I want. If I ever wanted more, I'd go for the Thyme. It does sound very good, though.
  3. Gave in and got a BOUM. Welp it should make some nice stuffing for the Elektrons' bras/boxers. Staving off residual MS20 lust now with cold showers and SuperCollider.
  4. Well, that was fucking awesome. Sarah Peacock is my hero.
  5. I got jack shit to do tomorrow until 4 pm except work off a hangover (Ideally in the intl district)
  6. Tight, look for my awkward ass all-eyeballs like an out of towner
  7. You there yet? I'm standing outside like the creep i am Fuck it I'll go in and take a chance
  8. Fucking Pizza Mart!! You can only get it at ONE bar in Spo. Let's get a shot after the show.
  9. I'll be the dork in the grey windbreaker with stupid grey hair!
  10. Holy fuck you can get malört here.
  11. Any of you buttholes going to Neumos? I'm around the corner nursing a fernet to top off my pep slices.
  12. Cuckoo is a great closer for ABB5. That orchestral track is perfect, but it's too perfect to end the album with. I think of it as the closing scene of the movie where Cuckoo is the end credits rolling - it's good but you don't feel bad about leaving the theatre in the middle of it.
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