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  1. I guess ambient is kind of trendy right now, but I still haven't heard anything quite like SAW2. I'm no Aphex fanboy, at least by WATMM standards, but I think it's pretty special. There's a particular quality to it; it's alive and real like sunshine, grass, and puddles. I don't know how to express it without sounding pretentious. And I'm sure it's all been said. I think that "take" bitchroast quoted is actually pretty accurate - I think it does miss the mark somewhat, but it hints decently at this kind of detachment (in the Buddhist/Taoist sense) I've always felt from it. Like... I trust SAW2 because it just is.
  2. I try to do as much as possible without the DAW, but 90% of the time I end up popping open Reaper at the very least to dump tracks into to edit. Occasionally I'll hook everything up to my interface and record everything to separate tracks. That ends up feeling like a chore to me, but that's largely because I have done pretty close to jack shit on studio ergonomics - I almost always roll with 2-3 pieces of gear at a time and constantly swap things in and out. I think I'd like to move more in that "proper studio" direction. Anyway, Reaper has given me pretty close to 0 problems. I don't think of myself as a DAW guy but I use Reaper regularly and I don't mind it one bit. It doesn't get in the way.
  3. Got dam this one is so good. Held together with duct tape and about to explode. Oh yum, haven't seen this Quite. Did Brothomstates do the music for this one too?
  4. Hats sound fine to me. Those trigger outs are nice for euro too. I like the sound and flexibility of the TT-606, though. I do not like Behringer, but it's awesome that you can finally get matching 303/606 clones for an appropriate price. With that I think the acid clone arms race is officially over.
  5. The art will make sense once we hear the music, just like every other release. I'm thinking stripped-down, mellow, warm, much less dense, but with texture/harmony relationships surfacing on repeated listens a la Oversteps. There will probably be drums but probably more pendulu hv moda than Dilankex. Or it will sound like new school Orbital.
  6. Early on, they were 606 kids (because that's what they could get for cheap), and don't seem to have ever been in the habit of chasing vintage gear. Lowride had an 808 cowbell (probably from the R8) though. But there's at least a handful of tracks with 808-ish kicks scattered throughout their oeuvre; Surripere is the only one that springs to mind.
  7. I'm starting to think this is going to be a bit like Untilted. Less reverb, more crisp textures.
  8. Definitely. I'm still faster on the Monomachine & Octatrack than anything else...
  9. Duplicate https://forum.watmm.com/topic/99807-autechre-sign-161020/
  10. I had already scheduled a week off immediately following release date. I'll be properly soaking this one in.
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