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  1. Yeah, I think it's mostly MPC... Rob confirmed elsewhere that 90101-5l-l from Quaristice is MPC (specifically JJOS1, I believe) and much of Skull Snap has a very similar flavor to that, especially in terms of filters and reverb. I do think that R Zee Oner Panix was legitimately done on an RZ-1 with just some cheap reverb. Which is fucking dope.
  2. They refuted it in the AAA thread shortly after I posted this. It's fun to think about though 🙂
  3. It's time to try out our new weapon.
  4. Thanks for the reminder. This is one of my favorite YouTube videos ever and definitely my favorite sports story.
  5. fuck outta here with that kumbaya bullshit, everyone in this thread a triflin'-ass bitch, especially me
  6. Lockheed Martin Raytheon Blackwater Mitsubishi Kalashnikov Mikoyan - Gurevich Marilyn Lockheed
  7. Ha, I knew someone would say that. Fair point!
  8. I love/hate these threads. Apparently I live under a rock; where do you guys find this stuff? Le Dom isn't on my radar at all - sounds like I better check that out right now.
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