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  1. Yeah, interesting because 1) it still works 2) it straight up sounds like mid 80s electro pop a la Shannon, which judging by Autechre's DJ sets is right up their alley. In a weird way I read this as a big compliment.
  2. This is so good. Sometimes wrong is so, so right.
  3. "Best practices": Fix the levels first Strongly prefer cut to boost If you need to make more than 3dB of adjustments, your sound probably has major flaws that EQ can't fix Always make adjustments in the mix, not solo Get to know the frequency ranges' relationships to your sound palette of choice - you may be surprised what ranges each occupies (e.g. good hi hats often have a decent amount of low-mids) Tricks: If you're trying to make a sound less painful, crank the boost up, turn the bandwidth fairly low, and sweep through the offending area until it tangibly hurts your ears. Then start cutting. Shelf EQs are basically low or high pass filters with dry/wet mix. Parametric EQs are basically bandpass filters with dry/wet mix. Therefore other filter tricks (e.g. pinging) can be creatively used with EQ as well. King Tubby fucking rules
  4. fwiw I managed to bypass the paywall by hitting Esc rapidly upon page load (before the "give us money" banner popped up and blocked everything)
  5. sweepstakes

    draft 7.30

    this is surely not going to be a popular take but I think you're spot-on.
  6. There is something a bit September about Amber, isn't there?
  7. This is also on Claro, entitled "mdrmx". The original was the first track from Appelsap. There's also a MOD floating around somewhere from either mellow-d or FM (the "Five Musicians") called "ip xen" that has the same hi hat thing as the second track of Claro ("Brothomstates Ipxen")
  8. different tracks 24101999 = this 25101999 = album (but yeah 24101999 is absolutely fucking insane, huge inspiration on me for the last ~20 years)
  9. awesome but my favorite thing here is the framed Claro sleeve
  10. Yeah it was the Australians. They didn't pay him for his work during the last few years of his life and after he died they refused to pay hospice, etc. bills to his mourning family, which led to an ugly legal battle which I don't think has been completely resolved. I don't have the complete story but it's ugly. Tiptop does seem legit, though, and if it's being owned/controlled by reputable folks now, well, that's great news.
  11. Count me out; I'd sooner fuck with Behringer than the post-2015 incarnation of the Buchla company after what they did to Don.
  12. I was floored by "Disappearing" when the video came out. I've spun through the album a couple times and it's nice but the rest isn't quite sinking in yet.
  13. Whatever is going on in the sink area is weird. And that pink cooler above the cabinet likely contains human bones. I'd probably have the same expression upon entering that kitchen.
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