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  1. That green is the sauce. I wish they would've used euro-sized jacks though. Oh, well, this is why I make my own cables.
  2. I agree but to me part of that sound is the aliasing and pitching samples down until they sound like Satan's trash compactor. It gets just close enough to that sound to make me lust for a K4 (whew lad have those gone up in price). Just single cycles on that Argon8. It's got a much narrower focus and comparatively takes itself way more seriously. I'm sure the Wavestate is an absolute riot and if it was a little cheaper it'd be an instabuy for me (not that the price is unreasonable at all).
  3. Wavestate looks pretty lush for jambin' once you get all your stuff set up, but it looks pretty fiddly/menu-divey to get there. Also it seems to really want to have that kinda plasticky, Dad, Korg sound (what's with the ubiquitous reverb?) - the tables/architecture on the Argon8 sound a lot more exciting.
  4. I had read the opposite, that he surged in the polls once it was clear that the impeachment train was full steam ahead. I realize that without a reference that's just hearsay...
  5. I'm with salv... once again the dems pursue justice at the expense of public opinion. The "demo" in democracy is people, not law, and a lot of those people are vindictive dipshits that are only going to strike back when they feel threatened. Trump just got his underdog seat back. -Should- he be impeached and punished for his crimes? Yes. -Will- it make the right come to Jesus and stop supporting destructive populist fucks? No way.
  6. I want to give WeeklyBeats the honest attempt I bungled too quickly in 2018. I'd also like to establish healthier, more sustainable eating and overall consumption habits. This may include quitting alcohol and nicotine but I'm not ready to make an empty commitment to that. I'm considering developing a crippling Eurorack addiction, but so far I've only gazed over the precipice into the dark, bottomless void. GAS already consumes me, but ultimately I'm a coward.
  7. How do you make words go into the computer tho?
  8. The BIM I can definitely live without; I'm not feeling any pressure to complete the set. Between SC and Octatrack, I have all the mod delay I want. If I ever wanted more, I'd go for the Thyme. It does sound very good, though.
  9. Gave in and got a BOUM. Welp it should make some nice stuffing for the Elektrons' bras/boxers. Staving off residual MS20 lust now with cold showers and SuperCollider.
  10. Well, that was fucking awesome. Sarah Peacock is my hero.
  11. I got jack shit to do tomorrow until 4 pm except work off a hangover (Ideally in the intl district)
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