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  1. http://s.warp.net/msf-wav http://s.warp.net/msf-score http://s.warp.net/msf-midi http://s.warp.net/msf-stems
  2. joew


    ha, beautiful music though, think you can hear the cs80 in there. hope it gets a separate release somehow
  3. joew

    beatless vordhosbn

    love hearing the melody that comes in at the very end on its own, seems there were some reverbed parts added in the final mix comparing w album cut
  4. if you want your instruments on their own channels youre going to need a lot of inputs. one solution is to buy a smaller audio interface that has optical ADAT in, and buy something like that behringer A/D converter (ada8200?) to expand your inputs. otherwise you just need a bigass audio interface. also, using something like a mixer with multiple buses/sends can let you group several inputs together into single channels, so you wouldn't only have your stereo master outputs but actually have the mix broken into chunks you record individually
  5. very nice thx. any totally new material?
  6. is subways made up of samples or original audio? why does it keep transposing around
  7. nobody fucking told me great track for driving
  8. Player loaded. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04gqwz8 Starts at around 54:00
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