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  1. worms

    Brexit :(

    Well the EU needs to be destroyed, it is anti democratic, designed to destroy european nation states. There is no common european demos. Young people’s naivety towards it is astounding. The uk legal system has nothing in common with german or french law. British law was far superior in design. Fair Jury trial, magna carta, habeus corpus, liberty under the law. Civil liberties like these didn’t exist in france and germany. England would be better off out of this superstate, out of the eu army, out of the un plan for eurabia. Uk legal system is fucked atm, grizzly things like torture going on behind the scenes. The sooner uk leaves the better, it will give us a chance to retore our precious legal system, which is worth more than gdp or piles of gold. Historically britain traded by sea and ignored the continent, which is what we should do again in order to be a successful country. We need more Aristotle Onassis types too, we need to rebuild the merchant navy. Also we need to at all costs avoid a war with russia, only brexit and a corbyn government can achieve these things. If you vote Tory you are scum. Btw afx is 100% right to quite tony benn, a democratic hero of the left.
  2. worms

    Brexit :(

    Ill probably vote brexit party in the eu election then labour in the general to get may out
  3. Arg, i went to blue honey night cafe in cardiff expecting to meet dj guy but he didnt turn up, was ill or something Aint heard his music yet, good to know it’s good ya know? Edit: samples sound great, kind of 808state summery vibes
  4. worms

    Brexit :(

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWnpbEMMsNw posted by aphex twin on his soundcloud
  5. worms

    Brexit :(

    Afx labour leaver like me haha Just posted tony benn vid on his sc
  6. worms

    Studio tour

    Boc: Marcus: yeah here’s the studio m8 There’s an sh 101, that one’s mine The other one Mike: that’s mine Marcus: yeah that’s Marcus’s Mike: we’ve totally tried to keep our heads buried in the sand technologically Marcus: yeah nobody else uses analogue synths any more Mike: high five Marcus: low five
  7. Warp records is pleased to announce a new Aphex Twin album. More info to follow.
  8. ああ、あなたはおそらく何かを知っていますか? Joyrexさんは日本語できますね。本当にすごい。
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