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  1. It's all over the New York news that the NYC cops are bracing for demonstrations WHEN Trump is arrested. Of course he is complaining, but if you don't wanna be arrested, then:
  2. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/american-company-accused-of-violating-sanctions-doing-business-with-russian-arms-industry Hey, gotta make that bank, tho.
  3. This is an explosion of sour cherries and I love it.
  4. She's Finnished But honestly, who cares?
  5. Agree, but knowing how these big companies work, they've probably borrowed / mortgaged against their projected sales which included this $1b chunk so to them they might realize a loss greater than the production cost if they cannot sell them at what they projected (which makes me lol).
  6. no I haven't, mainly because I don't really like them (sorry).
  7. https://tobirarecords.com/collections/ambient 49 pages of ambient releases for you to browse through. Drone, too: https://tobirarecords.com/collections/drone
  8. Yep. Was backing you up. Most EVs in "one pedal mode" use regen only unless you use the brake pedal (which you shouldn't have to in that mode). The ones with better one-pedal implementations (surprisingly, Chevy) use blended braking (regen and friction) whenever you press the brake even in normal driving mode. Others use less or no regen when you press the brake or have one-pedal as the only option (BMW). I use one-pedal exclusively on my Chevy and expect the original rotors/brakes to pretty much last the life of the car. Can't imagine never changing brakes on my car. One of the many many things I love about this car.
  9. No, wouldn't work, there's no free lunch. And yes, the braking system on most EVs use regenerative braking which sends energy back to the battery as you brake. But because of the 2nd law of thermo., you can never get back more or even as much as you expended due to losses (heat, etc.).
  10. OK, but when Fox News loses / settles this lawsuit, will they choose to do a mea culpa or use it as more ammunition for ratings/money a la "the woke left is persecuting us and look even the judicial system is rigged because we lost". Some followers will never believe the truth, but what happens after this lawsuit could have interesting ramifications on the future direction of the shit media in this country.
  11. To me, Farnsworth is like big brain but with something more clever or funny. Burger is for something with which I would like to give a real burger as a reward. However, IIRC, the burger started with burger tags, which would always break, hence, "I'm not even going to fix that burger", so sometimes I use it for something that is too broken for me to care to fix.
  12. Everybody's freaking out about this one Chinese balloon spying on us... as they open up TikTok on their phones.
  13. True. I'm just wondering how far it will continue to escalate. Probably forever, these Rs have shown time and time again that they have no souls, I don't know why I'm expecting them to change.
  14. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/20/us/solomon-pena-new-mexico-shootings.html It's only a matter of time before one of these nutballs actually seriously hurts or kills a Democratic politician (or a family member of one). Will that be enough for the whackjob Rs, or those who at least have a little conscience left, to stop this "win at any cost" bullshit?
  15. The right to disagree with the preferred narrative of the medical community? You mean the right to disagree with science? OK.
  16. There's definitely a size limit there
  17. No bad press, except when ur pressing against some 16-year-olds.
  18. Whatever happened to the Gaetz sexual abuse / corruption of a minor whatever allegations? Anyway, prob actually helped his cred in Florida.
  19. According to Faux News: Apparently, we're in 8th grade again.
  20. The Rs are reaping what they sowed. They were complicit in letting these idiot reps into their party and giving them a voice just to appease the Trump base. Well the devil has come to collect his dues and it's a true lol-fest.
  21. Hey, we are supposedly a government of representation, and he sure does represent Florida.
  22. I heard an interview this morning on WNYC with some house Republican (forget who), and he basically said that the people holding this up are angling for committee assignments (and this is not the time to do that sort of thing) and/or just interested in generating chaos. Lol. Honestly, this is what they fucking get when their whole ideology (conservatism) is based on selfishness. They can't even work together for anything without saying, "what's in it for me?".
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