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  1. I discovered SFA on the Rings USA tour, a friend dragged me to the show and it was one of the best shows I've been to. Show was amazing, then we hung around after the show and the band invited me and some of my friends backstage where we hung out while they smoked some weed and spun some records. Really nice dudes. Got a tour poster signed and it's one of my prized possessions. Because of this experience, this album will always have a special place in my life, not to mention it's also awesome.
  2. https://superfurry.backstreetmerch.com/ To celebrate the announcement, they released the audio of Paul McCartney chomping on celery and carrots that they used as percussion on receptacle for the respectable (lol):
  3. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/amp/2021/07/tom-brady-joins-president-biden-at-white-house-to-mock-trump.html
  4. Did dis dude jus did dis? -John Starks
  5. I do it for the rush, the adaptation, and the general backwardness of the act.
  6. I work in a relatively narrow field of research that almost nobody has heard of (rheology). Been studying and working in that field for 16 years. I go to the annual conference every year and there's still tons of shit that I don't understand. My colleagues at work call me the rheology "expert". Sure, to them I am an expert but even in this narrow field, it takes a lifetime to become a true expert, and even then the expertise may only be in 2 - 3 subsections of the field. This is precisely why we can't just listen to one or two sources of information and form a rigid opinion, especially about something as serious as covid. You will have to trust the network of scientists and peer reviewers who have put huge amounts of human-hours into this problem.
  7. IMO the most important thing that is learned from a post-secondary education (primarily Ph.D.) is that you learn very quickly that you're absolutely clueless. You're forced to read mountains and mountains of publications from researchers who have made both large and incremental steps before you; and this mountain of papers is just in your own narrow area of research! You know when a Ph.D. student is ready to defend their dissertation when you ask them a tough question about their own area of research, and their response is that they don't know (and that it's OK to not know), but they do know where to go look for it and how to piece together different pieces of research to get the answer. It really causes you to think differently and more critically about things, and to have a more well-adjusted perspective on things like COVID research, even if it's far from your area of research.
  8. J&J looking like a stronger option, although with limited data at the moment.
  9. Natural feedback loops love to work in exponential fashion.
  10. Oh yeah I'm sure they know this and are betting on it being dismissed. All they care about is getting people to donate money. Easy scam. Make a big announcement that you're suing these big "socialist", "evil" entities, open up the donation lines, profit, play the victim when the suits are dismissed.
  11. The only people who will benefit from all those lawsuits are the lawyers.
  12. Yeah OK that's fair, he never changed his stance or story except for that one time he testified in court that he gave ludes to all those women and then assaulted them.
  13. For JnJ vaccine, no booster needed for delta variant, and no general booster needed until likely 12 - 24 months after the first dose.
  14. JnJ vaccine shows strong persistence of immune response at month 8 (in a small cohort of ~20), and a strong response against all variants of concern including the delta variant.
  15. Seems like they're leaning on an exec (Weisselberg), threatening to charge him with not paying taxes on benefits received from the Trump Org. to try and flip him into testifying against the Trump Org. in exchange for a deal. Seems these types of charges (failure to pay taxes on benefits received from an employer) are rarely pursued and the regulations are even unclear in some cases, so it's pretty clear what they're doing (not that I have a problem with it).
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