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  1. Well turns out I don't have a conclusive answer, either. The PCA test that she took at the same time was negative. So we have 3 rapid home tests saying negative, then one antigen test saying positive, then a PCR saying negative. We definitely have something, albeit not too serious. I'm guessing whatever she has gave a false positive on the antigen test.
  2. I'm out of the dodgeball game, wife tested positive so I assume I am too. Mild, almost no symptoms so far, but we'll wait and see. Both of us are vaxxed and boosted. Both our rapid home tests were negative but she went to an urgent care because she had a sore throat.
  3. Enjoying the remainder of my Rochefort 6 from dinner on the back patio while little Lola enjoys a treat.
  4. Oh boy if Zeff was still around for this...
  5. No matter what resolution may come to pass, they should be thinking about a way to minimize Putin's ability to spin that resolution in his internal propaganda machine. Make it as hard as possible for him to paint himself as anything other than what he really is. Would be great to force him to do something like an allocution, but he would probably never do anything like that.
  6. Damn. I'm not from the UK so I hope I use this right, but YOU LOT ARE HARD AF.
  7. Damn, I don't have anything that serious (knock on wood) but I did break my thumb playing soccer (goalkeeper) a few weeks ago and it's not healing quickly because I'm 40. All in all, though, I can't complain. Been pretty lucky health-wise so far. My wife has rheumatoid arthritis which was pretty bad until she found a doctor who actually took the time to find the right balance of meds for her and now it's basically in remission, thankfully. Edit:. My eyesight is awful (was -9.5, drifted down to -8 recently) and my eye doctor keeps pestering me to get lasik. I honestly don't mind contacts and just don't like the side effects and possible negative consequences.
  8. Yeah I wish I could remember the numbers, it was something like half his assets were frozen and the other half was his war chest, something like 400 billion IIRC? I think it was Ignatius who linked that podcast series, it's a good listen: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/winter-is-here-with-garry-kasparov-and-uriel-epshtein/id1612842845
  9. I heard somewhere, I think that "Winter is Here" podcast series that was linked here far earlier in this thread, that the daily money Russia gets from Europe & other countries buying its oil & gas is more than Russia spends on the war every day. So, unless that changes dramatically, we probably won't see any serious shifts in how things are going now.
  10. Yeah they mentioned that in the first podcast, too, and made an interesting point that it's against the law (or attracts attention) at most places to straight up censor information so they've gotten around it by just drowning it out with their own BS. It's good that he gets in front of governments, but then they have to first listen to him and then figure out what/how to implement the correct measures.
  11. That guy seemed extremely knowledgeable on the Russian aspect of this mess. I hope our governments have consulted or are consulting with people like him.
  12. I got him to give me a demo version of one of these CD-Rs and I gotta say it was quite good.
  13. Saw them in Philly last night. First time seeing them since the Yanqui tour, and my first show since COVID. Really wanted to hear Mladic but they ended with BBF3 instead, not too bad.
  14. Turns out that if you begin with a view that information (binary yes/no, 1's / 0's) makes up the fabric of our universe, the dimensions of space and time can readily emerge from this basis. This would mean that space and time aren't even fundamental to the universe, they emerge from information. So the basic building blocks of the universe may be as simple as yes/no or on/off?
  15. Maybe he was just a low-level, low collateral damage kill for Putin to send a message to the others.
  16. I wonder what this does to sperm count / fertility. Infrared light aside (hello burned balls), increased temperature in the scrotum is linked to lower sperm count / viability, no? I mean that's why the ballz exist outside of the body cavity in the first place. If so, then we should all strongly encourage Carlson's followers to do this.
  17. Hey if they wanna dumb down their entire population, it might take a generation or so, but they'll reap what they sow.
  18. Soooo glad I got to see a live performance of this album on Halloween 2019 not long before COVID hit:
  19. Always wanted to require an anchor and compass to be able to eat my pizza.
  20. Taking selfies with the elephant's foot?
  21. I think that the level of feeling "represented" increases as you get to more local government. Recently I have really tried to read up on the candidates running in local and state elections before casting my vote. I agree that the further up you get, the less it seems the politicians do what's right for their constituents, at least in America. I've continued to vote in the main elections, but after having to choose between the lesser of two evils too often, I have started to pay more attention to the primaries which I think are vastly more important than the final elections. We need grass roots movements to get people to pay attention to and participate in primary elections at all levels, I feel that could have the quickest positive impact.
  22. Yes, and people who tend to fall for scams like this are probably not very successful in life (ofc there are outliers, but by and large they're probably not successful). This orange man comes along and lets them feel that their lives are not where they want them to be because of the swamp in DC, or the minorities coming from other countries and taking their jobs. They latch onto that and get to say, "yeah, I didn't get that job because the system is corrupt or because that minority got it over me", which is easier than saying, "I didn't get that job because I'm not as qualified or as smart or hard-working as the other person". It's much easier to blame others or "the system" for their own problems. I feel that these people have always been here, but they have stayed out of politics because there were few candidates they could get behind. The problem is that Trump came along and gave them a unifying voice, something they could all rally behind, even if it was only for his own personal gain.
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