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  1. It seems this place is more open to the idea, but unusually I think 'Spokes' is by far their strongest album. I do enjoy Plaid and obviously they should do what they are interested, but I'd have loved further explorations into the rich, denser, darker, "fuller" tracks on 'Spokes'. As much as I like later albums, they can feel a bit...slight, for want of a better word. But I get they are going for a more subtle, filtered down sound, and it is beautiful too.
  2. I would now really like one to do one too. I actually think the last one did well for them too (not that Sean did it for that reason) - surely the Nintendo / NME articles will bring some fresh interest in. 😄
  3. It was a great AMA. I liked learning about Parhelic Triangle and the gamelan adventures. I hope the Grace Jones remix thing happens.
  4. Thanks, that's really helpful. 🙂 Of course I don't know how literal Sean was being either, but what you said (and further research) will be helpful, because I see certain traits in myself and others and don't know what they mean. And I had a friend with what seemed to be really annoying tendency to not really listen to what was said in conversation - along with certain obsessions that seemed odd to me (beyond technical or creative stuff.) Once he learned he was OCPD it helped him a lot, and people like me to operate in more understanding.
  5. Forgive my total ignorance on this topic, but I really want to understand this. Sean referred a number of times to being neurodivergent, and even to "his" autism, which I really appreciated. However, from what I've read and seen of autism, there usually seems to be issues with social interaction. However, I again admit I know nothing about this really. My point is, someone like Sean comes across pretty socially gifted, witty, with good emotional intelligence, self awareness, humour and bantering skills. Great to talk to or hear from (though I know it wasn't a regular conversation.) Is it possible to be autistic and be like that? I mean he's not a "regular" maintream guy, but really if we're on here we're probably all mutants. Would like further insight...
  6. I didn’t want to name names as it felt a bit negative, but one of them was that artist BT. I had to unfollow him on Facebook (don’t know why I was following really - thought the studio stuff would be interesting.) Had a soft spot for him for a couple of tracks, especially the breakbeat stuff in the year 2000. But he really is as I said tbh, seemingly with every new release or software thing he’s involved in.
  7. He is a very smart and very funny guy - great insights too. Amazing he did this…never thought I’d see Sean share / interact on video. It’s true what others said about no BS. I love how irreverent he is about their great music. (Made a nice change or contrast from listening to one or two American artists pontificate about how amazing their music / techniques / plugins ((that I doubt they coded themselves) are recently.)
  8. It can be hard keeping up with BoC’s busy release schedule, can’t it?
  9. Inspired by this thread, Sean is ready to enter into politics. He may have once said, “politics is just a polite word for war” - but fear not; he has had a change of heart, he’s putting Max down for now, and his political career ambitions are being realised. With Borris Johnson in some trouble, Sean Booth has a clear way to the top!
  10. I have something insightful to add to this discussion: Autechre make their music with electronic equipment, particularly computers and software on those computers.
  11. Yes - I think I do too! 😊 And wow. I haven’t liked that many Tangerine Dream tracks since the 80s, but this is great. It absorbs some modern sensibilities in a cool way.
  12. I can’t tell if this is brilliant or totally stupid. Just when I thought the channel couldn’t get any weirder... https://youtu.be/aKhlXYfjXzg
  13. I just saw this posted on Facebook. (I still use it!) I am a sucker for game soundtracks and all things that remind of teenagerhood spent in front of videogames, especially during Christmas, so the timing was perfect! Between this and Metroid I can be very happy. Space Trains by Robot Logon
  14. I like this idea. I feel that the OneSix live tour went near to this - awesome globular swaves of musical sound, but not always with clear deliniations between traditional categories.
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