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  1. I like this, and also many of the OT discussions Sean has been having on that Mastodon account. Really fascinating…
  2. What do people make here of the new Jimmy Edgar album? I really really liked Cheetah Bend. Even though I'm not usually into that kind of sound, he brought something so fresh to those forms that it felt like a sonic rollercoaster. Pop but bent and interesting. The new one I am less sure about, but I'm sure it could grow on me. LIQUIDS HEAVEN by JIMMY EDGAR
  3. One track I underrated on early listens to sure is the closer, Wide I's. It's very cool and relentless in a good way - makes you pay attention.
  4. Agree on all fronts, including the tracks that stand out to you. They’re beautiful, especially the opener, and I’d add C.A to your list. “Plodding and unremarkable” feels accurate for the rest though. I’m actually partial to some cute sci-fi synth “cheese”, but this doesn’t feel snappy or catchy enough to satisfy on that level. Also, it didn’t matter that many tracks stopped really building / seemed to finish early on their last releases, because the basic ideas were still so good despite the “slight” approach. But here they just feel short and noodle-ley. It’s a shame, as I was hyped for this and liked the surrounding imagery and context. Still, as much as their recent stuff has gone down well for me, “Spokes” is my favourite, so maybe that has something to do with it. I mess that epic, detailed impressive darkness and element of surprise. So many seem to be making nicer and blander music these days.
  5. Seems you were right. 😄 I'm not particularly feeling this album; it seems distinctly ordinary (apart from the two tracks we already got, which have those Plaid harmonies we love.) In fact, a friend I was playing it to (excitedly, before we both realised we weren't liking it) described it as "almost aggressively dull." I know struggling unsigned electronic artists who make better music than this, but also make things like 'Modonet' in a couple of hours and wouldn't dream of putting it out (not that anyone listens to most lesser known people putting out music anyway now.) I'm sure some will like the wondering, noodly, videogamey vibes though. I just need my harmonies and melodies a bit more arresting if the beats are gonna be so straight like this. I'm struggling to find anything interesting at all in quite a few of these tracks, and the Super Mario World soundtrack is one of my favourite things ever. (That's got more interesting melodies, harmonies, and syncopation though.)
  6. I’ve got a really good feeling about this album.
  7. I really like this album! Sounds massive. It’s true it can still be a bit four to the floor, a bit corny, but not nearly as much as some of his recent stuff, which was too brickwalled brash EDM for me. This is much better.
  8. I…acquired the Helsinki file (I’ll buy it and any others when it’s possible to do so ofc.) I’ve gotta to say, as early days as it is, the is some of the best I’ve heard from Sean and Rob, and I like their stuffs a lot. I can see why it would seem a certain way live - it’s a lot to take in - but this material is so molten, freaky and enjoyably mind bending. It’s also warm and totally enveloping. It’s like an even deeper exploration of the globular, shifting onesix world. Much more my kind of thing than SIGN and PLUS (certain tracks notwithstanding, and heard elements of PLUS in one or two bits of this love set…) It’s true all our brains are looking for different things in music. This is the less overt, denser world my brain seems to like.
  9. It seems this place is more open to the idea, but unusually I think 'Spokes' is by far their strongest album. I do enjoy Plaid and obviously they should do what they are interested, but I'd have loved further explorations into the rich, denser, darker, "fuller" tracks on 'Spokes'. As much as I like later albums, they can feel a bit...slight, for want of a better word. But I get they are going for a more subtle, filtered down sound, and it is beautiful too.
  10. I would now really like one to do one too. I actually think the last one did well for them too (not that Sean did it for that reason) - surely the Nintendo / NME articles will bring some fresh interest in. 😄
  11. It was a great AMA. I liked learning about Parhelic Triangle and the gamelan adventures. I hope the Grace Jones remix thing happens.
  12. Thanks, that's really helpful. 🙂 Of course I don't know how literal Sean was being either, but what you said (and further research) will be helpful, because I see certain traits in myself and others and don't know what they mean. And I had a friend with what seemed to be really annoying tendency to not really listen to what was said in conversation - along with certain obsessions that seemed odd to me (beyond technical or creative stuff.) Once he learned he was OCPD it helped him a lot, and people like me to operate in more understanding.
  13. Forgive my total ignorance on this topic, but I really want to understand this. Sean referred a number of times to being neurodivergent, and even to "his" autism, which I really appreciated. However, from what I've read and seen of autism, there usually seems to be issues with social interaction. However, I again admit I know nothing about this really. My point is, someone like Sean comes across pretty socially gifted, witty, with good emotional intelligence, self awareness, humour and bantering skills. Great to talk to or hear from (though I know it wasn't a regular conversation.) Is it possible to be autistic and be like that? I mean he's not a "regular" maintream guy, but really if we're on here we're probably all mutants. Would like further insight...
  14. I didn’t want to name names as it felt a bit negative, but one of them was that artist BT. I had to unfollow him on Facebook (don’t know why I was following really - thought the studio stuff would be interesting.) Had a soft spot for him for a couple of tracks, especially the breakbeat stuff in the year 2000. But he really is as I said tbh, seemingly with every new release or software thing he’s involved in.
  15. He is a very smart and very funny guy - great insights too. Amazing he did this…never thought I’d see Sean share / interact on video. It’s true what others said about no BS. I love how irreverent he is about their great music. (Made a nice change or contrast from listening to one or two American artists pontificate about how amazing their music / techniques / plugins ((that I doubt they coded themselves) are recently.)
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