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  1. Apart from the opener (which is very fresh sounding), I’m finding this too. I can’t relate to the reviews that are finding this a new direction. Elseq and especially the NTS Sessions had quite a few tracks were already exploring this melodic/harmonic synth direction, although to be honest I sometimes find those richer and more interesting when I return to them. The big change here is the lack of reverb...but again, stuff like g1e1 from NTS3 was also real dry.
  2. I liked the Allmusic review; it seemed balanced in noticing a stylistic change, but not setting the new work against the old as if this change were some kind of “relief.” A sensible, sober piece of writing that actually refers to the sonics, respects what has gone before and is cautiously positive about where SIGN is taking us. 😁
  3. Unfortunately tinnitus also provides “surface noise” for all listening...but usually not if the soft-vinyl variety!
  4. I thought it was real interesting to discover in the New York Times interview that M4 Lema took around 3 months to make (tried to quote it here but can’t read the article anymore without subscribing) - and that it begun quite differently to how it ended up. No wonder that piece feels like an endless tapestry of details and sonic hints to discover. It’s amazing!
  5. I think that could be it...the name of their system. Metaz form8 really is beautiful by the way, isn’t it? It’s like the soundscape to an infinite dream. The sound of loss and longing.
  6. “...a rare melodic depth to their expansive sound. “ I don’t get why people keep saying this. Am I the only one who generally finds Autechre ARE melodic? Maybe I just don’t get what a melody is. Hah. But I certainly don’t think it has to be some “dooo do dooo do do dooo” top line LOL. Elseq is full of melodic-like movement in the upper registers.
  7. I’ve seen or two people really loving psin AM. What is about this kindofa track that is getting people super happy? Genuinely curious. I can see the chords are nicely moody, and I like the dark sci-fi aesthetic. But I can only hear about 3 elements, and it feels like if it were on any Autechre prior these would be half the track and there’d be other details taking things further (I hear huge synth chords, which to be fair are a bit elastic, some other quieter synth flickers that I recognise from the NTS ssssions, and a really muted kick drum.) Not that a track can’t be awesome with so few
  8. Yeah, you're probably right. This is always the case with a new release, but I think Exai, Elseq and NTS set this up for this to happen even more. Because those three they were all incredibly sprawling, structurally surprising within tracks AND often still insanely detailed (I still find new things in my favourite Elseq pieces, especially the incredible Mesh CereaL), I had some weird expectation that SIGNS would be like, all the amazing depth of those compressed into a shorter, tighter format - with a new sound. I thought, if they can make 2, 4 and then 8 hours of consistently amazing music no
  9. Quaristice has really grown on me! I was going through a lot of other new music by artists and came back to it after years and it seemed so imaginative, daring and vibey in light of the other electronic albums I was trying to get on with. Even tracks like Steels that I didn’t used to enjoy seemed pretty fascinating. I think now having a better sound system made a huge difference - the album has some amazing bass action. Still don’t get on with the second half as much as the first, though. But tracks 1-11 are a golden run. Simmm was an instant hit and still floors me. 🙂
  10. Yes! I see that. Especially tracks like Notwo (this one especially), Altibzz, and Outh9X (and the more minimal 'overtly' synthy ambient ones off Quadrage, and Altichyre.) But also in other ways (like the approach to pacing and detail), it seems quite stylistically reflective of Quaristice.
  11. And what do you think of the album? I know it isn’t cool to be earnest or to share any details about such things on a music forum, but I’m interested in knowing how people are experiencing it.
  12. This is where I seem to be now (I will cringe at this a few weeks from now no doubt): M4 Lema still mind-blowing and still kind of overshadows in terms of sound design, overall freshness, and sense of development (imho of course.) Metaz form8 is sort of beautiful. Like a much friendlier eastre off of Elseq 3. I could have done with it being twice as long! esc desc, th red and probably psin AM are three I still don’t get. Maybe those chords are just chords I happen to find real dull and plodding, and the synth sounds they’re on also seem pretty dry and singular and samey, but n
  13. @djimbe and @rhmilo, you've both summed up current feelings/struggles I have with it so far, or some of its tracks. If I share too much now it'll potentially be very embarrassing, but whatever...this is all part of the early banter. I will no doubt change my mind, but since Exai some (not all) views have formed and stuck earlier than they used to in earlier Autechre fandom days. One thing I hope to get used to here is indeed the smaller emphasis on wild development; even Oversteps would have many tracks that shifted key multiple times within a piece or ended up somewhere quite different by the
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