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  1. It can be hard keeping up with BoC’s busy release schedule, can’t it?
  2. Inspired by this thread, Sean is ready to enter into politics. He may have once said, “politics is just a polite word for war” - but fear not; he has had a change of heart, he’s putting Max down for now, and his political career ambitions are being realised. With Borris Johnson in some trouble, Sean Booth has a clear way to the top!
  3. I have something insightful to add to this discussion: Autechre make their music with electronic equipment, particularly computers and software on those computers.
  4. Yes - I think I do too! 😊 And wow. I haven’t liked that many Tangerine Dream tracks since the 80s, but this is great. It absorbs some modern sensibilities in a cool way.
  5. I can’t tell if this is brilliant or totally stupid. Just when I thought the channel couldn’t get any weirder... https://youtu.be/aKhlXYfjXzg
  6. I just saw this posted on Facebook. (I still use it!) I am a sucker for game soundtracks and all things that remind of teenagerhood spent in front of videogames, especially during Christmas, so the timing was perfect! Between this and Metroid I can be very happy. Space Trains by Robot Logon
  7. I like this idea. I feel that the OneSix live tour went near to this - awesome globular swaves of musical sound, but not always with clear deliniations between traditional categories.
  8. I think Sean Booth has probably got a beautiful voice, and I reckon they’ve been exploring traditional songwriting. Something tells me they now know white notes are the way to go; no more ugly chromatic notes, and definitely no microtonal ugliness. Instead - melodies to soothe the soul and bring relaxation. I know Rob Brown has been learning the accordion too. I can’t wait for their new positive song direction! A bit of um-cha-cha; some flamenco, some salsa, a lot of Sean’s new unedited smooth vocals. No autotunes. You heard it here first; I have sources
  9. I can’t work out if this channel is the worst videos I have ever seen, or the best I have ever seen. This doesn’t change anything on that front.
  10. If you don't mind me asking, how old were you when you got it? And how loud / what kind of tinnitus sound is it? Don't want to derail the thread, but this is interesting.
  11. Thanks for the explanation, Hugh! I know hearing loss / tinnitus affects some musicians who wonder if they can go on. It makes sense he would still be able to work in the studio if the volume can be kept low.... What did you make of the newest albums, by the way?
  12. Sorry to bump this old thread - but I was interested to see new Cylob after reading on Wikipedia that he had retired due to tinnitus and had read on an old thread of his hearing loss. Were these releases all brand new material? Which meant he overcame the hearing issues?
  13. Can't edit, but wanted to incolude djimbe, joao maia e silva and another person from this thread who posts here and makes music - can't remember now. 😳 I already mentioned him, but I can't emphasise Phonophani enough. 'Genetic Engineering' - 'Kreken' is such a stunning album trio, and genuinely some of the most original music I have heard. Though different in sound, his best moments remind me of Autechre's best moments in hearing sounds that it seems I've never heard before.
  14. Oh - I was referring to pieces from WATMMers posted by others in this thread! Like Ignatius, but all the music posted here I've listened to has been really good... 🙂
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