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  1. The theory posts are interesting. I like classical music, especially from late romantic period on and some contemporary classical music is thrilling - but I struggle with this end of modern kind classical music, the kind that is very pleasant and tame and seems "emotional" because like a broken A minor arpeggio is softly going around and around and apparently this means sadness or evokes the arctic or whatnot. I know Ludovico Einaudi, Nils Frahm Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds etc. are super popular, but I just don't get it. Everything about most of that music irritates me more than any other kind
  2. Looking forward to this interview! 🙂
  3. Lianne


    This is what I was (probably quite badly) trying to convey about the rhythmic element. I also love the "monotony" of Rale's beat, and even more so other tracks that do that, like a bunch of the steadier ones off EP7 - actually loads of Autechre tracks that are kind of linear designs that just "go" and have a simple, repetitive groove, at least in terms of beat *placement* (even if there's a tonne else being given in terms of texture, atmosphere, peripheral details etc.) I love minimal techno and when that works in this way, it really WORKS.
  4. Lianne


    Since the floodgates have been opened to get specific about this track, I like it, but conversely it's after 3 minutes all the way to 6:53 that I find it hard to enjoy, with the relentless snare on the 2 for so long. The rest of the "bits" of the track have cool rhythmic variation, but for some reason I get tired of that beat going for so long in this instance. It's weird because tonnes of music utilises that kind of repetition, and I love it, and there's loads else changing across those minutes in this track - but yeah, the relentless boom-tshhh boom-tshhh beat gets to me from 3 mins to 6:53
  5. I've really liked some of what Jimmy Edgar has put out, and really not got along with other stuff (the more straight house material) - but to me this is special. I don't usually like "trap" music (lol so clueless about genres) or MCs yelling like this, but his production is so crisp and banging and there's so many interesting sounds that I can't help but enjoy it. Very cool album, not a weak track. CHEETAH BEND | JIMMY EDGAR (bandcamp.com)
  6. 😮 I thought I’ve read posts of yours liking Autechre’s ambient side? But I may well be confused there. @xox - melodies can be beautiful in ambient, but they bring a focal point in a different way. It’s often more interesting to me when the evolving textures IS the soundscape because your attention is kind of lost in this vast space and it feels disorientating. Unless it’s sonically crap and then of course it is boring and has no atmosphere.
  7. He has said strange (to me) things in recent interviews about how if music is all texture, that’s ok but it won’t be as “timeless” as music with proper melodic content. References to Bach, piano lessons, other things. I love classical music but I don’t agree, since early ambient textural musical from the 70s and 80s still sounds amazing. Anyway, in more than one occasion I’ve noticed a kind of maybe self-conscious new approach towards electronics and a desire to show he has skill in traditional notions of music. That’s fine if he wants to explore that more. I miss the wild Dionysian attitude o
  8. This bizarre Hungarian / English short film is the best, weirdest, most entertaining and stupidest thing I have ever seen. It's a new channel and a new video, but the Abba cover brings you there...
  9. I saw on the artist Robert Logan’s Facebook page (had to do a double take with the name.) It seems to be a collection of weird shorter synth pop tracks. I’m sometimes a sucker for these old school excursions (including any robot voices, chip tune, vapourware and video game references) - and this has got something else going on top too. Really enjoying it...! https://robotlogon.bandcamp.com/album/space-trains
  10. It is a surprisingly straight melody amidst all the chaos for sure! I know what you a mean. A beautiful moment. The sound design in Confield is so subtle and next level and organic.
  11. Glad to see these listeners of his music here! Agree with all that’s been said. This new one, ‘Tactile Ground’, ‘The Biode’ and ‘What We Left Behind’ are a string of his best albums ever - only ‘Somnium’ and ‘Stalker’ match them. ‘Vestiges’ was also great, but for some reason didn’t hit quite as hard as those others just listed, even if I love that darker end of his sound. I don’t really personally connect with sweeter albums like ‘Ylang’ or ‘Medicine Box’, bar the odd track, but his is a consistently quality discography. ‘Bestiary’ is wonderful too. I sometimes do get tired of the lap s
  12. I think there’s other Robert Rich fans here? His new album, Neurogenesis, might just be my favourite of his yet - though the last few main releases have all been really special in my eyes. https://robertrich.bandcamp.com/album/neurogenesis If you like the microtonal, intricate sequencer-heavy side of his work, you’ll love this...
  13. That track was...unexpected. A kid singing and analog synths are not the first thing a new Clark album brings to mind. Unexpected is good, but I personally like Clark a bit beefier and / or weirder / wonkier (which hasn’t happened so much in a while anyway)- and am not so into these more literal accounts of the music or straight legible lyrics, but I can see that kind of track doing well with the young generation who love very overtly emotional lo-if-ish sadness-on-sleeve feels music (all music is by nature emotional, whether it’s Stockhousen or Peter Gabriel, but you get what I mean.)
  14. Lianne

    SIGN or PLUS?

    Wow! That’s amazing. I don’t mean this in a negative way, but I like this even more than anything on either...(apart from M4 Lema.)
  15. Okay, it happened. "SIGN" really clicked for me today, and while it isn't my favourite Autechre release, I did suddenly see how special it is and "get" its unique sound. Every track has something going for it and more depth than is first apparent, at least in terms of brilliant mixing and sound definition - including the ones I used to find boring - and the bass management in particular is beautiful on this record. Real thick and warm sound all round. As an album I now actually find it more enjoyably coherent than PLUS, but either way it is good to have both these records. It's amazing how moo
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