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  1. Wore a wig - have a ginger beard 😛 Vinyl? I think so. I had a old school wind-up camera an took snaps of Richie low on the stage in between a gap on the desk. Richie I think took some back too - there was a bit of a flash battle anyway I then lost the damn thing
  2. Peeps thought I was Richie before the gig "shouldn't you be up there?" <-- actually said
  3. This is me That was some gig - he played beep street too and i nearly died
  4. because he was not alive 😞
  5. I find them difficult to like, and I like that and other people don't like that Same with film... same maths, same with puzzles, same with untying knots I think I get a sort of dopamine hit form the "puzzle-solving" I get from listening to their music Over time the melodies emerge, the beats make sense, the narrative reveals itself Having 2 kids who have been raised slightly differently I can tell these things are developed early on and its probably hard to retrain the brain That's fine, i don't think everyone HAS to like them. Let people feel rewarded in their own way - no harm no fowl
  6. I reckon Richies working on stuff and will release in some form or another I reckon BoC will release something in time My lack-of-any-insight hunches based-on-fuck-all However i think the monetization of music production is in flux and perhaps the touted open-source Web. 3.0 near-future will support their endeavours more than the current stream-ageddon no-money-for-artists model
  7. Album title for release 22/2/22 <- after they get all their ducks in a row 😛 "Let's see what else happens.. if anything"
  8. Tonight's movie club with friends is "Censor" On another note, the local cinema in the small town near me (pop 2000 ) has closed officially due to Covid. It remained closed at the start of the lockdown but the family who run it have given up - I hope it gets bought out and rekindled. It is called the Phoenix cinema after-all . it was so warm and friend ran byt 3 simblings in their 50's and their dad before them... free tea/coffee biscuits on Tuesdays, classic films... and old style cinema shop, anual film festivals.. lovely for my kids. VERY sad to see it go
  9. Recently..... Dune 2021: Pure and utter shit. HATED the overblown score mostly but the pace, script, dialog,. acting, were all wooden and stale and the film is soul-less 1/10 Dune 1984: watched this afterwards and while it ends VERY badly with rushed editing etc overall itc compelling in its characters and crazy 80's space-opera production 4/10 The Rental: Very poor choices by its protagonists making you scream at the screen to cop-on but a nifty little thriller all the same 8/10 Host: One of my faves of the year - tight, original, well executed, and genuine jumps. Bravo! 10/10 Old Henry: starts of ordinary Western ... its gets a 9/10 though
  10. The girl I was dating at the time of Ultravisitor was standing by the back wall in the club crying bc it was too amazing, lol Im-not-joking
  11. On my second listen - its a fantastic set - a proper rave-up! Loving the bass noodles. Can't wait to see him in Primavera next year
  12. ooo nice! Ive contacted him to see can i up it to my mixcloud
  13. My record player don't to that but thanks for the link.. will play on my drive home
  14. Gonna hit this up today on vinyl now that ive a loaner amp aftee the shop finally agreed to replace my amp
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