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Community Answers

  1. I forgot how emotional this track is... like a sort of lament
  2. Been a while since i hit this track... totally amazing!
  3. That funkiness of acroyear2 tho Got these on CD/Vinyl but confeld i need on wax!
  4. Johnny? Heard he was a jungle DJ back-the-day You could see him on the old Ceephax/Chelmsford films skits - looks a bit like a young deniro I thought Other than that not heard of any music output What's this Acid Tape then?
  5. Got to say it really is a gorgeous remix - instantly catchy with those deft pusher noodles. Now ive got a nice little pusher 2021 remix "EP" on my phone: Danny Elfamn remix Deftones GoGo Penguin Xetaka any others?
  6. phudoshin

    170871 50

    Im gonna celebrate by listening to loads of his recent sets tonight H7\pPY b|rThD7\Y
  7. Safe to say however, she ain't no ceephax to squarepusher 😛
  8. phudoshin

    170871 50

    "50, cash, for 50undcLOud" That's my guess
  9. Quality tunage - As debuted at Forbidden Fruit 2011
  10. Re-bump of my megamixes - FMWT opener on pt 1 i think works well given its complexity - same with the end - where i also mixed his digital/bass tracks Pt 1https://www.mixcloud.com/keyfumbler/my-fucking-mashup-a-sequel-to-vlrs-his-fucking-sound-squarepusher-megamix/Pt 2https://www.mixcloud.com/keyfumbler/my-fucking-mashup-squared-a-sequel-to-the-sequel-vlrs-his-fucking-sound-squarepusher-megamix/
  11. this is great.. loving hearing producers talk about other producers 🙂
  12. He's also played tons of old stuff in recent sets. Its a bit lie the mask thing - "i don't want the crowd to focus on my face".. when he comes across as one of the best gurners on stage clearly lovig it, shouting at the crowd, giving it socks etc. Coachella anyone? I guess he likes to paint a picture but when it comes down to it he's a rave fucking monster
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