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  1. i disagree.. i think Ae and Afx catalogs are so far ranging in styles that mixes i have enjoyed do tend to journey through their tracks nicely
  2. That's a monolith sent to decrease intelligence - sign me up
  3. Its happening.. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/nov/23/helicopter-pilot-finds-strange-monolith-in-remote-part-of-utah?fbclid=IwAR2B6W6PKPd6zmERKQGUwWlkVisktWpL7THhUAjd7W7sAEysDILll49lrA0
  4. I think the Autechre one is fab and a bit more even. Remind me that autechre is more emotional than aphex twin: discuss
  5. T I made - sorry warp I went with black as I think the silver-blue washes out the logo a bit
  6. on qAnon followers compared to gamers - brilliant! https://medium.com/curiouserinstitute/a-game-designers-analysis-of-qanon-580972548be5 (same true of watmmers but its all about the choonz innit - im thinking of the BoC TH treasure hunt and that guy with his phone to a london letterbox)
  7. My kids, girls 7 and 9, LOVE "sign" in the car - especially my own favorite "Metaz form8"
  8. Came out very nice! Sorry Warp!
  9. No sign yet...no body, most time missing in his entire residency (fungy not clark) .. locals think hes gone off an died elephant-like (he was old and stopped jumping years ago), but others think he may have gone off with other dolphins seen recently. Before Covid there were dozens daily tours to his mouth-of-the-bay location but these all stopped... so maybe he lost his "Purpoise"
  10. dipping in and out but maybe shrooming along in a few hours if/when he gets his jungle on
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