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  1. So happy to get Con on vinyl - have Draft. As for the T's.... so easy to make your own for like €20 and they can also be unique also Untilted pullllease!
  2. My initial reaction was "YAY aphex twin's back". Later i was thinking of how his live shows have progressed/morphed over the years and his missus has played with/supported in recent years and then i speculated that maybe his kids would this time. What-is-the-problem?
  3. feck i forgot about that guy... my nerves were so shot for him. Not cool really
  4. one word "spidertits" Needs to happen again
  5. *Cough* 2 hours of mostly new material after Collapse EP *Cough*
  6. I like moderat albums but wasn't impressed with their Field Day set in 17 Actress tho... love to see! When's he ever done more than 2 except that secret 5 hour Glastonbury set? We'll be lucky to get 2 hours at FD as he's large font - prob this. But he averages 1 hour
  7. Just realised - its the day after Richards birthday! Bring cake
  8. Speculation time: Weirdcore? Be nice to get some fresh ideas although he'll be hard to top The missus: If she's there bound to be more involved.. nothing wrong with that - or dare i say the kids who must be tweens/teens at this stage and perhaps carrying musical torch Live noodles: He produced some very decent outputs last time, albeit small sections of the sets... maybe more this time? IMAGINE it was ALL live? Vinyl promos: very possible New antics: he does like to up the ante... visuals, on-stage performers, guest/partnerships, giveaways. Who bloody knows - it'll be fab
  9. Or use it as a brolly under a Texan acid rain 😋
  10. 2017 flashbacks of nabbing 3 x FD records at the Warp Merch stand -after getting hectic texts that something was going down while i queued at the entrance 2nd one asked a passer by who was "Afex twin .. who are they?" classic. This was for Kattin who was on the way. Had to disguise myself for the last one (glasses off, change of hat/tshirt) and --im a bit hazy, but we got this one for David Firth who we met later! Good times!
  11. I was there.. had to detour into Liverpool st by bus then back out past Victoria via tube. Tragic
  12. 7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\\77\7\7\ yay--- thanks be ta fuck! 7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\
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