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  1. .....and "beep street" by squarepusher?
  2. isn;t it sort of amazing these masks were even conceived of before 2020?
  3. memories of disguising myself, and asking strangers, to get copies for friends including David Firth! I think I got 5 together!
  4. Sweet - will be great to hear their mixin!
  5. hadn't seen this
  6. Nice one Joyrex.. appreciate the effort. At least we know that TJ likes going back to the old-school judging by his latest release and DJ sets
  7. Which i was at off my tits!
  8. What set is this from? - always loved it and glad it was looped to 4 mins... imagine the full studio track! Squarepusher perfection making the drums goes fast
  9. doesn't a certain Michigan based audio-destroyer have these 12's? is he our source?
  10. phudoshin


    i wonder are the GP images going to keep coming and are a countdown? There's a few more if i remember correctly, as i used one for my gmail image over 10 years ago: voila:
  11. Aw man.. much love from the other side of europe 🙂 PS who's left on your autograph hunt??? .. and do tell us how you got all these!
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