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  1. Cannot wait for his first remote live concert!!!
  2. I can and will , dance in my kitchen simples
  3. In Ireland theres a MASSIVE feeling of solidarity and coherence through community, government, messaging and spirit Utter dismay at how far behind UK is.. i was skyping with friends and cousins in UK over the weekend. ...2 weeks behind everyone, confused messages and a pretty unclear idea of whats coming down the line - ie MASSIVE numbers of sickness and death. LBC radio too..... seems dated to me right now
  4. I believe he cancelled Welcome to Europe
  5. Theres no way this is happening. Be down a goodbye
  6. I'm messaged James about it.. I guess he's relying on government directives plus the £££'s of course But there is also, you know. a health dose of .. doing the right thing!
  7. So I'm very surprised that this is still apparently going ahead... I'm supposed to be at Dublin airport now to head over to rave with some Detroit pals. We all cancelled in the face of this pandemic. Lets see if or how many acts pull out... this should have been postponed at least. Anyone going? Cancelled? Bemused?
  8. LOVE the Go Plastic/Budokhan insights.... relistens all over the place with Tom this month
  9. Love this so much...very inspiring. See you next week Tom...we'll wear the mask so you don't have to
  10. The metz track.... twas pusher all along
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