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  1. phudoshin

    The Tuss

    I always say it..... his tracks shine though in a live DJ setting. Ive gone back to so many records because of listening to his live sets and going ... wow... that analrord/tuss/afx/druqs track is unreal
  2. phudoshin

    The Tuss

    First noticed Tuss tracks at Torino 2005... not released till 2 years later. Classic Aphex .. test live, release under-the-radar banging tunes
  3. I went to the second WHP show... it was intense and sweaty is all i remember and saw LFO upstairs, for the lat time 😞
  4. nice little piece soooo much more has happened since drukqs though....:p
  5. Make your own T's folks... is the BoC way surely and not that bloody difficult and cheaper! (i do both - get the merch, make my own designs.. hey im a BoC slapper!)
  6. The gif's from WHP though isn't it? The relentlessness of that gig feels like the big "there you go fuckers im done!" Printworks is more in line with the current tours general vibe i reckon.... All are good but WHP was a bookend it seems.. maybe? Or simply a change in direction. It reminds me of one of the Glade sets (recording not available) where he kind went pure techno
  7. Jesus this set is relentless... Such a different vibe to the previous shows... Its like he decided to end this run on some driving acid techno pushed to the max. There's just a whole other pace to this.
  8. Buddy im currently looking at my own collapse design....... yo want one of these?
  9. This is great lads.... I bet this will grow and something gets dropped ! Serious contenders only.... your own work..... something that has that Aphex DJ set tension
  10. 3 from me: no stillson style track: Fun electro fluff: Towards the end of a set:
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