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  1. Quality tunage - As debuted at Forbidden Fruit 2011
  2. Re-bump of my megamixes - FMWT opener on pt 1 i think works well given its complexity - same with the end - where i also mixed his digital/bass tracks Pt 1https://www.mixcloud.com/keyfumbler/my-fucking-mashup-a-sequel-to-vlrs-his-fucking-sound-squarepusher-megamix/Pt 2https://www.mixcloud.com/keyfumbler/my-fucking-mashup-squared-a-sequel-to-the-sequel-vlrs-his-fucking-sound-squarepusher-megamix/
  3. this is great.. loving hearing producers talk about other producers 🙂
  4. He's also played tons of old stuff in recent sets. Its a bit lie the mask thing - "i don't want the crowd to focus on my face".. when he comes across as one of the best gurners on stage clearly lovig it, shouting at the crowd, giving it socks etc. Coachella anyone? I guess he likes to paint a picture but when it comes down to it he's a rave fucking monster
  5. I guess the "will you release any more old shit?" answer can be applied to the warp20 tracks - ie "nah"?
  6. much better - it ain't unreasonable, people
  7. Orange vinyl came today but the amps in the shop getting a mend. Thoroughly enjoyed the booklet sleave notes by TJ. Pure joyness
  8. Paying for an interview is pretty shitty especially when SQ is sitting on $$$'s worth of mint tunage
  9. all they gonna talk about is their best breaks.... ... i'll get my waistcoat
  10. i'd prefer the T to have some FMWT imagery..not just the title
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