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Community Answers

  1. They missed the eclispse release date - 25 more years to go can't wait
  2. 70 = LO ergo "Behold" Folks - its happening obvs
  3. Okidokes - overall I love the whole vibe of the album - a really viceral audio journey with a great sound pallette, decent mixing,and overall a brilliant followup to BeUp The earworms are all starting to get familar after the 10th listen and i think this is were TJ really excels - his use of space, off-kilter percussive moments, melody changes.. lulling you in and the killer drum prgramming hooks making you anticipate whats coming, braindance to every little flurry and launch yourself into the joys of the magic he weaves. Stone cold classic
  4. oh thats shite about squarepusher.... the end of Vicar st Ae reminded me of his speeds/momentum/vibe. I hope they continue this... but it was a special end and everyone saw the boise nod to each oher before th "speedcrank" - pun intended
  5. dublin set '23 - started on my hole, 20 ins in had to get up and head-nod with some hip-jiggling... 40 mins in was gloving it like a loon and the last 30 mins it was full shuffle-dance, hands in the air banging lunacy
  6. Im feeling April/May for absolutely zero fucking reasons
  7. Sorry Warp.. made my own
  8. Enbounce Having checked out the last few years sets... Enbounce is featured heavily and sits as a melodic breather/come-up track, to squarepusher-makes-the-drums-go-fast tracks that preceed it. He does tend to put tracks like this at the start of his albums as soembody else pointed out and so theyu have a different "task" I reckon.. that of lulling you in. Like with Aphex... I think squarepusher bangs tracks out at livesets where they live and breath in their natural habitat. Perhaps mixing/mastering for albums just isn't a concern? I'm ok with that... I prefer the live cuts anyway for atmosphere, context, energy etc but i totally get it can be frustrating. Ive always said I find Drukqs very "tinny" compared to say Syro for example, in aphex's case
  9. fairuzosman called it i believe
  10. My Fucking Sound - now THAT is a track. hugely not talked about. Nothing else like it
  11. Had a break this weekend from music/got into nature and haven't had such a yearning to relisten to an album in ages..... AND all the 2019-23 livesets. ....and i agree with others ... its made me go back to BUAH with a new ear and I LOVE it
  12. Not-sonar-2001 - he mised the gig after aphex - I asked aWarp rep about it "he was sick" but then ask Cyllob at a gig in dublin the next week. "he was working on a tune". DYKS came out shortly after! Dublin GP tour at the gig he-was-30-mins-late-and-pissed-everyone-off-gig.. but it was amazing. it was like the vaccum tracks for 40 mins... everyine was monged and coming down.. then BOOM Glade UV tour - unreal... insane ultra-white strobes and fog machine so veyone was basically in a white chamber of mayhem/noise UK - Bangface, the first one - the one with the massive glo-stick battle at the encore Dublin JAS tour - brought some metal friends who rocked hard Warp20 09 - legendary - "those" tracks STRP 09 - back to back with Aphex/Ceephax/Snares Day for Night 17 - DF tour but the sounds was soooo good i forgave him Primaversa 22 - relentless vic acid set with dostro tracks Maybe a few others not sure! My dream is Japan one day but thats a big-ask
  13. its my go-to for a bit of yoga also opening Mexico with "Tassels" was fucking genius
  14. Lads been trawling through his 2019-2023 bootlegs and he's played most of the dostro bangers loads before AND about 2 albums more worth not-including-the-NTS-tracks. The guys a beast but we already knew that I give you this monster: Tour-wise - As he did oz/europe and japan 2022-23 I bet USA is next - - he better get there before that orange fucktard re-animates (i can't see THAT happening)
  15. Toms ditties are always lovely
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