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  1. thanks! hopefully I can make up my mind this week.. Go for the PhD - working blows goats (and I like my job). Edit: Assuming you don't have family responsibilities that is. Yeah normally I would, but baby is on its way (due end of october) and a bigger salary would be nice... the phd salary + my wives maternity leave would be enough for 2 years, unsure though what it'll look like in the 3rd year. I could also do my Phd in industry with a better payment, but it's unclear if it'll happen at all and unlikely before October... not sure if I wanna take that risk. damn grown-up stuff....
  2. the job offer does provide some training, but it's a small start-up... which at least has been around for 6 years now. I also think it would give me many opportunities afterwards, as it's mostly going to be data analysis of various biological data sets and questions. The phd does offer that as well, but for a lower salary...then again it has a much better training and (possibly) better job opportunities afterwards, plus the group is reasonably well-known, with publications in higher ranking journals etc...
  3. Got a job offer for a job following my MSc and an offer for a PhD at a grad school.. Can't decide between the two...
  4. I've started to sell a couple things on ebay, one of them is the Quaristice Steel book edition. The paper sleeve has a slight scratch from the metal case, but otherwise everything is fine. http://www.ebay.de/itm/281660847395?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  5. plstik


    This. But I can't get the pb ones in Germany, so might be a little biased..
  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/aviation/11472627/British-Airways-flight-to-Dubai-forced-to-return-to-Heathrow-due-to-smelly-poo-in-toilet.html Pig trotter farts?
  7. I've been using a French press for a couple of years now, a friend of mine was talking about Aeropress too. So regarding taste it's basically like a French press without the sludge? That's a good deal for $25 I think. The sludge in a French press sucks ass but you learn to not drink it, basically, lol. It's a lot better than filter coffee in my opinion though, it has much more taste to it when you know how to make proper coffee with it. Somehow I always thought Aeropress was Frenchpress for espresso, less sludge would indeed be nice... I've been making french press coffee for the last 4-5 years and prefer it over filtered coffee. I only recently adjusted my brewing steps, by letting it steep for 6 - 8 min and keeping the coffee grounds afloat... best cup of coffee I've ever had. (esp. in combination with freshly ground beans). Speaking of grinders, I am retiring my hand grinder and getting a Graef CM800 mill next month after toying around with the idea for the last ~2 years
  8. Fargo two times already. Don't know why i never got around to watch it before, jeez. Is the show any good?
  9. Similar fwp here. Been trying to parse a 3gb XML file with Python, with no or limited knowledge in either one of them...
  10. 4 days without coffee... decided to take a week off now that I'm done with classes for good and spent the first days with a gigantic headache. Now that I'm over this phase I just feel worn out. *whine*
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