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  1. I always loved Gwely Mernans; I started loving it more when I had the chance to listen to it on a pair of Sony MDR-7506 headphones and I heard for the first time the buzzing electricity zapping from one ear to the other; so clearly that it almost made me fall off the chair! When listening to iy with my Sennheiser HD 380, that sound didn't quite cut through (also due to the sony being narrower than the senns with stereo sound). I think that he mixed it on a pair of sony cans (he reccommends sony headphones, the 7510 if I remember correctly which are judged horribly from an audiophile pow)... so I guess Druqks is better listened to with a pair of Sony cans on...
  2. pierlu


    I came for the lols I can't really say I was disappointed... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. everybody loved him, even the ones you wouldn't have imagined the funny thing about this cover it's that it's not so different from prince's version: everything you hear is in the original arrangement
  4. I tried to convey the wonder at this discovery to my collegues at work but they were merely accomodating; even tho I'm not a researcher, I'm quite amazed by this
  5. definetly. that's why he waited for the album to be out
  6. I'm so saddened about this. Bowie was the first concert I attended at by myself, when I was 12, on the glass spider tour. I wasn't a huge fan, but, man, he was around for as long as I could remember. it's not that you discovered bowie (like you could discover led zeppelin, or queen, or the who or even the beatles). He was there, and he had always been since I could remember. And that was it. He was always contemporary, and that's something that very few people can do in their life... to be honest, I think that probably he was the only one. Not even Prince, or Madonna or Michael Jackson can compare. He tried his best at becoming immortal, and damn, he nearly succeeded. Rest In Peace.
  7. 404 not found from this side of the internets right now
  8. I didn't even knew there was someone named bassnectar who was so well-known... said artist 's Bass Head track on youtube has 19 million views wow and people are making paper on this kind of music wow surely I feel old... but I never felt better about being old :D [edit] well... he's benn around since 2001 wow it's not even that I'm old... it's that really I've never heard of him up to this moment... wow the things you learn from dank memes!
  9. Thanks for sharing this; RIP
  10. if dank or JAZZ btw, can one of the old and wise watmmers explain to me how JAZZ became the word for "already seen"? KTHXBYE
  11. He's back The disclaimer at the beginning is so amusing "WARNING: this music video contains violently disturbed kids" Video starts at 2:13, but it's worth a look even before that point mark. Pretty glitchy video
  12. well, by looking at that video, one thing comes to my mind. there are those who invented language and there are those who learned how to speak it. when you hear someone who invented the language speak, you hear what language was intended to.
  13. To me, the added feature of these, after watching sonicstate videos, is how close controllers are to the hands that are playing. With that perspective in mind, minikeys makes sense... especially cos they seems very playable. You can play and adjust parameters at the same time... Dorian Concept comes to mind for that style of playing. He was constantly playing and adjusting the sound... but of course he could PLAY, and minikeys are no troubles for him. So I guess they are addressed to those kind of players. Apart from the DX which could intrigue DAW folks as well... in the end, you need a keyboard to test your sound design, and you could "lap sound design" with that. I do not work for yamaha :) but I can see who this things are addressed to... I cannot imagine whether they are going to be successful tho. I sent the link to a friend of mine who is a good keyboard player, and he wasn't really impressed. So... edit: typos
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