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  1. bit more of a goth/blackened edge than straight hardcore, but ive been diggin raspberry bulbs for years, new one is pretty good:
  2. your horses just dont understand psychology the way we see it.
  3. Bought an ounce off a friend who gets from a grow op upstate just before the whole virus really took off, im good
  4. due to coronavirus im on paid leave til april 1st, ive done nothing since wednesday but, play video games and my guitar, smoke weed, eat food, and go to the grocery store yesterday. this trend will probably continue through next week.
  5. work is shut down cause of corona virus and all i have to do is play vidja, guitar and, smoke copious amounts of weed... i think boo's getting a little annoyed lol.
  6. djenty dooty demon shooty aka doom eternal
  7. Sick art, will have to give that a listen^ Been digging TesseracT a lot today:
  8. Yeah this album is great, I liked Avanti a lot and this is even better than that.
  9. That Against the Clock is awesome, very cool little reverb plate thing he's got going there... This whole album is just lush a f, definitely one of my favs of 2019, threw a couple tracks off this in the latest set I did.
  10. Vanilla Coke and smoe milano cookies
  11. Sup WATMM? About that time of year to throw another blended winter mix together, happy with how this one turned out... A little more ambiance and some shoegazey vibes thrown in this year, but a wide blend of styles overall, with emphasis on shimmering reverbs, cold synths, icy pads, ethereal wooshes and a late-winter mindset. Starts out a bit noisier/upbeat after the ambient/shoegazy lead-in but mellows out as the mix goes on. Tracklist: Yamaneko - Crystal Palace Dolphin // Whirr - Under The Same Name // Alessandro Cortini - Iniziare // Windhand - Light Into Dark // Lee Gamble - Saccades // Aleksi Perala - UK74R1826020 // Bluematter - Scythe // Skee Mask - Soundboy Ext. // Yamaneko - Fall Control // TR/ST - Control // Pye Corner Audio - Mindshaft // NHK yx Koyxen - Outset // Ozel AB - White Bear // Barker - Paradise Engineering // Rainer Veil - Repatterning // Terekke - Closer // Piezo - A Touch Of // Perel - Signum Viridi // Danny Brown - Shine (feat. Blood Orange // Prefuse 73 - The New Year // Whirr - How Time Stretches // Specimens - The Gate // Our Lady Of The Flowers - Quantum Prayer I // Bluematter - Revel // Barker - Gradients of Bliss // Yamaneko - Like Rain Only Gentle
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