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  1. ghOsty


    I played Magic once in HS and the experience kinda turned me off from the whole thing... Some spergy nerd explained the basic rules/mechanics to me then another friend then lent me a deck, and I beat said sperganerd who then legitimately raged about being beaten by a noob, it was fucking weird how mad he was about it... I also know the ridiculous amounts of money some people spend on these fucking cards, some even putting themselves in debt over this game, and that is just stupid... However the artwork on some of the cards is admittedly kinda cool. As for magic tricks, I've always wanted to see Penn & Teller in Vegas.
  2. It was until Joyrex started this bullshit...
  3. It's prime event season at the casino/hotel/event center I work at. We have a fuckton of events going on in the event center all month into next. I basically don't get a day off until next weekend which is gonna be completely taken up by making a trip out to my brother-in-law's wedding, which doesnt really give me much of a weekend to relax, then we drive back, and it's straight back to work for another 5 days.
  4. I've been using the Funky Farms vape pods a lot, I recommend the Apple Jack Pear or Blueberry Gelato flavors, also currently trying out a Blue Moon Hemp pen, with the Red Devil flavor, which tastes a lot like Hawaiian Punch.
  5. Can you get dry product vapes for CBD though? I kinda need to cut back on the THC again, so the CBD is more my main concern, it's nice cause I can discretely use the pen indoors throughout the day working at a casino.
  6. Finished the main story of Control over the weekend... Great game! I really dug the SCP containment inspired story, and there were many Lynchian/Twin Peaks inspired moments, X-files as well. The story was presented in a really cool way too, with the documents and live-action cutscenes really adding to the lore that slowly kinda unfolds and expands as you progress. The gameplay was fun as well, using the telekenetic powers in combat is a blast. There was the issue of framerate drops on initial release, but they released an optimization patch and the the remaining issues seem to mostly be with people playing on base level consoles (which are now like 7 years old so...). I'm playing on a PS Pro, and I haven't had any issues, runs smooth, looks great other than when coming out of the map/menu which is an issue they've said they're working on and it really isn't gamebreaking. Overall, fun game, cool presenation and aesthetics, gonna enjoy going through the endgame and doing some of the remaining sidequests.
  7. Anyone quit vaping lately as a result of all the vape related illnesses? A co-worker has decided to quit using his Juul cold-turkey after the recent news. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/10/health/vaping-outbreak-2019-explainer/index.html What are people's thoughts on Trump's proposed bans on flavored vapes? https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/11/health/trump-vaping.html I'd bought a few THC vapes from a friend recently, all were labeled under the "DANK" vape brand. I had definitely noticed there was a difference in color/consistency between a few of the different flavors, and a co-worker started telling me about how that particular brand is known to have lots of imitations, and knock-offs. I did some more research and it seems the brand is basically a shell company (or doesn't really exist as a singular entity?) that sells the packaging to other manufacturers, and it's VERY unregulated as to how these are made or what goes in them. Shame as I had come to prefer vaping THC as opposed to smoking bud, because it was discreet and I felt like it gave me more control over my high, but not knowing what exactly is in them or where they came from is kind of offputting now especially with the awareness of these issues, which are not limited to just this specific brand, but all THC cartridges. I'd also been vaping CBD pretty regularly to help with ankle pain, and it's definitely helped. I've done research into each brand I've purchased trying to find credible brands, with just CBD and free of pesticides and other contaminants. I've found a couple brands I believed to be "safe", but all this recent news about the users getting sick from various vaping products has me wondering if I should perhaps quit vaping CBD as well and switch to edibles... It's unclear how this proposed ban will affect CBD products as well. A strong theory, still being debated is that the illnesses might be linked to vitamin E used in the making of a lot of vape liquids, I'm unsure of the vitamin e content in any of the CBD products so I've been trying to do more research, but because of the controversy over CBD/THC it's hard to find information sometimes. The lack of regulation and standards on many of the products seems to be a HUGE part of the problem, not only because many of the THC and CBD products are manufactured and sold illegally on the street, but there's a lack of standards and regulations on legal products too because of their controversial nature. Perhaps if this is put into place it will help the push for proper legalization and standards in cannabis products. Tbh, I'm fine with the government all up in my bud business if it ensures me a safer smoke. Anyone else still vaping tobacco, weed, or CBD? What are your thoughts on all these current issues coming up?
  8. Rubber Sun Grenade is a classic for me, great work! I'd be keen for some more Oto Hiax material.
  9. fuckin microwave is all fucky, gotta put in a maintenance request to have them fix it. fuck.
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