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  1. Here’s a thought maybe watmm isn’t dying because of discord or individuals, but because the culture of the site itself has become a slightly toxic, sterilized, circlejerking parody of what it once was meant to be while ironically trying to be more inclusive. Or maybe it’s that a paywall existed to fund an overly long and unnecessary update to the site that now makes it filled full of useless bloated features and non-intuitive layouts? The so-hated alt-Chatmm discord is far more engaging than this site has been in years, in topics both idm related and otherwise... Watmm has been killing itself for a while now.
  2. watmm's dying eh?... meh, good riddance "now let me tell you about a burger with strength":
  3. The Blight, decent Minneapolis noise group: "Escalation" https://blastmeditation.bandcamp.com/album/escalation-2
  4. Just finished listening to this, good stuff: Wilted Woman & Nick Klein - Cafe Kotti https://alienjams.bandcamp.com/album/caf-kotti whole thing is good, but "side B" is great
  5. AE and Squarepusher highlights of the weekend
  6. lol Why did the Florida man steal all those pool floats? He told cops the alternative was rape. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article231599988.html
  7. By far, the most aggressive of the lamplights are the green ones, which are known for their razor sharp wigs of steel...
  8. just use live traps and set them free somewhere far enough away from your house, like a park or something... mice aren't THAT scary.
  9. I've picked up the various issues for the new run, but have yet to read them, plan to get to it when I finish some other stuff. Also went back and grabbed some more of the old Heavy Metal issues from the shop I found them, including the very first issue. Also been reading the newer ones since Grant Morrison took over as editor in chief, they've actually been pretty decent. Some pretty cool serials going.
  10. I was assigned a work phone today, I'm known for being notoriously bad at keeping my personal phone charged, and now I have 2 phones to keep charged...
  11. ghOsty


    Proportions seem just a bit off... The 0 seems rather large in comparison to the 2, like the 2 should be just a bit wider as well. Also it might help to make the lower front part of the 2 completely rounded on a full curve that meets the bottom, rather than the flat line leading down to the bottom, it makes it look a bit squished.
  12. I kinda gave up on Sekiro and moved on to other games, I got stuck on the first Owl fight, and just can't seem to do it... Before that though, I had already started to realize I wasn't having as much fun with Sekiro as I have with other From games, even when I did successfully beat a boss I didn't get that same satisfying feeling of victory I got from Soulsborne games. There's also not enough exploration and lore or customization to keep me interested elsewhere either... Sucks I wanted to love Sekiro, but I just don't, the combat is way too twitchy for me and it feels overly tedious to play. Currently having much more fun doing a NG+ run in God of War... Also just have to say this game is fucking gorgeous in 4k HDR.
  13. Seeing Sleep & Big Business this Saturday, can't fuckin wait!
  14. I can't wait to play Death Stranding, it looks like it's gonna be crazy! Sony pretty much gave Kojima a damn near unlimited budget for it too.
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