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  1. Deeply saddened, he was so gifted it's heart breaking.
  2. From the code : https://github.com/ntslive/afx/blob/master/public/js/prod.js When you login correctly, you're redirected to a player : window.audioPlayer.toggleAudio(); A live stream from Field Day Festival certainly ! maybe only audio, but it would be a little bit disapointing.
  3. I am so happy to hear such a powerful dj set by Aphex, i hope the full soundboard recording by [HAMAD] will soon emerge. I am glad for you, fellow watmmers.
  4. I enjoy this album, just like i enjoyed Ultrademon's "Seapunk" album. This music ravives the energy of my youth and it's quite good
  5. Sounds like a secret Squarepusher album just having fun through anonymity
  6. https://youtu.be/jEuYy_F8Lo0?t=123 @2min Ok, so CheetahT2 [Ld spectrum] is at least from 2010 :-)
  7. I remember the first time i heard this twisted bassline @4min54 *instant jiggling motion* And then i though: it's the same bassline as in Xmas Eve, but even more pronounced beautiful sound
  8. Preview of XMAS_EVET1 N here
  9. It's so unexpected, it's such a gift for us ! Excellent tracks, love his old sound. Deep gratitude...
  10. Download "rhubarb orc. 19.53 rev", reverse it... pure magic...
  11. Source (in the comments) : http://www.lrb.co.uk/blog/2014/10/06/nick-richardson/aphex-twins-genius/
  12. Great news ! i listened a lot this track recently
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