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  1. if youre not a tinfoil hat person talking about how they want to control all of our computers and steal our data and lock us in to their systems your dum
  2. weird, yeah out of every track blyz castl seems the most similar to me right now
  3. its one of their best tracks and feels really unique, i cant think of an album it would make sense to put it on
  4. livestreams of the proud boys saying fascist rhetoric made me sick, really hated the smiles on their faces and self congratulatory attitude saying they did the job the police couldn't and saved the streets from antifa
  5. realy good for some reaosn sounds like a movie soundtrack
  6. the civilized world will not descend into anarchy for not making excuses for biden
  7. "people of biden's generation are just a lot more comfortable breaking the norm of withholding your hands from little girls' chests and smelling their hair than people nowadays"
  8. ok but he does it to most likely prepubescent girls too which literally means pedo. i guess if its actually not a sexual thing and is just a weird old dude thing then its not pedo, but its getting close and if someone not in power did it to his daughter he'd have them in guantanamo
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