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  1. very interesting how mad you get that i express simple condolences to those murdered by the US and you make a sarcastic statement ""Won't someone please think of the poor, exploited Muslims in the Middle East?!". yeah, they should be thought about. you are really gross probably racist
  2. >millions of muslims died to give america access to that oil. death to amerikkka that's my quote. where did i make any claims on the wealth of muslims in the middle east? where did i make any claims about instances of people of a race or religion? where did i make any claims on the amount of land mass the middle east occupies? where did i make any claims on the homogeneity of cultures or histories in the middle east? what makes you think anyone cant perform such a simple task? basically youre reading a whole lot of made up shit into one sentence which contained nothing about tha
  3. >"Won't someone please think of the poor, exploited Muslims in the Middle East?!" explain this post then. wow, oil capitalist muslims have exotic pets, US atrocities in the region nullified /s
  4. am i really reading this? did you just write that muslims are not being treated horribly by the US military in the middle east, and the real victims in the region are america consumers in dubai or wherever this is, and migrant workers? migrant workers, completely agreed. american consumers, not so much. your dismissal of the plight of muslims in the middle east is truly disgusting. its of course not just muslims being harmed by western imperialism and CIA funded terrorist groups, but your selection for the other groups being harmed is pretty suspect. i oppose saudi arabia as much as a
  5. i think you missed the point mostly. yes marx, well known lover of outdated modes of production like slavery
  6. grundrisse is great, i havent read the whole thing, very gigantic, but this is one of my favvorite excerpts: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1857/grundrisse/ch01.htm From another side: is Achilles possible with powder and lead? Or the Iliad with the printing press, not to mention the printing machine? Do not the song and the saga and the muse necessarily come to an end with the printer’s bar, hence do not the necessary conditions of epic poetry vanish? But the difficulty lies not in understanding that the Greek arts and epic are bound up with certain forms of social
  7. you joke but therse a small amount of marxist theory on ufos thats interesting. t. posadas https://www.marxists.org/archive/posadas/1968/06/flyingsaucers.html
  8. millions of muslims died to give america access to that oil. death to amerikkka
  9. anyone here have a top rated 100% skeptic convincer video of ufos?
  10. cyanobacteria


    what a fucking loser
  11. and just literally lying in favor of israel nsfw israeli crashing into palestinian protestor then being safely escorted away by armed police rather than arrested https://thumbs.gfycat.com/GreatTerribleIberianmole-mobile.mp4
  12. the first bourgeois revolution attempts failed, and many involved mass genocide and theft of entire continents, so let's be realistic
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