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  1. those associations make them special, whats wrong with that
  2. 😍Guys😍, I'm 😲shaking😲. I'm fucking😲 shaking😲. I never wanted to 👉👌🍆🍑breed 🍑🍆👉👌with anyone more than I want to with 🎃👻The BocTechre Twins 👻✝️Mercy.✝🎃️ That 💯perfect,💯 ⏳curvy ⏳😍tape warble.😍 Those 😍bountiful😍 🍈beats🍈. The 👪child 👪over whom music has the rights😍 the interludes😍 of a 🖼️💐literal goddess💐🖼️. It honestly fucking 😳😳hurts😳😳 knowing that I'll never ❤️👅💋mate ❤️👅💋with them, ⬆️pass⬆️ my 👖genes👖 through them, and have them 👑birth👑 a set of 👪💯perfect offspring.💯👪 I'd do fucking💰💰💰 ANYTHING💰
  3. were supposed to get blue-ears then gonk all over it. its a strategy the twins told me about
  4. yeah if everyone bought local it would reduce consumption of oil. but not everyone is going to buy local and low level admin governmental positions are not going to make that happen il do literally whatever i want whenever i want actually lol "don't even mention how some issues are literally global and cannot be fixed locally"
  5. encouraging local farmers in one local area to make community gardens, improve education, reduce reliance on cars, change policies on policing, and provide better social services, isnt shit because my concern isnt local its global. how does this help venezuelans? i have no idea what youre talking about with the bold, and no my personal information is completely irrelevant and im not in college. i disagree with you on bourgeois electoralism and american sham democracy that doesnt mean you can make implications regarding my age lmao
  6. they have no power over supply chains or basically anything needed to enact the changes required to save the environment and to save humanity's soul from slavery to capital through corporate surveillance markets are a joke
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