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  1. that would be a nice move on their part.
  2. clavia should release the nord G2 modular as a software only thing. there's VCV rack but the nord's sound is so great.
  3. i love this record and totally bonded with it after a couple listens. and it keeps growing on me.. finding new things to like about it or ear candy or whatever..
  4. https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/we-dont-believe-in-them-florida-bar-owner-bans-masks-inside-during-pandemic/2294600/
  5. zodiac killer gonna beon the supreme court
  6. we'll see.. can't wait for the mcconnel shit show. nevermind that "but he's in the last year of his term" argument they dropped on obama. fuck fuck fuck..
  8. "There are about 2,300,000 inmates in the united states that buy and consume music every day without any access to the internet. So how do you make your music available to them? The answer is the Prison Music Kiosk. This is a billion-dollar market that should not be ignored' 6 minutes 23 seconds of helping get your head around the big picture
  9. gross. reflective surfaces are shit for synths too. hard to read.
  10. the division via social media echo chambers isn't gonna end. nor will russian operations to manipulate it all. facebook is pretty bad for democracy. we'll need some big changes to get through it all even if trump loses and leaves w/o drama. and who knows what the future will bring in regards to disasters, pandemics, financial collapses etc. america is fucked up and needs a $trillion infrastructure bill and reprioritizing of the budget.
  11. there was an award show a couple years ago and the NBC guy who did the Apprentice was there in the audience and the host of the show called him out and straight up blamed him for giving us donald trump and presenting him as a business man etc.. bringing him into our homes and all that. it was a nice moment but not really of consequence. it would be nice if the trump tapes from the apprentice came out.. though i'm sure he'd just deny what is on them or something.. apparently he sayin all kinds of racist shit on set and using the N word etc. none of it seems to matter though. his base doesn't care and religious evangelicals make every excuse to keep supporting him. i would be 100% ok w/his entire family getting the romanov treatment.. maybe let baron live but the rest need to have a group photo taken in the basement. they're all horrible people and we need to be rid of them. even if trump loses and leaves office w/o any drama.. we won't be rid of him or his followers. he's going to be around until he dies.. he'll start a far right network that is like Qanon + foxnews + 700 club etc and the racist vitriol and craziness will continue.
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