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  1. even that brief look into the world of tiktok was just too much cringe.. the bot is too cringe. it's painful to watch. most vapid of the social media. makes me want to run screaming.
  2. so many local and regional problems around water. just gonna get worse https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/severe-drought-reignites-decades-old-conflict-between-oregon-ranchers-indigenous-peoples Vast stretches of the Western U.S. are suffering under scorching temperatures, rampant wildfires and a years-long drought that's depleting lakes and reservoirs. The water scarcity is tearing apart one Southern Oregon community, where farmers, Native tribes and endangered species are all struggling to survive this summer.
  3. Also posted a few posts above along with the ATP CD release track lists. There’s a couple cds atp released with autechre jam or two on them. They talk about curating it in some interviews. I think that Wire interview maybe. They talk about how it was nice to bring out public enemy. I forget what year that was. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. well, if it's like a super PAC type thing then the rules (of which there are none) will allow him to fold the money into pretty much anything and not have to report it. he probably could create a super pac and put that money in that pac account then disappear it to wherever he wants. i'm sure there's an angle here where there are people staying loyal to him and jiggling his balls on command so that he'll spread the cash around to republican candidates to help w/election campaigns. but trump has never been the generous type and i can see him saying "no. it's my money." or something and not sharing.. instead feeling like he's going above and beyond by simply endorsing candidates. if he hasn't spent much of the money it's because he's waiting until election season or he's trying to figure out how to put them money in golden shower piss stocks for his own bathing use.
  5. a week or so ago i got an email about a couple of my early releases which used to be free on line from ouotrecords.com which is now offline. so, dude wanted the releases and asked if i could put them on bandcamp. told him i'd just send him a wetransfer link w/the releases. couldn't find one of them so a friend is going to send the files to me once he's done moving. i sent a wetransfer of one of the releases as mp3 320 and wav. he's being kind of an entitled dick. "can you just put all your releases on spotify?" ah, no. "is the wetransfer link the CD version? i'd prefer that version as it has more tracks." after i sent the link i get this "does the link expire? i hope it doesn't expire" - it expires august 1st. dude still hasn't downloaded them and the link expired yesterday. i didn't mind doing it as it doesn't take much to make a folder and drop it in a wetransfer and send it off. still.. dude didn't even say "oh thanks i appreciate it" or anything like that so fuck him. if he sends another email i may resend the wetransfer but might just ignore it or tell him to pirate them somewhere. "get soulseek, fucknuts"
  6. it's his "new look" that apparently was trending on social media. the cringe to me is the painful use of 'thieves' riff as opening walk on which sounds just kinda badly done here. i've never seen them live or anything or even heard fred durst talk.. does he typically sound like that? like he's doing jeff spicoli character.
  7. gonna need to speak to the manager of opening riffs.
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