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  1. basically disenfranchises a bunch of voters.
  2. i wonder if they have an end point for this season? do they know what the arc is or are they just piecing it together?
  3. what do you mean? there's new stuff at http://boardsofcanada.bleepstores.com all the time.
  4. it's also where trump ran one of his biggest scams and also got wrapped up in the mob. then got bailed out by his father. it's full of shady stories going all the way back.
  5. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/05/health/young-people-dying-coronavirus-sanjay-gupta/index.html
  6. edit: just realized that article is from March 13th. i wonder if the administraion's poicy has changed? this is a pretty fucked up thing even for trump administration. strange way to flex https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/trump-administration-blocks-states-from-using-medicaid-to-respond-to-coronavirus-crisis/ar-BB119hwB?ocid=sf&fbclid=IwAR2FU71w4zXiIYHxq6BOJmD_OnoxiAYMEI3xRXNZN-TdA1E03cqeKszKkps
  7. in the 90s when i worked in a studio the the place that sold us 2" analog tape gave me and another guy at the studio black t-shirts made by BASF that said "Long Live Analog" so of course we took electrical tape to them so they said "Long Live Anal". we did this one day during a long lockout session and at some point got really busy and forgot what we'd done to our t-shirts and couldn't figure out why the weird looks from people. I now just remembered that collab record Venetian Snares made w/Hecate that was recordings of their sex. i forget what it was called but i think it got put out on Hymen??? i remember the inverview where he talked about it and said "yeah it got pretty weird thinking "oh this ass slap will make a nice snare"" literal porno music!
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    rob pls take your time mastering one six.
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