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  1. GOP owns the government. trump gives orders and people follow them against the constitution. senate is complicit. no matter how loud the house dems scream and how many hearings they hold it doesn't matter. none of these people around trump are going to go against him. none of them have any integrity or uphold any kind of oath of office. until the dems actually put people in jail for contempt and up the stakes of the process none of these people will crack under pressure.. why would they? they walk in.. they refuse to answer questions.. they leave. the presidents calls them and says "good job" it's a joke.
  2. Saudi Arabia Owns the 45th Floor of Trump Tower, and It Shows https://truthout.org/articles/saudi-arabia-owns-the-45th-floor-of-trump-tower-and-it-shows/
  3. ^^ pretty sure that caller was Kenny Powers. watching her face react to his call was great. she's awful.
  4. yeah.. our 'buddies', house of saud, i'm sure this will all go well. fucking hell.
  5. damn. that sucks. the 70s seems to be catching a lot of people lately. in case you don't want to read pitchfork 😉 https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/15/us/ric-ocasek-the-cars-lead-singer-death/index.html
  6. fuuuuuccckkkkk..... that is just lush.. those synths over the squished splintered amen. like 128th notes over 1/4 time synths or something.. fucking love it. sitting on the couch w/goosebumps
  7. he had some hardware that first show he did a whie back. the one w/the long noise intro. had some modular bits on stage w/that pioneer torasz thing. edit: whoa. .mega hands in the air moment. this sounds like some old suburban base type shit.. waiting for "one and only dominator" to drop.
  8. this is classic stuff. i'd love a copy of this entire set. a bit of nostalgic ride so far but i'm good for that sometimes. oh, there's some acid weirdness DSP stuff. nice. this i good imo. crowd shmowd
  9. yeah i agree.. he should be voted out and investigations should continue and result of those investigations should be followed through.. i think this slow pace is deliberate and probably unavoidable. building up the pressure and proceeding w/the investigations until they kick over all the stones. keping the word "impeachment" floating around in the news and making that racist cheeto squirm.
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