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  1. had never heard of this person. recommended via FB from Vytear. kinda reminds me of venetian snares. curious what the rest of the album sounds like. only 1 track on preview.
  2. tangent. Rainbow Records vinyl pressing closing its doors after a rent hike. https://www.residentadvisor.net/news/44662?fbclid=IwAR3UHX3QJFgPUuzYpO73LTZhjJIrEeud0TIeUSiu7drYQ-uX9-w-tiaNF20
  3. that video is great. some hilarious bits too.. "geographic location..." i lol'd
  4. i don't know. no. i don't think you're supporting him at all. also, didn't know we were arguing. thought it more of a discussion but internet is like that. like i said.. maybe i'm over reacting
  5. dude. the way that guy said it seemed pretty obvious to me. what else could he possibly mean?
  6. not saying ignore anything or that him being a racist asshole erases her bad behavior.. just saying.. there's zero need to use that word and the only reason he does it is because its ability to hurt a black person in a very precise way. it's more than a word really. it's basically saying "know your place. i'm a white man and you are less than me". that's what he's saying to her. he could've easily said "you dumb asshole learn how to drive" or whatever road ragey type bullshit we yell in our cars. it seems obvious to me but i grew up in a diverse place w/lot's of people of color and it becomes well understood at somepoint in life what that word means.. and it's not the same to everyone but i've seen it hurt people pretty badly so maybe i'm over reacting but it's more than just typical stupid shit people say. i'm all for distracted driving laws and getting police to actually enforce them. i look forward to everyone having a self driving car because most drivers are fucking idiots. just spend 20 minutes looking at r/idiotsincars and you'll never drive w/o anxiety again.
  7. er, what? dude.. there's no reason to bring that word out. you can cuss someone out for shitty driving w/o being racist about it. the n-word is forbidden. that's how i feel anyways.. i mean.. you can get real pissed off at someone.. have words.. tell them to fuck off.. but if you then drop a n-bomb on them you flipped a switch. lit a fuse.. whatever. it's fucked up. no need for a white person to go there because it means something else entirely.. that guy int he truck knows what it means and he knows she knows what it means and exactly what he's saying to her. and that's why he said it. a white person holding that word over a black person and flaunting it.. is waving it like a flag.
  8. did they do another run recently? i still have an old battered copy
  9. yeah. totally cereal. 😭
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