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  1. this is the longest death scene ever. 20 pages long!
  2. you know trump and pence are looking at this and rubbing their hands together thinking// yes. yes.. we should try that.. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/poland-lgbt-free-zones-homophobia-hate-speech-law-justice-party-a9013551.html?utm_source=reddit.com Polish cities and provinces declare ‘LGBT-free zones’ as government ramps up ‘hate speech’
  3. he knows a lot of sex trafficking pedos
  4. beta testing/making presets for unfiltered audio's new softsynth, LION, and made a gloriously lush preset this morning that is looping going on like 30 minutes now and i'm stoked.
  5. fingers crossed. the more i think about it.. it's risky for the 'squad' the female congresswomen.. to stay on the attack and gain so much spotlight. i think the more attention they get and the more trump focuses on them the more they will be identified as the democratic party in the minds of some wishy washy voters... and at some point the democratic candidates may have to distance themselves from them and then the dems get less united and all that other shit and voters stay away in the general election after the primaries are done because they're butt hurt or whateever.. but that's just one possibl ething and could be wrong. also very possible for that scenario to work against trump in some way as well.. but wtf.. a bunch of white men on the news being interview in michigan said they support trump and they all (talking points at the ready delivered by fox news) slammed ilhan omar and called the "squad" hurtful w/their rhetoric etc etc.. it's all spun bullshit.. .. at some point a front runner will appear for the dems in teh presidential race and trump will focus on that person.
  6. trump campaign selling over priced straws to own the libs https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-plastic-straws_n_5d3159ace4b020cd99414b9b?ncid=APPLENEWS00001
  7. well put. i do think they need someone attacking him. someone who isn't the focal point.. not AOC etc.. but someone like that guy Al Green. someone who's not running for president. someone to get under his skin and make him say dumb racist shit to help keep the outrage meter at a steady place so people will be sick o fshit and come out and vote. they'll be overwhelmed by his fucking pig face and non stop bullshit lies they'll vote for whoever is on the dem ticket just to end the trump presidency. and during all that the investigations continue and more dirt comes out more details come out etc.. the crimes get revealed. this makes trump even more nuts and stupid and weird
  8. anyone think someone will come from the future soon to end this donald trump problem? [hello NSA!] he's really getting to babby hitler status. i guess if he was to go on to become leader for life then sciene won't be aroun dlong enough to have a time machine some day unless it's made by british science. hey, british science.. if you're listening in the future.. send Micheal Steele esquire the XXIV back here to sort some shit out for my immedite present. modular synths are less fun w/ hitler2 in office.
  9. i turn my head to cough/fart and 10 page thread about watmm dying happens. does the internet have seasons? maybe summer is the slow time on the internet? need a new []pusher release to help grow the internet of things on watmm. btw i have no resentment to newcomers getting a "better" deal on forum access. it's a fackin bargin already i think but if the sharing economy and people who get all their music via spotify want to come join for a pittance so be it. i'll not stop shitting on streaming services. shitpost tangent?
  10. they must have a plan. also, moscow mitch mconnel won't let it go forward in the senate. but i still believe pelosi wants to see trump in jail rather than impeached which i can't argue with. that being said.. i think we've got to be getting close to some kind of move on the dems part towards impeachment. when the fuck is mueller gonna testify? if public opinion starts to change.. then maybe she'll get behind it but i think they all want some kind of smoking gun or they know this will all get spun out in a wash and look like partisan politics or something. idk... these insider politics is hard to get agrip on sometimes w/o digesting lot's and lot's of news in various media/sources edit: ya know.. if the dems could get a bit savy w/the impeachment they could put the congressman who's impeachment proceeding was tabled out front.. he's black. you know it'd only be a matter of time until trump attacked him racially. they could make that guy the focal point and let him be attacked for a while. after how trump came out against the new congresswomen and singled out omar IIhan it wouldn't take long for him to start some shit with congressman Al Green https://www.salon.com/2019/07/17/texas-congressman-introduces-articles-of-impeachment-against-president-trump/
  11. monologue. easy. the microbrute is fun but the monologue is more fun, faster to use, more flexible, looks better, and to me it sounds better. the filter is great. it's a nice little monosynth
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