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  1. oof. Microsoft Should Make A Version Of Windows That Doesn’t Suck And Then Gets Worse https://aftermath.site/microsoft-windows-11-debloat-copilot-ultralite-good-version
  2. objective talk about israel, the region, USA/Iran/Russia/China as relates to it etc. listening now to the QA portion... "500,000 israelis left israel after october 7th." wasn't aware of that. and more are applying for passports in other european countries like poland etc. it's weird to hear people talk like this about such a dark situation but that's the kind of detachment that is required i think when in that world of policy issues and what it all means to different players. so, be prepared for that if you listen to this talk. it's an interesting dynamic w/how fucking fuckt various agendas have changed since oct 7th.
  3. windshield washer fluid sprays into the frunk instead of the windshield. sloppy stuff.
  4. the host of this plays the part perfectly. good one liners throughout.
  5. some tunes! that 1st one is a fckn jam. the 90s are coming back in big ways. seen the kids around wearing 90s styles lately.. i guess it's about time for a DnB type band w/female singer to emerge.
  6. yeah.. it was a guy present at his birthday party who is in a pic w/a bunch of people singing happy birthday to rudy.. then he serves him after they're done singing. so good.
  7. longish video but i found it really captivating. nice to see the parts of the USA that have great trails/paths converted from old rail lines... and when he gets out west it's.. the west.. which is always epic in one way or another. also, small towns. many small towns.
  8. "what do i have to do?!?!?" - well, for starters.. stop punching your open palm with your other hand when you talk. eat a bag of mushrooms in the desert.. or a Guatemalan insanity pepper and wait for the magic coyote to speak to you... no doubt it will tell you to not punch your open hand when you talk. listen to some Amyl and the Sniffers and go take your dog for a nice walk.
  9. not disagreeing.. i don't consider social media an advancement. perhaps smart phones because so small and powerful.. but smart phone by itself is fine and useful.. all the bullshit that comes w/it that has us all staring at the screen all the time is not so fine/useful. the coupling of massive wealth to these platforms and various individuals in a largely unregulated economic system is a disaster and further doubles down on the "this shit sucks" factor of how people look at consumer/culture technology. i think at some point the dam will break and the artificial limbs, embedded hearing aids, and various forms of medical technology to restore sense and movement to people will be a much bigger deal than it is now and this will be a benefit once it's made accessible to everyone up and down the socio-economic ladder.. but will of course start at the top. but once ai is really out there who knows what will happen? we can speculate and probably a lot of that will come true or be better/worse than expectations. we'll see what people choose to embrace. perhaps a mumble rapper Ai will put an end to all these tattoo'd skinny xanax'd the fuck out of their minds no talent wankers. also, pasted these together in single image for easy sharing because yoink! it's so perfect. gonna share it.
  10. they all want to be first to try and establish their thing as the default.
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