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  1. damn. brain aneurism does suck. 49. RIP
  2. I think it means “Will fist you happily”
  3. straight up gonna kill more people w/this shit. https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-pushes-unproven-theory-that-doctors-are-lying-about-covid-19-to-damage-his-re-election-chances?via=twitter_page
  4. fucken lush. some great stuff in there. just bought.
  5. wasn't he also building some big ranch for his jesus cult palace somewhere too? new mexico or something? but couldn't get permits? wherever he builds i hope there's a pharmacy nearby so he can get his meds. i googled around today for a minute to see if he set up a campaign page for his alleged candidacy but couldn't find anything but his kanyewest.com site which also has that register to vote video on it. which is nice and all but also shows how unaware he is of basic shit.
  6. was reading yesterday about the expected big heatwave in chicago and how it's going to spell doom for lot's of people. In 1994 or 1995 there was a killer heatwave in that part of USA and like 700 people died from the heat. Can't imagine how it's going be if they have a heatwave like that this summer. I don't expect to go back to work until some time in august.. maybe not until september... probably only a couple days a week but it's all up in the air really.
  7. double ah fuck. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/11/politics/cdc-documents-warn-high-risk-schools-reopening/index.html a bunch more people are gonna die. part of me thinks his psychopathic plan is help the virus spread so there will be more chaos come election time or it'll provide some cover for big dirt he's going to do.. not that he needs any cover these days. seems he can do whatever he wants w/o repercussions.
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