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  1. trump is always leaning in. no matter what.. sitting or standing.. he's arching his back, sticking out his ass and leaning forward. it's fucking bizarre. the photos of him standing like a centaur w/o its hind legs and all that.. apparently his shoes are lifted at the heel. so, the lean must make him think he looks taller or bigger or something.. a little closer to the camera perhaps to achieve this effect. such a fucking weirdo
  2. i'm thinking about that kind of stuff a lot. hoping i outlive my parents so they won't have to bury me. i guess i need a will. cardio typically is super good for heart health. so long as your doc says it's ok to exercise and get our heart rate up i'd throw in a jog once in a while.. or furious masturbation. anything to get your heart rate up a while. also, regular exercise/cardio will make the bad cholesterol drop substantially. exercise is good in all kinds of ways.. reduce plaque in the brain and good for the bones and joints if you do it right. stick with it. it's good you have a plan. i need to drop a few pounds too.
  3. i think the further erosion of all the various agencies is also pretty bad. unfilled positions. things like the EPA acting like more of a brother to industrial commerce.. havoc in the state department.. all of his judges are wacko and not just talking about supreme court picks but kavanugh wtf.. and Devos and the dept of education.. shit.. he's wrecked the dept of agriculture and moved the home of it out of DC to fucking kansas and gave all the scientists ultimatums "relocate or quit". which means most of them will quit because they have families and kids and and all that. they've basically figured out ways to cripple and disrupt anything that gets in the way of commerce and industry. could probably say that the march towards _some_ of those things was going to happen to some degree under any republican but i think not the wholesale fuckery we're seeing. anyway.. here's just one thing. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/06/13/usda-kansas-city-area-1529072 there's a lot of going around in circles that can be done but tracking all the changes the trump administration put in motion since he took office is a tak fr some serious journalist.. not my goofy rage posting self.
  4. we could split hairs but we'd both lose the time and in the end we'd both agree he hasn't blundered (yet) as big as the iraq war or something.
  5. you know when homer simpson groans? yeah.. that sound.
  6. ok. i'm intellectually lazy on the internet. these discussions are a honeypot of sorts and being quick and dirty about it is all i'm up for sometimes. i don't see it as being fallacious though.. to say one guy is a super asshole and the other guy is not a super asshole. but we're still in the same place w/all this of course. a super big dumbasshole vs one of several possible people who are not nearly on the end of the superdumbbigasshole spectrum as the other guy who is factually a super dumb big asshole
  7. i was just going for the extreme scenario to highlight their differences in case somehow people couldn't see the obvious differences between trump/biden.
  8. not disagreeing w/you. there's a lot to do and clock is ticking. if it's trump vs biden then who gives us a better chance to deal w/any of those issues? i hope it's not biden who gets the nomination but i'll vote for him w/o thinking about it much just to get trump away from the sandbox. he's a fucking catastrophe. as for term limits.. it's something to consider in some places. i know california has ben cut by that double edged sword. just when legislators are figuring out how things work and how to work together to make change and get things passed their term limit kicks in and they can't get re-elected so you get another noob in there who has to go through the entire learning curve. it's hard to argue when people like mcconnel get in power though.. i mean.. what a fucking turd that guy is. it's all well and good to have term limits when shitty people are in power but sometimes there's a good bunch and they get shit done and make real change. so, term limits cut both ways i guess. lifetime appointments are another ball of wax though. wtf.
  9. it's crazy.. there's 2 choices.. one of them is hitler.. the other one is NOT HITLER. and people decide to not vote for the NOT HITLER candidate beccause they're cunts. whiney immature cunts who can't do the better thing for the common good. really.. do we need 4 more years of trump and company rolling back EPA regs, banking regs.. hell.. he rolled back nutrition requirements for school lunches because Michele Obama was behind that initiative.. people need to grow up. the boat is filling up w/water and there's one guy shitting adn pissing in the boat and another guy who is talking about not shitting nad pissing in the boat and maybe doing something to bail out the boat and plug the hole.. nah.. he's not the guy i want to lead so fuck everyone.. this ship is going down in protest. suppose there's just one issue... guy who says "We should put kids in cages and I will make sure that kids are put in cages" and another guy who says "We shouldn't put kids in cages. i won' tlet that happen" fucking ay.. vote for the guy who doesn't want to put kids in cages or be a twat.
  10. hopefully we don't end up there. it sucks to not be inspired by leadership. but who knows. if creepy joe gets the nomination and manages to win maybe he'll surround himself w/better people and turn the ship in a better direction. it's the administration as a whole we vote for. it's not one guy pulling levers. it's people in a room arguing about what they think is right and hoping the president listens and makes a good decision. it's a lot better than the current scenario of people actively trying to mitigate a trump disaster every time they go into the oval office w/a policy decision that needs to be made.
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