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  1. countdown to dehydration caffeine headache...
  2. that hashtag is trending on the tweeterverse.
  3. supreme court w/amy coney borat can fuck off.
  4. he called in to that mock hearing today in PA. such a shit show. all these republicans had it trending on twitter like it was some kind of official testimony. it was a bunch of people presenting 'evidence'. it was nonsense. it was essentially a press conference stage show. no one under oath, not in any court or whatever. such bullshit. anyway.. finger crossed all these shits get rolled up in a big rug and tossed in the nearest river.
  5. it's going to be a mixed bag at best w/biden's cabinet picks. edit: making climate change a national security issue might be the only way to sell it to triggered amricans. all the military bases in danger of being swallowed by the sea etc.. not to mention general vulnerabiity of american cities and coasts and interior to floods, fires etc. the army corp of engineers can suck though.. they do shit sometimes just because they can.
  6. i'm hoping Biden is the type of president with a vision and sticks to it.. but also finds people to appoint to cabinet positions who also have a vision and understanding of the importance and seriousness of their work. hire good people, delegate. let them follow the law and directives of the president with room for some interpretation to deal all the pressing circumstances. Mostly i'm hoping they aren't shills for this or that. john kerry to head a climate change office is questionable to me.. but we'll see. there was talk biden would pick merrick garland to head the DOJ. that would b
  7. gonna be nuts. a big distraction and shit show. if they can't navigate it well then there will be room for biden's DOJ to reopen the case or file charges etc.. at least that's what the various articles say. fucking crazy.
  8. https://www.ktsm.com/news/city-of-el-paso-hires-legal-counsel-to-help-collect-trump-campaigns-outstanding-debt/
  9. this picture and other pics of his kids remind me of that movie w/jason schwartzman and bill murray.. when bill murray hates his kids or is disappointed by them... except the whole family is that way and they don't realize it
  10. you can get swabbed for strep and it's a rapid test. they get results while you wait. takes like 7 minutes or something. you should go get swabbed. strep can turn into scarlet fever if left untreated. scarlet fever can be deadly. i've had strep so many times in my life. the sick always went to my tonsils. last time was about 2006 i think. i felt exhausted and i could feel my tonsils in my ears. they were gigantic and had funky junk on them. ugly. if you do test positive for strep see if you can get the Zmax antobiotics. it's the entire course of antibiotics in one dose. it's powde
  11. A shake down makes sense as a trump tactic. https://www.salon.com/2020/11/24/fox-news-mogul-rupert-murdoch-may-buy-trump-off-to-avoid-losing-fans-to-rival-network-report_partner/
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