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  1. you too can spend a year on a tour of all your favorite comfort foods.
  2. millions of GoT fans tomorrow night.
  3. can i have her number? ๐Ÿ˜Ž edit: i've date a few people into astrology and stuff like that and even that was too much some times. also, wtf w/tarot cards that aren't tarot cards but have fairies on them and stuff. "gonna do a fairy card reading for my friend". ugh. edit edit: mermaid costumes and underwater weddings. edit edit edit: but breakbeats are back so that's cool.
  4. ^^^ i think that all the hippie dippy stuff that comes along with the "epic festival experience" is just packaging. it's marketing either on purpose or through genuine belief by the person putting it out there. it's a conformist thing.. it's a scene.. it's a set of bullshit a person adopts to fit in. I've a friend who plays a lot of festivals.. knows a lot of people. he seems to exist in this place where he can simultaneously make connections with people but also step back and look at the big picture of that world and laugh at it. so much so that he makes azine making fun of it. a few years ago he told me about this pyramid scheme within the festival world that was basically just 'gift culture'. it was pretty insane. essentially deeply entitled people wanting to carry on living as leeches and just going to festivals as if they were important.. as if they were 'doing work' by being popular, hip, attractive etc. it was all wrapped up in this festival culture and weird worship rituals and all kinds of bullshit essentially. like a lazy cult with no real beliefs. these are the people who at some point make a shit load of money with little effort or inherit or marry into wealth.. who then later in life get into audiophile home listen environments and pay $350 for a standard IEC cable for power connections.. and get the crystals they put on the speakers, and $200 USB cables and little bridges that support the $100 per ft speaker cables so the cables don't touch the floor. i'm you think i'm being judgmental it's because i am. all this shit is what morphs into something like gwenyth paltrow's steam the vagina coffee enema crowd. i know i'm painting the scene w/one brush and i'm fine w/that.
  5. it's none of my business. it's not the government's business. it's a medical procedure and should be between patient and doctor. it should be known that the people who are anti-abortion aren't interested in pragmatism. if they were they'd support early sex ed for kids, easy access to birth control etc etc etc. they don't support these things. they aren't interested in reducing abortions.. they're interested in controlling women. abortion wasn't even really an issue until the republicans had a conference call and picked it out of a hat. wtf is 'love & light'? someone gonna sell me amway now?
  6. saw this last night on instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxhcwIrHDod/?utm_source=ig_web_options_share_sheet skam_records North Manc Beds - GasOhmEater EP โ€“ NMB5 โ€ฆ en route
  7. Chomsky always blows my mind. the flatness of his assertions and his take on it all.. just been doing it for his whole life. telling it like he sees it and usually that's how it is. regarding russia though... there's something there. the social media manipulation hacking voter rolls in multiple places.. but i agree chomsky puts it into scale properly. our democracy has been manipulated for so long we take it for granted and accept the big money as part of the equation. i'm glad there's people who dedicate their lives to active involvement in democracy and attempting to make the playing field level.. transparency etc. but at some point it seems like tilting at windmills. ugh. depressing. seems smarter to not pay attention accept for voting.. and then just putting your head down and making art or whatever. i wish i could tune it out and work on music. there's bad shows about aliens on tv too.
  8. Sherman burned a wide path all over the south destroying cities right? there's the whole story about Savanah being too pretty to destroy and all that.. but Lincoln had other plans. full reconstruction. so much was abandoned when he was assassinated. but he thought everyone had suffered enough. the promises of emancipation weren't delivered. here's some generic history from encyclopedia/com https://www.encyclopedia.com/history/applied-and-social-sciences-magazines/reconciliation-movement the slaves though...
  9. i don't know where to post this... fucking Sharples lost the plot. i'd like a mini series on Sharples. British. hands his keys to the bouncer when asked for his ID https://v.redd.it/1hwdyywxbey21
  10. alabama is already fucked though. they'd be happy in the stone age. - aren't there already enough reasons not to live in alabama? just look at these easy to digest facts from facebook ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. crucial has some good prices on their brand of SSD. i've used one for a few years now w/o issues. [knocks wood] the 1TB drive is $120 or something.
  12. the georgia bill has language that makes it possible to charge a woman w/murder if leaves the state for an abortion and returns to georgia. all this shit is bonkers. they're throwing up all these laws in hopes of getting one as a case in front of the supreme court.
  13. running a forum of any kind is often a thankless job. 1 good page of the dank memes thread is worth $3 a year. i don't get what the problem is. it's simple. server space costs something. throwing in a fiver to help w/the cost seems like the least a person can do. this place is a service. we live in a society yo. shrug.
  14. will smith collab. summertime part 2.
  15. i just can't. i mean.. no. whatever people need to get through the day and all that but i gotta keep the hokey hippie dippy healing crystals away from my daily life. yoga.. meditation.. great.. but so much of the other shit is just a different version of well intended snake oil that rots a brain
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