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  1. Yes and it was also founded by racist, elitist misogynists. Things can change after 250 years you know.
  2. It's all a bit strange but I'm kinda liking it
  3. This. I refuse to vote for libdem/ tory scum.
  4. milkface


    Tuck a smaller sized shirt in and it'll make you look musclier :]
  5. milkface

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    Currently reading both 'Dora Bruder' by Patrick Modiano (1997, 2014 nobel prize for literature award winner) and 'La Vie Extérieure' by Annie Ernaux (2000) as part of a uni French literature course.
  6. milkface


    I really like that.
  7. I recommend Top Boy on Netflix, it's got a few Aphex Twin tracks in it which is kinda cool too.
  8. That was a depressing read, can't wait to start work!
  9. I'm much more a 90s and 00s guy so this list isn't very long (also can't be arsed to add anything else lol), also a lot of these aren't objectively good but they're special to me. 2010: Washed Out - Life of Leisure Small Black - Photojournalist b/w Sun Was High (So Was I) 2011: Giles Corey - Giles Corey Amen Dunes - Through Donkey Jaw 2014: Ricky Eat Acid - Three Love Songs Have A Nice Life - The Unnatural World Aphex Twin - Syro Mac Demarco - Salad Days Cities Aviv - Come to Life Rudio/mm - Rasura 2015: Luxury Elite - World Class George Clanton - 100% Electronica u-ziq - XTLP 2016: Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - In Summer Death Grips - Bottomless Pit Frank Ocean - Blonde Bladee - Eversince 2017: Jesu - Every Day I Get Closer to the Light from Which I Came King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Flying Microtonal Banana 2018: Tim Hecker - Konoyo Playboi Carti - Die Lit Hermit and the Recluse - Orpheus vs. the Sirens JPEGMAFIA - Veteran Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want Autechre - NTS Session 2 Rival Consoles - Persona Ciel - Hundred Flowers Selling - On Reflection The Empire Line - Rave 2019: Sunn O))) - Life Metal Black Midi - Schlagenheim Wreck and Reference - Absolute Still Life
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