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  1. Point still stands, things aren't just for show. A non-left wing workers rights subreddit run by people who would actively ban outspoken communist/ socialist users has been embarassed by its own mods who had no knowledge.
  2. This is precisely what myself and hermolia were talking about. If you just chat shit on the internet with no solution, nor knowledge of ideological and political theory, your argument and your image will fall on its arse and nobody will take you seriously. Fox News got exactly what they wanted.
  3. In a whirlwind of missinfomation and cringe, he has gone on Joe Rogan's podcast again. If you're over the age of 15 and still listen to Rogan you need the merciful touch of the lord to liberate you from whatever malaise makes you take him or any of his egotistical guests seriously.
  4. Not even just the USA - many other liberal/centrist first world countries have committed awful acts over the last centuries and it's still ongoing. Defending the status quo to avoid being an "extremist" is propping up a system where wars are generated for profit, where 25,000 people die of hunger every day, where our planet and its ecosystems are being bled dry by a system that is based upon infinite growth in a finite world. How are you an extremist for wanting to put an end to the greed, hunger, war and ecological destruction that is happening before our very eyes? How about when the non-extremist nations that make up NATO bombed the great man made river in Libya in 2011 which 70% of Libyans rely on for clean water to survive?
  5. Because r/antiwork complains about the problem and rejects all the solutions to the problem. Hence why they are nothing but terminally online liberals. Also... you're not an extremist? If I recall correctly the USA (controlled by "not extremist" Dems/Reps) have comitted some insane atrocities across the world since the end of WW2 in the name of profit and ideology.
  6. Ohh yeah I recognise the album art, I didn't think to check whether he had material under other names, I'll give it a listen.
  7. Nice, I don't have an oven in my 16m2 place so I'll have to stick to smoking ;(
  8. Living in a big city in the south of France makes it ridiculously easy to find and is cheaper than weed. Does that work?
  9. hashish is the way forward. haven't smoked weed in about 6 months - only the CACA
  10. RDJ after farting in his pants.
  11. RIP. spurs looking primed for europa league qualifiers though but too early to say. Ekambi is the top scorer in the Europa League. Allez les Gones
  12. 100% what an insane finish!! Fuck spurs but I have to hand it to them that was an insane comeback fair play boys
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