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  1. Cheers, looks like I'll give it a miss then lol. Cheers for the other replies too
  2. " Most members ever online was 334, last accomplished on 21 hours ago. " I think you're right.
  3. Nah, he keeps harassing people about 3 doors down on each side saying he can hear music blasting at night. Even claimed he heard me go into the garden at midnight to shout at them to turn it down but I was fast asleep...
  4. Started Better Call Saul and got through the first series in two days. Better late than never!
  5. Psychopath neighbour having more auditory hallucinations.
  6. To be fair on vegans, I have met/ encountered 0 annoying or obnoxious vegans and have come across several hundred people who eat meat who are constantly getting their kickers in a twist over someone who doesn't meat meat. Obnoxious meat eaters who eat raw meat in front of PETA to OWN DA LIBS are becoming the very thing they want to fight against.
  7. My friends and I are having a race to see who can 100% Lego Star Wars (complete saga) first. I'm currently at 74.8%!
  8. Anybody tried those strawberry croissants from the bakery section at the co-op? SO GOOD!
  9. Another US false flag, after Tonkin I don't really think anybody believes it.
  10. It's only a part time gig really... Pays well though.
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