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  1. Something bad happened to me that I saw coming months in advance but it's only affected me once it's happened. Why the hell do I feel like shit even though I knew the thing was coming and had months to come to term with it. I was seemingly fine with it but it's only now.
  2. impossible to take a bad picture of the barbican 😉
  3. been skating around with my friends recently, luckily the city centre has so much flat and smooth ground so it's great
  4. instagram nazis are hilarious, check out this one i saw the other day. motherfucker looks like sid the sloth https://discordapp.com/channels/257901794481537035/257901794481537035/748560980610646036 (watmm discord ^)
  5. i hate abba with a burning passion this happened to me last summer. turns out those biodegradable bin bags biodegraded before the bins got collected 😞
  6. https://dark0.io/ dark0 released a new album today on the swedish year0001 label https://open.spotify.com/album/6WBQWFCQo0z9MLNIsH0hIB?si=LMk-HvUHSG2chJTRXQIPwA
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