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  1. Just broke my easily replacable £1 ikea flamingo glass 😞
  2. nothing like a comforting song in these trying times 😕
  3. Delete your social media presence, cut the neighbourhood power cables and go live in the forest.
  4. The time I boot up a game now is to cruise round on GTA V multiplayer just listening to my music, the radios or podcasts.
  5. For the past few months I've been having vivid dreams where I'm walking through a server room and when I get to the end of it a man gives me a thumbs up and I jolt awake. This was all well and good until last night. I had the dream yet again, except this time upon exiting my state of slumber, ManjuShri was stood at the foot of my bed. We instantly lock eyes and ManjuShri with a cold fixed expression remarks, "nothing personal kid" and throws a gargantuan sack of severed hands with their thumbs extended out into my chest killing me instantly. "Farnsworth reaction" he uttered as he left.
  6. Bit late to the party but I've been listening to the fish remixes over and over.
  7. Same here. I've got some nice fred perry and nike gear from thrift + vintage shops.
  8. Whole album got taken off of spotify because of some sample(s). Here's the best track off of it though 😄
  9. Tried listening to the EPs in the past and really didn't like them. Traditional Synthesizer Music is a great album though. Was never really a fan of Roman Hi-hat's early drum n bass x classical music stuff though.
  10. Winter is far too dark, cold and depressing. I wish it was summer again 😞
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