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  1. Looked at the inside label and it's 'Continental Clothing Co.'
  2. Got it today! The cotton is a little thin but the cut is perfect
  3. My friends who earn way more than I do won't stop dragging me along to stuff that costs a lot.
  4. France on 4 points having scored 0 goals so far
  5. It's one of my faves also. Reminds me of a turbo submarine
  6. Livakovic time wasting only to instantly let a goal straight in bruhhh
  7. Already have SAW II on CD would snatch up a vinyl reissue for sure.
  8. Extremely scrappy game between France and Austria there Crazy that Mbappe had to run on the pitch pissing blood out of his nose to get the subs on hahaha
  9. So excited for the France game tomorrow!!
  10. My friends and I now have tickets to see Earl Sweatshirt in September very exciting!!
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