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  1. ordered some new t shirts: yung lean sadboys: xiu xiu promise: xiu xiu oh no:
  2. fascist homoerotic obsession with manliness is funny to me
  3. yooooo wtf i had no idea dopplereffekt and drexciya were the same ppl
  4. i pretty much agree completely with your comment on the devaluation of music. having grown up in the era of streaming i'm extremely accustomed to having extremely easy access to so much music. without cheap streaming services, as bad as this sounds, myself and people i know would definitely resort to music piracy as i cannot afford to spend £5-10 on each album i want to have access to in the event that streaming services all disappeared
  5. Only ever heard a few songs of his. Which albums/ songs should I start with if I wanted to get into his sizeable back catalogue?
  6. fuck university, fuck my course and fuck online learning
  7. "ummm cyanobacteria u evil tankie..... anyways i almost forgot to uphold the status quo today........ laterz"
  8. i agree lol daft punk are disgustingly overrated
  9. this is where you are wrong. i am in fact WATMM user dingformung under the guise of WATMM user milkface. you have therefore insulted your own mother to her very core having initially believed i am a seperate entity to you. your promiscious mother gave birth to you, and therefore to the figment of your imagination which is me.
  10. Started watching snakes on a plane recently and didn't get very far.
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