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  1. elyc9 7hres part 2 leak
  2. Roughly 75,000 (reported) deaths right now, will shoot to 100,000 in the next few days 😞
  3. Same here. His vocals on the feeling when you walk away are really nice too
  4. Oh totally, I don't think anything will top Safe In The Hands Of Love. The combination of Yves' kinda funky Style with his industrial electonic stuff is unbeatable.
  5. Recently got GTA V (PS4) since it was on sale. Miss the good old days (literally 3 years ago) where I would play online races with my friends 😞 - Anyways it'll be nice to actually play the story since I went straight to online when I got the game on PC 4 years ago since San Andreas and 4 are the only GTA stories I've finished. Is Vice City worth playing too?
  6. Had the album on repeat all day. Massive fan of Romanticist and Dream Palette, they work so well together. Amazing album overall 😄
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