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  1. Her tenth (?) studio album is coming out on the 25th August.
  2. I knew a guy who had to have a catheter fitted because he'd fucked his bladder with ket.
  3. Girlfriend got me into What We Do in the Shadows which I'm enjoying at the moment. Also enjoying Better Call Saul and also rewatching Trailer Park Boy for the 4th time. Watched the first season of The Walking Dead 2 years ago and might start that after Better Call Saul is done.
  4. Decent game against Burnley last week, 1-1 draw against an ex-Premier league team is decent! PNE at home tomorrow who we beat 4-0 home and 3-0 away last season so hopefully a 3 points tucked away there. Hoping Watford lose their game against Burnley that's going on right now.
  5. Been meaning to post this here for ages now (1980s Libyan-Egyptian Funk).
  6. I'm only 21 so bit early to say, but so far, yes.
  7. This was my iphone lockscreen years back
  8. There's still 2 episodes to go to be fair - that ep 11 phone call will definitely be elaborated upon. Also a Gus Fring spinoff would be unreal I would eat that shit up. Same here haha
  9. Thought I wasn't gonna like this this but I really like it!
  10. Good opening (home) game against Birmingham City the other day. A 0-0 draw at full time which is a significant improvement on last season when they beat us 5-0 at home. We signed two new players today (Aribim Pebble and John McAtee) - Pebble seems so sweet, humble and motivated. Recruitment did a good job getting him in from Canada.
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