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  1. I'm only 19 and my back is so fucked. Really oughta start stretching and fixing my horrible posture. I blame my excessive computer use and my heavy bag I had to lug around during my school days.
  2. Swedish record label YEAR0001 have released a compilation featuring 22 euro techno and cloud-rap tracks, a few from semi-well known artists such as Bladee, Thaiboy Digital, Varg2TM and others. Money raised will go towards humanitarian causes. More information here:https://year0001.com/label/cases/yr0111 (It's up for purchase on Bandcamp but also available on streaming sites).
  3. nd then i am the first post on it and i go ahead and i posts a picture of you're mum!!! that would be funny i think./...
  4. Hahaha imagine Kanye West as president along with Virgil Abloh as vice president. Would be the funniest shit ever.
  5. Be patient mate, uploading an 8K picture of my boypussy to imgur on dial up internet was never gonna be a fast operation.
  6. Damn you guys are old as hell. Signed up here when I was 17 and am now 19. Heard Joyrex was in talks of setting up a WATMM care home.
  7. The ending of one of the songs from 56:50 - 57:05 is so beautiful.
  8. Expected this to be a meme or YTP but it's a really well edited video. Amazing watch if you like star wars.
  9. Japanese noise/drone
  10. the ending to revenge of the sith is so sad 😞
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